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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quick Sand on the Sturgeon

The water on the Sturgeon River was very high this year. At the height of the spring runoff, the water had risen to near record levels. The river flooded in a few spots and there was certainly a lot of water flowing over Lower Goose Falls. My sense is that after so much turbulance, and water flow, that the sand was left unstable.
I took one step toward the river and sunk right to my crotch. My buddy Mike laughed hysterically as he said...hold that pose, I'm getting my camera! I managed to save my boot, but only because it was laced on.
I also caught a nice dinner Pickerel shortly after this shot was taken. We then hopped on our bikes and headed back to camp for dinner.....mission accomplished!

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Silly Um

We were sitting around talking about Mycelium...I kid you not...really. Rainbow Dawn and her hubby had us spell bound as they described the importance and granduer of mycelium. I did a quick lookup and here is what I found. This is the largest organism on earth. You may have even trod on it numerous times during your walk. You may have severed it when you shoved that spade in the soil. Interesting.........

Mycelium (plural mycelia)
is the vegetative part of a fungus, consisting of a mass of branching, thread-like hyphae. The mass of hyphae is sometimes called shiro, especially within the fairy ring fungi. Fungal colonies composed of mycelia are found in soil and on or in many other substrates. Typically a single spore germinates into a monokaryotic mycelium which cannot reproduce sexually; when two compatible monokaryotic mycelia join and form a dikaryotic mycelium, that mycelium may form fruiting bodies such as mushrooms. A mycelium may be minute, forming a colony that is too small to see, or it may be extensive:

Is this the largest organism in the world?

This 2,400-acre (9.7 km2) site in eastern Oregon had a contiguous growth of mycelium before logging roads cut through it. Estimated at 1,665 football fields in size and 2,200 years old, this one fungus has killed the forest above it several times over, and in so doing has built deeper soil layers that allow the growth of ever-larger stands of trees. Mushroom-forming forest fungi are unique in that their mycelial mats can achieve such massive proportions.
—Paul Stamets, Mycelium Running

It is through the mycelium that a fungus absorbs nutrients from its environment. It does this in a two stage process. Firstly the hyphae secrete enzymes onto the food source, which breaks down polymers into monomers. These monomers are then absorbed into the mycelium by facilitated diffusion and active transport.

Mycelium is vital in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems for its role in the decomposition of plant material. It contributes to the organic fraction of soil and its growth releases carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. The mycelium of mycorrhizal fungi increases the efficiency of water and nutrient absorption of most plants and confers resistance to some plant pathogens. Mycelium is an important food source for many soil invertebrates.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So now you know a little something about my silly um.


Pursuing a Dream

So here it is.

I have always had a dream of living off the land. I have always had a dream of going to the bush and starting from scratch. I always envisioned landing at my destination in spring, and working my butt off to prepare for winter. While life for me seems to be getting easier and easier, I fear that I will pay for it in the end. I want to learn how to do much with little. I want to learn how to conserve and have a small footprint. I want to get back to the basic. I know….you are saying looks like Don’s mid life crisis.

Well the time is ticking and I feel I have a window of opportunity to pursue this dream. My kids head to school in September and my wife and I will be alone in the house. My job seems to be petering out with this poor economy and chances are I wont even be employed in few months. So…Come September, I am putting the house up for sale. We will sell out and move to Near North Ontario. While our eventual destination is North Bay, we are going to rough it in a log cabin in Temagami for at least a year.

I promised my wife only one year. My secret hope is that we adapt and enjoy this lifestyle so much that we stay much longer. I figure I have a few years window to try before grandparenthood sets in. No doubt, I must be cognoscente of my wife’s dreams and desires and I will honor her. I do however feel that I too have dreams and aspirations that need to be fulfilled.

Parenthood and growing up raising a family has been a tough thing. Certainly a lot harder and more demanding than I ever thought. I put a number of dreams on the back burner in the interest of raising a family and being a good dad. But somewhere, sometime, comes a time where I, me, Don, get to choose and get to explore a dream. Well the time is coming really soon.

I have been preparing my wife and my family for 3 years now. My good wife has what it takes. She is strong and a hard worker. She is interested in things like food and wood gathering. She is interested in home based skills like sewing and canning and preserving. We would make a good team. She too has told me about dreaming about being a pioneer. Well soon she will get that opportunity.

My hope is that the house goes for sale September, House closes January and we do a temp move to my buddies in Verner, until we can safely get into our remote destination. Beginning in the spring, we prepare and finish winterizing our cabin, collect wood and prepare food for the long winter.

