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Monday, March 14, 2011

"Grandfather Rock - Lake Obabika" copyright don wright 2011

"Hand of Reason" - copyright don wright 2011

I have been taught that there is a purpose for everything. My Christian upbringing taught me this. My journey on the Red Road has taught me this. Norval taught me this through his thunderbirds. Every painting has a home. Sometimes the painting must pass through many hands before reaching the rightful owner. Sometimes we know right away, and sometimes it takes time.

These paintings are "medicine" paintings and they represent spritual connectedness. These medicine paintings are meant to help people cast vision and gain understanding of our connectedness to a loving creator and gifts of the creator. These paintings are to help people set their minds free to dream and explore our place in creation. These paintings were painted with love, using the rudimentary talents bestowed on me for this purpose.

Lord God, magnificent Creator,
You created heavens and earth
and You poured Your love into Your people.
I ask Lord God that these paint symbols reflect Your perfect love.
May these paint symbols bring joy and reflection.
May these paint symbols bring peace to the heart
and cause us to dream magnificent dreams.
All praise and glory to Your Spirit
and may it flourish in our hearts and minds.

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