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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Planning a Trip

I am planning a trip with my daughter to California. She is 16 years old and I have noticed that we seem to be drifting apart. I guess it is a fact of life that I am NOT hip. I understand her natural inclination to want to be with friends and other people. I am sort of OK with that, BUT, I certainly dont want to be irrelevent. I thought it would be really neat if she and I could go on a vacation together. This may be my last opportunity..who knows.

Freinds of mine used to store their trailer at my place. They pull the trailer to California for 2 months every year. They are camped right on the ocean near Encintas. That is about half way between LA and SanDiego..I think. Deb and I are going to send down our tent, air mattress and sleeping bags with them when they leave. We will fly into LAX or SD and they will pick us up at the airport.

We want to do a Hollywood tour. My son Dylan and I tried a few years back but found the people to be rude and unhelpful. Truth is, we took the forst opportunity to "get outta Dodge". On the trip back we decided to try again with LA. Again, we found it quite difficult and ended up just waiting at the airport for 6 hours rather than spend another second in LA.

So what makes me think it will be different this time? My friend Patti lived there for 14 years. They hava a car and they know their way around. We shall go roller blading in Venice. We shall go sit on the lifeguard stand that we saw on the OC. We shall go and see some fancy ass mansions. We shall even go to DisneyLand. I am very excited...oh ya..and we shall go to the SantaMonica pier, try to find Hotel California and do a day trip down to Tijuana Mexico.

If anyone has any suggestions on where we should go or see or do, please feel free to give me your input.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Strike One From The List!

hahahahaha...this is NOT me! I was like this guy 6 soup bowls ago.....and today I am a seasoned Pro!

I always wanted to be able to eat with chopsticks. In fact it was on my ever growing list of things to do before I die. Any time I tried to use chopsticks, I always gave up in frustration...but not any more. My life is fulfilled.

There is a small Vietnamese Restaurant around the corner from me. I went in and not knowing what to order I asked for "what that guy has". It turned out to be noodle soup...and It was delicious. The waitress said "would you like utensils" I said NO..the chopsticks will be fine. What a mess....hahaha...I had soup all over me. I decided I would not give up. So next time I went I used the chopsticks. Now after about 6 bowls of soup over a 2 week period I suddenly realized...."hey..I did it!"

I was so excited that I took my wife out to dinner at a Chineese buffet to show off. I asked for the chopsticks and the waitress said...are you sure? AM I SURE? Of course and then my wife says..."are you sure?" So in a heat of passion and self confidence I said " I will never eat chinese food with a fork and knife again!" hahahah... I was spectacular!

I am so cool and not at all conceited!


Wife : "Do you want dinner?"
Husband : "Sure! What are my choices?"
Wife : "Yes and no."

Friday, October 12, 2007

Update stuff

OK so where were we.....oh ya....stuff......kissing fish..thats it..or would you beleive Northern Ontario Sushi. Mike and I took a trip up the Temagami River with his ATV. When we arrived at this awesome spot, I noticed that we had blown the air out of one of his tires. He said...I hope you dont mind but one of us will have to walk out of here to the car. He suggested I stay with the Bike, my fishing gear and our belongings while he did the big hike out. It was breath taking. I was all alone in Gods country for many hours. I ended up catching about 20 Small Mouth Bass....of course bigger than the one I kissed.
My friend Ron broke his back. I had been visiting him at the hospital and he decided on an early departure. So, I've been visiting lots lately. He is in a lot of pain but refuses to let this get him down...at least openly. I installed a railing for him as he has to climb about 15 steps. The ministry was in and outfitted him with walkers and benches and other such stuff. He is a trooper. He is thankful to have friends like me...so he thinks! I am thankful to have a freind like him.
It was my birthday the other day. I am a whopping...uhm...OK lets see 2007 minus 1961..that would be 46....yikes!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the birthday greetings.