Although we have money set aside, I would rather live like a miser and learn how to do with nothing. We will focus on self sustaining and living off the land. Over the last couple years I have come to know some key people who will help us and share their knowledge and opportunities. I have been learning where and when for various hunting and gathering ventures. I have been learning some survival skills and testing my skills with some practical adventures.

I want to document and share my experience through my blogspot. I have been posting little snipits as I have been working through my passions and desires. This will culminate in two loving people, learning and sharing a new way of life. Through ups and downs, trials and fortunes, We will share our experience. We will share our journey so that others can learn and find inspiration from us.

Of course, things are always rosy when you are trying to convince yourself. There will be realities to face. The lifestyle may prove to be too difficult. I do know however, I am not getting any younger, and the dream will be more and more difficult as time passes.

Stay tuned as the adventure takes form.

Peace and Blessings

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Met a Rainbow Sister Today

We had an awesome dinner party tonight at Patti and Barry's. They invited us to meet some friends of theirs. Am I ever glad they did! What a great couple and a great source of the type of natural, earth based information I am seeking. Dawn is an expert in wild plant edibles and survival. She is definately a rainbow sister and she has information vital to our long term survival on this planet. I know this relationship will grow as I feel like we have met for a reason. I guess the future will tell. If you read this Dawn....I already know I love you Rainbow sister.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Purple With Yellow Polka Dots

I got to thinking about how much I have been enjoying other peoples cultures. We are so lucky here in Canada to experience so many colours and flavours of humanity. I look around me and see so many people groups, ideas, and ideologies. Oh and the food! Wow. I try to have a bowl of Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup every day. I have Punjabi Veggie when I visit my freinds at the Sikh Gardwara. I love Jamaican Jerk and Reggae and my freind Bubba. I love the black people..they know how to groove and I love their zest for life. I love my hot headed Italian friend and Pasta and I love what my Portugeese friend has to say about all that. I love English accents and really inside...I love the Queen. God bless Scotland, kilts and most especially Scotch. I learned how to use chopsticks and learned how to eat with my hands and nan bread. We are so blessed to be able to live with each other and learn about each others ways and experience each others cultures. Imagine an entire world living in peace and harmony and celebration and wonderment for each other. Imagine, giving of oneself, for the sake of another, and in so doing creating a world of beauty and expression. Like art in motion. Imagine a world where we could enjoy other peoples beauty, without worrying about our own. So then I started thinking....My 2 kids are coming of age where they will be bringng home grooms and brides to be. So what if he's black? So what if shes Asian? So what if she is Jewish?, So what if he is Pakistani....Its love and respect that counts. I have to find myself accepting whoever it is that truly Loves my child. Its a bold thought. I got to thinking about the resulting colour of my grandchildren and jokingly thought.....They could be Purple with Yelow Polka Dots for all I care. I'll love them just the same.

Your Love

Your Love

Your love is like a river,
Your love is like the sea
Endless love is flowing,
over you and me

Your love is like a fountain;
Your love is like the trees
Love is like a mountain,
towering over me.

Your grace you have poured upon me
And satisfied all my needs
Just like the Son that shines from the heavens
And calms the raging sea
Yes like the son that shines from the heavens
And calms the raging sea

Friday, June 26, 2009

In the Quiet of the Night

In the quiet of the night,
in the times alone
is the truth the truth
or something unknown?
Can it be a both truth and a lie
or must one finally decide?
If and when,
one makes that choice
is there courage
and humilty
to face the voice
that pounds in ones head
again and again
that says something is wrong
something is dead
Is it the spirit within
that flickers faint with lies
while one is cuddled by earthly demise
fading and gripping
with all ones might
to a faint hope...
am I right?
When you know
you must face the truth
You must die to yourself
and give it up
the truth seams harsh
but is often kind
if with a humbled heart
the truth you did find
Lord grant me the courage
compassion and strength
to live by truth
and love to great length

Monday, June 22, 2009

Note To Self - Dont Make Plans = Better Ones Await!

So all the plans I envisioned for this weekend got tossed aside and replaced with other fabulous adventures. Man I love this country....especially West Temagami...what a paradise!
Here is what I saw.............

