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Monday, June 25, 2007

Stratford Upon Avon

I drove 3 boys to the Rugby match in Stratford. Stratford is trying to field a team in the Ontario League and this was an exhibition game to see how they might fare. I dropped the boys off for 12 noon practice and took a little tour of the town. The match started at 1PM and I arrived at 1:03 in time to see our guys make their first try.... 3 minutes into the game. As it turned out, our boys handed them a 61-o defeat.

Much debate on whether or not you show mercy. The boys say NO MERCY. Play the game at full force 100% of the time. Part of me feels bad for Stratford as I am from the school where we try not to humiliate out opponants. The boys explain that they wouldnt be doing anyone any favours by playing down to their level. They say that crushing defeats are a very good way to motivate practice.

The Stratford team looked good and tough and they took defeat well. We all gathered at the pub for wings and water. Nice bunch of boys. The coaches talked and the teams fellowshipped over food. They know what they need to work on and with a few modifications in practice Stratford should be a good team.

On a side note....If you ever get the cance to visit Stratford then do so. Even if you are not planning a visit, hop in your car and take the drive. Its not that far. We did the trip in about 1.5 hours.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Petty must be worried!

Haha..thanks Rinkrat. Thought you all might enjoy this. Rink Rat suggests that Petty must be a little worried.........WHO CAN TELL ME WHY?....Lets see if we have any musicologists or Hebrew scholars amongst us.