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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Long Ride Home

No worries...he travels well. All we need to do is duct tape the box and we are good to go.....Famous last words. Within 30 minutes of our journey I could smell cat urine....and down went the window a bit. After another 30 minutes I could smell diahera and the window went down all the way. After another 30 minutes, the box was almost breached and a urine and crap soaked cat was about to set itself free in my van.

I pulled of the highway in Barrie and went to the Petsmart shop. I picked up a nice new cat carrier, a bag of ktty litter, a litter box and some food. I did the transfer, trashed the soiled and destroyed box and hit the road. After that, kitty was good...all pooped out and now to tired to complain. When I got home, I ran him a bath and washed him down...hahaha cats sure look scrawny when they are wet. He is a tropper and just let me do what I had to do. He is getting settled in, but he is going to need a lot of grooming and personal attention.

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