1. Lady's Slipper wild orchids.

Copyright Donald Hyatt
I didnt have my camera with me so I went searching on the net for the best representation of the lady's slippers I saw. I found this painting by Donald Hyatt on his website and art gallery. It was simply THE BEST representation of the plant. There is something about a hand drawn reproduction that can capture the essence better than a photograph. Everything else, all the distractions, are taken away and one is left to admire only the beauty of the plant.
According to Wikipedia....Lady's slipper orchids, lady slipper orchids or slipper orchids are the orchids in the subfamily Cypripedioidea, which includes the genera Cypripedium, Mexipedium, Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium and Selenipedium. They are characterised by the slipper-shaped pouches (modified labellums) of the flowers – the pouch traps insects so they are forced to climb up past the staminode, behind which they collect or deposit pollinia, thus fertilising the flower.

2. Big Bear Paw Print in the Mud.
Most of the Bears we have seen have been young ones and rather small. However, after seeing the size of the foot prints in the mud, I have a little more respect. Typically I have found that the bear just wants to run. He runs in one direction and I run in the other direction is how I like it best.
3. Secret Honey Hole for Speckled Trout.

I finally did it. I cracked a major fishing nut. I grew up on a trout stream. I cut my teeth fishing speckled trout. I would typically catch speckies in great abundance, yet they were small. I have heard of places where the Speckies grow considerably larger and where one can still catch in great abundance. I got in the habit of fly fishing because catch and release is much easier with less harm done to the fish. Well I found a sweet sweet spot.
I am not going to tell a soul where it is BUT, I would gladly take any one of you there when you come to visit. I can tell you its about a 1.5 hour drive by ATV from my camp. It is really close to "the place whos name dare not be spoken". By the way, I went there too. Breath takingly beautiful. I can see why some would want to keep it a secret...just like me and my secret honey hole!
I brought 2 smaller (14" and 16") and carelessly lost about a four pounder when it came to land it. Just as well. It didnt hurt to see it go. Its nice and open to swing a fly there, so next time I return its going to be bedlam!!! We are planning to camp there so we can catch evening and morning feed runs. Having said that, I caught Three beauties in the hight of day in late June...go figure.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Gone to Hug the Sisters

I'll be silent for a few days. I'm going up to Obabika and hope to spend some time with the sisters, the ancient ones. If I can squeeze it in, I want to go to the rock paintings. If not, then maybe next time. I'm OK to walk vs run. The journey is sweet. Love, peace and blessings to you all.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Vision of the White Cloud

I was in my hot tub, staring at the white clouds,
when suddenly a vision came upon me.
A large white cloud
formed into the face of God.
I gazed upon it for moments,
and its form began to change.
The white cloud began to form
into the likeness
of a magnificent horse and rider.
Beauty and wonderment,
turned to fear and panic,
as the image dashed towards earth.
In my vision,
I immediately took my wifes hand,
and we fell prostate to the land.
I heard a great gust of wind,
I saw a great sword lop off the heads
of all those who refused to bow
before the King.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I Promised My Wife

I promised my wife a few things when it comes to moving.

1. She would not be cold. I promised her a wood stove and lots of firewood.

2. She would not be hungry. That was an easy one.

3. She wouldn't have to use the public outhouse. I promised to make her a bathroom, with her very own throne......thus this post.

Does anyone know anything about composting toilets?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ride On Bob!!!!! - So Close!!!!

Here is a note from my aquaintance Bob O over at neverfeltbetter.blogspot.com. He is in the last leg of fund raising and he is getting so close! I just thought if any of you didnt get a chance to donate $20.00 or so, now would be a great time! Thankyou for being a ray of hope and faith Bob!!! Oh and thanks for carrying my Dad's name with you.... 31 names in your pocket???? Cancer has a really nasty legacy so.....Ride On!!!!!

Hello all!

