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Monday, October 10, 2011


"Foregiveness" Copyright don wright 2011

Simple and child like. There is no painters skill here. There was no painters skill in the pictographs. Looking at the Peterborough Petroglyphs, I saw symbols. They meant something. They tell a story. They express a theme or a concept. I painted this little piece and gave it to my great aunt as a visitation gift for her cottage. She was over joyed. She pointed to the simple childrens pictures on the wall. She told me her young grandchildren point to them and recite......Boat....Duck....Deer. She said now they will learn the word forgiveness.

How would you paint forgiveness? If you were a magnificent artist, you might chose to give my symbols flesh and bone and tone and texture. You could likely make this into a very real  piece of art. I can see the beautuful expressions that you would embelish in their faces. You wouldnt merely use simple color representation to express differance. You would breath life to this piece........and in so doing destroy the simplicity. This is a symbol of forgiveness. The real thing is so much more beautiful. This is meant as a prop....a simple example...a tangible representation.

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