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Friday, March 04, 2011

Smelling the Musical Roses

"Smell the Roses" copyright donwright 2009

Sue has the Cable TV station set to an oldies music station and I just heard a song that I havnt heard in years. I love that song, and many others on this station. After hearing so many songs that I havnt heard in a long time, I am feeling all sentimental and peaceful. Wow...the power of music. Or is it the power of memories? I have been so blessed, that I cant think of a single song that I associate with bad feelings. Well, maybe thats not true.hhhhmmm I dont like "Stairway to Heaven". One night, alone in my basement apartment at university, I decided to put the "reverse" theory to the test. When I ran the song backwards, what I heard scared the shit out of me. I immediately destroyed the album. When I hear the song, other than when the wankers do it, I recall this dark memory....haha..heres Wankerdeluxe doing stairway to heaven...perhaps this will become your dark memory!

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