This weekend I'll be participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer, a 200 km journey benefitting the Princess Margaret Hospital, one of the top five cancer research hospitals in the world. Three thousand cyclists will pedal from Toronto to Niagara Falls, raising over $15 million for cancer research and care.
Fundraising has been fantastic in the last week, with $1420 coming in! Thanks to all who have helped get me this far. But I still have $1175 to go to reach my goal of $7500. Honestly, a few months back I didn't think we would reach that goal. Now, with your help, I know we'll pass it! That's 47 $25 donations or 12 $100 donations. Click here to go to my secure fundraising webpage:
http://www.conquercancer.ca/goto/neverfeltbetter and make an online donation. Online donation deadline is THIS FRIDAY! If you've been meaning to do it, now really is the time. (Mail-in and online donations after June 12 will still be accepted, they just won't be credited to my account in time for the Ride.)
Why not ask your friends and family to donate as well? My friend Bronwen did just that. She wrote a short email to a few people and told them about our friendship and my journey through cancer. Suddenly I was receiving donations from people I didn't even know. What a surprise! Thanks Bronwen! (I have copied Bronwen's email below, if you're interested.)
Some friends have asked for a "vegan" fundraising option. This is because money donated for research purposes may incorporate animal trials. I absolutely respect this. Anyone interested in making a vegan donation, please let me know.
It's been a long week in the saddle for me, with 286 km in the last 8 days. My total since February is 743 km. All this hard work, the training, the fundraising, all will pay off this weekend.
I'll also be writing names on my hand in honour of those fighting cancer and in memory of those who lost the battle. Whether you give me a donation or not, if you would like me to write someone's name on my hand, please let me know. I already have 31 names.
If anyone will be in the Golden Horseshoe this weekend, I'd love to see you at a cheering station or the finish line. Contact me for more info!
Ride on!
PS Last year my sister Lisa and friend Jodie raised $6922.41. Our combined two year total is over $13,000 and climbing!
Bronwen's letter
Hello to friends and family in my address book!

My friend Bob fought a battle with non-Hodgkins lymphoma last year, and has come out clear on the other side (occasional testing still required). He is a North Bay firefighter, and a very very healthy, fit, active, dynamic individual. I'm sending this email to you to ask you to donate to his Ride to Conquer Cancer. It is a 200 km bike ride that last year raised 15 MILLION dollars for cancer reasearch. His goal is to fundraise $7500. He is just over $5000 and his ride is next week. I donated online yesterday (link is below), just a modest amount. Everything counts. If you think you can manage something, please help. It is such a worthwhile cause. We all know people who have been touched by this disease. Because of cancer research, Bob will be around to be a father to his little boy, Matty, who is less than a year old. Follow the link below and read his story for a dose of inspiration (he kept up firefighting and vigorous workouts while undergoing chemo!).

Bob is a friend from treeplanting days. He connected me with the folks at Smoothwater in Temagami, who I worked for for a few years.

In peace and health,

(PS It is a tax-deductible donation, they email you a tax receipt.)
Almost 1 in 2 Canadians will get cancer in their lifetime
1 in 4 will die from it
Click below to support my Ride to Conquer Cancer

More on Solar Ovens

Well just as I thought "This is such a cool idea...I wonder if it really works?" I found this blog page http://arewelumberjacks.blogspot.com/2007_04_01_archive.html . Suddenly I felt kinda stupid.

He says "Wait. Sign of the times? Didn't we see solar ovens 30 years ago? And I know we built one 5 years ago for my daughter's science class. It was called Solar Cooking Day, I think, but it became known as the Great Salmonella Experiment of 2002. And it did save energy because nobody involved was able to travel for several days. I think the kids who elected to "cook" chocolate chip (already baked) cookies did ok. But most of us stood around taking bites of our cold hot dogs and saying (inaccurately), "I think it's warm." Face it Earthists, solar ovens are good for getting bacteria up to incubating temperature, not much else."

I am going to try anyway. Perhaps I just reduce my expectations a bit.

Hey, I saw some great little ideas. You can make a solar oven out of a pizza box! You simply cut a large opening in the flap, insulate the inside edges with a rolled up newspaper, paint the inside black, put a plexi cover over the flap hole and make reflectors with tin foil. I am told that this little oven can get 200 to 300 degees. I am told the larger, better built ovens can heat 300 to 400 degrees. I also saw ovens made out of shoes boxes.
If you go to Youtube and search solar ovens, there are a few good videos there. I'll let you know how it works out. Hey if anyone knows anything about this please let me know.

Solar Ovens

I was talking to my mom about moving off the grid up in Western Temagami. She told me of a friend of hers who is off grid.(no hydro) Mom went for a tea on a January day and the lady said...oh I baked a cake. She went outside and came back in with a piping hot cake! My mom asked about this oddity and the lady replied "Solar Oven". Evidently they do most of their cooking in this solar oven. I am VERY intrigued.
I've been reading up on Solar Ovens and how to make them. It is really quite simple. There is an insulated box, a clear cover for the box and sun reflectors. You oput your item in the box, point the reflectors to thew sun and wait. I saw a pretty cool video where the guy put a chicken, potatoes and veggies in a pot, put the pot in the oven and 4-5 hours later VIOLA a meal!

