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Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Faux Poo"

How Embarrassing!

I’m the kinda guy that likes to use my own toilet. I don’t like using public toilets. I have been known to leave early from a party just so I can sit on my own throne. I have a routine, or should I say, my body has a routine. It’s a schedule that allows me to dump in my own throne.

Last night I was at a seminar and I had to fart in the worst way. Well the room was full of people, so I decided I could wait. When break time came I dashed to the washroom. I sat on the throne and farted for what seemed like an eternity. It was almost supernatural! I have never farted for so long and so loud in my life. I musta sat there for like 5 minutes farting. I was really glad that no-one was there to hear….

Well I opened the stall door and there stood a gentleman with his legs crossed, looking a little frantic. When he looked at me his eyes rolled. I was so embarrassed! Now why should I be embarrassed….its a natural bodily function. Poor guy musta snuck in as I never heard the door open, or maybe I didn’t here the door over the sound of my farts. The other funny thing is that when I went and sat back down in the auditorium……..he was the next guest speaker! I slinked down in my chair.

I don’t know why it embarrasses me so. I look at my brother who can sit on the throne and carry a conversation. Me…I hide in anonymity.

That reminds me of a joke. This lady is sitting on the throne and talking to her friend. She says…I bought a nice dress today. Friend says “really? What coulor is it?” Lady on the throne says BBBLLLUUEEE… This joke is obviously funnier told than read!

So those are my words of wisdom for today.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Today we celebrated pastor Richards 100th sermon! As friends, as brothers and sisters, as congregants, being young and old and socially diverse, we all celebrate this milestone. We celebrate Richards personal victory of overcoming or striving to overcome his perceived limitations of self....ooops too wordy, I just confused myself.

As all people called to a task, one identifies ones own weekness and tries to overcome or get better. Thats natural and good. However, often times that perceived limitation ways heavy on us and we perhaps use that as a reason why we dont answer a call.

In Richards case, he finds the writing of the sermon a most challenging and daunting task. He says that the sermon prep is a joy and exploring and researching the topic or verses is fun. Its putting it into words on paper thats the difficult thing.

So now, as our pastor, he has overcome this difficulty 100 times. I might add that I have never heard him preach a bad sermon. In fact, Richard is a great speaker and I personally beleive he is fully annointed by God.

Richard was saying that he couldnt wait for the day that he could go directly from research and prayer, to verbal deliverance of the message. I once had a pastor who was taught that way in seminary. He was taught how to completely give himself through prayer and eager research to then to be able to deliver the word direct and verbally. No paer allowed. Sounds daunting. No erasers for your ears. No cutting and pasting your voice. No autosave and screen saver as you step away for further reflection.

Anyway, hats off to Richard. He is a great pastor and a wonderful speaker. Any limitations he feels internally, in no way evidence themselves through my eyes or ears. So my prayer is a simple one...that God would continue to speak to us through His faithful servant Richard.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wheels Turn

Wheels turn as the white lines pass you by
Wheels turn as the days turn into night
Wheels turn and it makes you want to cry
As you think about love you left behind

Wheels turn and you think about the past
Wheels turn for a love that would not last
Wheels turn but they turn just far to fast
When you’ve given up all you ever had

The wheels of your heart keep a turning
And the love that you had keeps you yearning
For the times that you had keep you learning
While the pain in your heart keeps burning

Wheels turn on a path that seems too long
Wheels turn as you think of what went wrong
Wheels turn as you sit and write your song
About the love you had, but now is gone

The wheels of your heart keep a turning
And the love that you had keeps you yearning
For the times that you had keep you learning
While the pain in your heart keeps burning

I wrote this song for two friends going through painful divorce.
Both friends were told by their mates that they were no longer loved.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Would You Love Me Until the End?

When I come You welcome me
Saying Welcome home my friend
When I cry, You dry my tears
Saying love Me till the end
Saying love Me till the end

I will honour You my Friend
And love You til the end
This is what this heart seeks
To love You til the end
To love You til the end

If by chance, that I should fall
Will You be there my Friend
Would You pick me up and lift me up
And love me til the end
And love me til the end


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A year ago we lost not only a great woman, but a true matriarch. I came to love and respect my motherinlaw like she was my own mom. My life was greatly enriched by knowing her. I see her in my wife, my daughter and all the cousins. I hope and pray that we will all carry a piece of her for years and generations to come.

When we lost her, the world became a different place for me. A place less secure. I felt like suddenly an unseen security blanket was yanked. I cried daily for months. I lost my music and my will to sing. I grieved then and I continue to grieve today. Yet today I have peace. I feel warmth and love.

I smile when I think of her,
even though now,
I hold back my tears.
When I hold my hands out to God,
he fills them,
and calms my fears.
He fills me with His love and grace,
in a strange way,
takes the place
of the emptiness I feel.
Not that he could ever take the place of her memory,
but that he took my place on Calvary;
and in so doing
gave me life worth living.

Blessings to you..