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Monday, October 01, 2012

Measuring Time

Lake Obabika Loons and Gulls

Lake Obabika is a magnificent lake, full of life and life cycles. The water is crystal clear and cold. There is a healthy population of Lake Herring, which serve as food for the Trout, the Loons and the Gulls. The Lake Trout drive the Herrings upward as they feast on the school. The Loons are able to dive down and feed on the Herrings, while the Gulls circle around and play clean up. It is a spectacular site to see. At Lake Obabika, you can see the life cycles in motion.

This land has had an effect on me. I am beginning to measure time, not based on the minute hand of a watch or squares on a calendar, but based on the seasons and natures events. My life is becoming more and more governed by these changing seasons and these incredible cycles of life. Each season brings with it new blessings and new challenges. As we embrace this, we begin to see the provisions made for us and also begin to understand the importance of allowing it to govern our own patterns of life.

"Thunderbird Takes Flight" copyright don wright 2012

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