This idea has so much potential! I am going to make me one of these and become skilled at using it. When someone expresses interest, I'll sell them mine and make another! Am I ever glad I learned about this. There are probably many more great ideas out there to help us reduce our footprint. I need to learn more.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Wanker Deluxe Photo Shoot


I had an Anishinaabe Medicine pouch kinda like this one except it had a turtle on it. I bought it for my ceremonial tobacco. When we were talking with the elder, he had explained the significance of tobacco as a thanksgiving offerring. For example, he asked that when we stop to admire our surroundings, a tree, a view, etc, that we also give thanks to the creator, and show our thanks by leaving a pinch of tobacco. Also, when we attended the Changing of the Seasons Ceremony, each person put a pinch of tobacco in the fire, and prayed. The smoke rising from the fire, goes to the heavens, carrying our prayers with it. Its Kinda like a burnt offerring as done by the Jewish people. It is a sweet fragrance of offerring to the creator. It is a symbolic gift from the heart. Well anyway, I purchased my own pouch, so that I could be prepared for the next ceremony, and so I could honor the elders wish, and also so I could show thanks to the creator in another manner than I am accustommed to. The pouch reminds me of my thankfullness. Some people wear a cross. Some people wear a veil. Some people carry a pouch. All these things we do to remind us of our love for God.
The real purpose of this post is to say, with a certain amount of joy and sorrow, that someone stole my medicine pouch. They reached into my convertable, and took my leather pouch as it was hanging from my mirror. I am sure they thought...look cool...something I can put my keepsakes or dope in.
Who knows where my pouch is now? Well the creator knows. I feel badly for them, because truth be known, if they asked me, I'd just give it to them. Instead of a positive joy situation, they chose to steal. That is a negative soul thing to do. Theft carries with it so much ill. Theft is simply bad medicine. It is deception, untruth, and greed. It poisons the soul. I feel very badly for them.
Lord God I am grateful for Your daily provisions. I pray Lord that You would bless the person who stole my pouch. I ask Lord that You would make yourself known to them. Lord God would you use this pouch as an instrument of Your grace. Would You point them to a correct inner path and give them the strength and courage to become right with You. I pray that this pouch might continue to carry the seeds of thanksgiving. I pray this pouch would continue to stand for the respect and admiration we have for You oh God. Hear my prayer Lord.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Red Road of Peace

The Red Road of Peace

I am on a journey on the Red Road of Peace.
I have been studying Native culture and this has led me on a wonderful journey of discovery and reconciliation. I have taken any opportunity I can to frequent Native establishments. Whenever possible I stop in at smoke shops, gift shops and cultural centers and gas stations. I remember standing in a smoke and craft trailer for about 45 minutes, looking at paintings by Norm Polson while an uninterested friend of mine waited patiently in the car. I went to the Whetung Gallery and cultural center over in Curve Lake and was mesmerized. My mom and I spent a couple of hours immersing ourselves in this beautiful culture.

Something great is happening to me.
I am beginning to feel native.
I am on the Red Road of Peace and I am enjoying the journey.
I have met now so many supportive and loving natives who want simply to be my brother. I am tickled pink now because every time I go to get gas at a native gas shop, I am asked for my card. What an honor! Most cant believe I am not native.
I find that flattering.
That is a great honor to me.

The Red Road of Peace has been extended to me.
I know in my heart that I am accepted.
The Red Road of Peace will lead me onward in a spirit of brotherhood and respect.
It will lead me, hand in hand, with my brothers and sisters to a glorious day of unification.
Chi miigwech to you all and may our paths be truthful, peaceful, and full of love!


Temagami Sky

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Knowledge of the Great Ojibway Peoples

Here is a comment from the Woodland Interpretation post I did this morning. When I said " I seek knowledge of the great Ojibway peoples. If you can help me learn, I invite your comments and request your input." This is what I meant!


"I like the pictures of you hugging the Ancient Ones... Perhaps you are not aware but the People used to do this to measure a birchbark tree to determine if it was old enough to provide enough birchbark to create a birchbark canoe. Just barely being able to reach around is the Creator's way of telling us that the birchbark tree is old enough to help us."


Wisdom is art. Folk wisdom is divine. The creators wisdom is made manifest in His creation. Knowledge and appreciation of these things is good medicine.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Could it Be?

My thoughts have been provoked by a theological book I have been reading. Evidently, there is a suggestion that as a result of the fall and destruction of Jerusalem, and in fulfilment of prophesy, a certain major prophet Jeremiah, fled with some very precious cargo. Evidently, he left Jerusalem with the daughter(s) of the reigning king Zedekiah, his scribe and a number of artifacts. They fled to a port city and made arrangements to go to a trading post city of the Milesian King. It is said that this location was Ireleand. The date was 583 BC. I have seen the scriptures which support this thought, and reach for the future. I have also read about the history of the Gaels and the possibility of Milesian heritage. While the pieces don't neccessarily line up, there is certainly enough evidence to suggest this may or could possibly be true. Amazing ramifications!

