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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

turtle laid eggs in the garden

I bought a sketchbook when I was at Kings Art and I sat down yesterday evening and created 5 drawings. My wife noticed that I was drawing on both sides and told me she would buy the next sketchbook and that I should draw only on one side. I like the drawing on both sides of the sheet because its kinda like a book.

"turtle laid its eggs in the garden" copyright don wright 2012

One day I went to the garden to find a turtle laying her eggs in the soil. The turtle covered herself, rather, she buried herself under the grass clippings to avoid the sun and exposure. She stayed a couple hours and then slipped back into the river, through the bull rushes and lily pads. We watched several turtles lay their eggs. One after another, perfect ping pong balls, dropping into the hole. She buries her eggs and then says goodbye. We found several young ones making their way across our land, and then to their home in the river. These turltes are snapping turtles and if you get too close to momma, she will take your leg off ..haha.

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