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Monday, October 17, 2011

Time With an Elder

"Hand of Reason" Copyright don wright
Inspired by and gifted to Alex Mathias
"Caretaker of the Old Growth"

I spent some time with an elder. It was quite by chance....it just sort of happened. It was golden. I love it when way leads to way.

We had questions for each other. We spoke about spiritual matters and we spoke about history. We spoke about medicines and how how we are losing our senses. We spoke about mother earth and the magical knowledge we have.

He told me once he was paddling with someone and they were looking for fish to eat. He had some inner knowledge that over the little ridge was a lake with fish. He was right and even surprised himself. I got to thinking about how his ancestors lived on the lake systems and would follow their "instincts" with faith.

He told me about how his daughter was sick and he needed to collect some medicine. He got a call to guide a doctor to see some pictographs and during his trip, he collected the medicine. The doctor asked him about it, and took a sample back for analysis. Turns out the active ingredient in the plant, is the same active ingredient found in the medicine.

He wishes he paid more attention to his elders...dont we all! He is an ample teacher in his own right. In fact, he is a legend in my area.. I do consider him to be my elder and I respect him for who and what he is.

I asked him if he would take me Bear Island and he said yes. I am looking forward to that time.

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