Here is an internet quote from http://www.asis.com/users/stag/jerrytea.html
An old man arrives on an Island with a small group of people in 583 BC. He brings the daughter of a King, a scribe named Simon Brug and some relics. The powerful Milesian High King of all Ireland allows the old man complete control. Instituting laws, schools and congresses, the old man forever changes the face of the Island's history, and subsequently the history of the entire world. Apparently incidental to all this, is the fulfilling of a 500 year old prophecy.

Evidently, the kings daughters name was Tea Tephi. She married another Iraelite who's family had arrived to the Irish location a generation or two previously.

Did Ireland become the new Jerusalem?

If you have a few moments you might want to google Tea Tephi, and Stone of Destiny. You will be truly amazed at what you read.
Here are some interesting links

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Buddy Barry - Repost From August 2006

This is my buddy Barry. We go way back. He has been a big influence in my life. He has helped me see and appreciate many of the good things I have. With iron willed determination he has overcome many obstacles; Some man made and some dealt to him.
I have watched him bear down and grunt it out with the best of them. He could throw a bale of hay farther than me. He could set up his craft booth as if he was a crew of 10. He never let his handicap stop him from doing anything. Quite remarcable.
Barry has a bunch of electric scooters. I like riding his scooters. Yesterday we went for a ride. I rode Pattys bike, while he drove the scooter. Two madmen I say! We went and got a load of firewood for the camp fire. He rode the scooter back with $14.00 worth of campfire loaded on his lap. What a laugh!
Barry went to University of Guelph and got his degree late in life. He became the handicapped student coordinator. He has a respected position and respected opinion on staff. He mentors and assists about 200 handicapped kids at the university. He works like a madman...the same way he plays.
There is nothing my buddy Barry can't do, oh other than beat me in a foot race. No wait, he'd probably trip me and then run me over with his scooter! He doesnt like to lose.
I was doing some cleanup in my blog and I stumbled on this. It showed as draft only. Somehow I think I accidently blew out some of my blogs. Oh well.
Anyway, I thought I would repost this because I was just fondly reflecting on our past, and quietly enjoying the friendship I have with my buddy Barry. I call him "Strong Man" and he is a rainbow too!

Dreaming of the North

As I travel north, my heart leaps for joy. I am filled with a certain warmth, peace and contentment. As I travel south, my stomach turns and my anxiety increases. There is something about the north that meshes with my soul. Someday, I will make the drive up north to stay. I have seen and done pretty much all I want in southern ontario. It is soon time for a change.
I am working on a dream. My good wife has heard 25 years of dreams. She just smiles and says "yes dear". Sometimes that means "yes" and sometimes that means..."I'm busy and you are a dreamer". So I dream on.
Stay tuned as my dream becomes a reality, then stand by as reality sets in. Does the dream become a nightmare or is the dream a glimpse of a glorious future? I guess only time will tell.

Self Proclaimed Tree Hugger

There are tree huggers and there are tree huggers. Both hug the tree, but both have different ideas on how to protect. Both have varying commitments. Both commit in different ways. Yet at the end of the day, both will hug the tree.

There are recognized tree huggers and there are self proclaimed tree huggers. The recognized tree huggers usually wear that as a banner. The self proclaimed tree hugger, sees the importance of hugging the tree, yet does so in a smaller way.

Just because one hugs a tree, it does not necessarily mean that one is a friend of the tree.
That is unfortunate. I like to think that I am a friend to the tree. I bask in its glory. I revel in its beauty. I respect its existence. So where is my outward commitment? Where does the rubber hit the road? Is it good enough for me to say I love the tree and then do nothing to protect it? The answer is no. I need to walk to walk the walk, if I’m going to talk the talk.

So what does that look like? What will be my path of action? I suppose that will be revealed to me in the future, because right now, I am still in the hugging phase.

We found this beautiful red pine in the bush between Eaglerock and Gull Lake in West Temagami. It was truly magnificent! I left some tobacco at the foot of the tree as a sign of thanksgiving. This was asked of me by a native elder. I also gave a quick prayer of thanksgiving for this life and how this life is attached to my own.
My heart is being prepared for action......