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Monday, November 30, 2009

Sweetgrass Instruction

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hey Jimi....You still out there?

Hey Jimi

I noticed from my web counter that you visit frequently, but the URL you are using points to my archives. Not sure if you realized that or not. You are probably wondering....where is that guy? Anyway, use this link


I trust all is well.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Matts Mind

"Matts Mind" - copyright © don wright 2009

I was asked to paint a small simple painting for a college student who loves canoeing and the outdoors. It is for his dorm to remind him of his love for mother earth. He also wanted it Woodland Style has he has become interested in native art. So I made this for him tonight.

I pray that as he looks at this painting that he be reminded of the great gift that is ours. I pray that it will bring thanksgiving and respect for mother earth. I pray that as he sees the medicine wheel, he be reminded not only of people group unity, but of the great Anishinaabe spirit. I pray that he continues to learn and grow, that he would be continuously attracted to the light and blossom to become a kind, loving and peaceful man on this planet.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Gitchie Manitou Great Spirit at Peterborough Petroglyphs

Gitchie Manitou - Great Spirit - Shaman
Peterborough Petroglyphs , Ontario

The limestone at Peterborough is generally believed to have been carved by the Algonkian people between 900 and 1400 AD. Today, the First Nations people of Ontario call the carvings Kinomagewapkong, meaning "the rocks that teach.

"Gitchie Manitou - Great Spirit Praises" don wright 2009

I was inspired by the Petroglyphs at Peterborough. In my internet search, I found many differant pictographs, but these are the ones that speak to me. This is hot off the press. You can see the paint aint even dry. I had seen the background effect on a number of paintings by Norval, Ritchie and Maj, so I decided to give it a whirl. I dumped a bunch of paint on the canvas and smooshed it around and then let it sit for a few days. I like how it turned out. I got a great chuckle as the painting seemed off balance, Then I put my W on the bottom right and suddenly there was balance. Oh just one more thing...All Praises to God, Gitchie Manitou Great Spirit

Pondering the Grandfathers Wisdom

So after I posted my little reminder to self, I immediately remembered a time when the grandfathers wisdom pulled me through. I was new at my job in sales and this was my first sales call. I met with the gentleman and not only sold him, but upsold him as well. Not only did I get great margin, but he also pulled out his chequebook and gave me advance payment. I was going to be a hero to my boss. Then he said. "That was pretty easy eh, not like dealing with those F*&%$#*in Jews eh?" and then he looked at me. OK don, decision time. Do I go with my soul or the chance at bigger money? I said quickly."I am sorry, I can not speak badly about the Jews. We are brothers and we worship the same God"......silence and then he smiled. He stood up and shook my hand and said, Thanks Don, I am Jewish.

Note to Self......








Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkish Delight

I was invited out last night by a friend of mine for a Christmas meal. He told me to meet him at Antonella's over on Dundas Street and Kipling area. This was a Turkish restaurant. Many of the guests were Turkish and we had an amazing time. It was fascinating to hear about life in Istanbul and how a trek across town takes all day in a city of 19 million people. These Turkish people were a delight! excuse the pun. They left Turkey seeking a more tolerant way of life. Turkey sure sounds like a nice place, but they say that socially, there is quite a class system and there is great discrimination. I listened to their storiers of triumph as they came here with very little and have succesfully worked their way into our social fabric. They had beautiful children which they had great hopes and aspirations for. They were sending their kids to french immersion. I heard the stories of life in a strange place with nothing but hopes and dreams. I was so proud to be Canadian last night. Canada truly is a magnificent place, and we need to be proud of our tolerance towards others. I love big happy families and I know in my heart that our world could be one big happy family if we would only want it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Spirit Rock Lake - Next Year

I like to take photographs when I am out and about. I love downloading them and then I use them as screensavers. Last night, this picture came up and it reminded me of my fall sojourn to the Old Growth in Temagami. Since I have an overactive imagination, I have already planned my next trip and returned! Well..only in my mind.

Seriously, next year I am going to go for 4 days. I am going to bring nothing but my sketch pad and utensils, my fishing rod so I can eat, and my sleeping bag and plastic bag so that I can live in elligence. I am planning 3 subtrips. I want to spend the day with the three sisters reading, snoozing, dreaming and drawing. I want to spend a day at Spirit Rock, again just relaxing, drawing and taking in the magnificence. I want to spend a day and canoe up the Wakimika River. I will also spend a day at camp. I'll probably make camp at the ceremony site and do day excursions. I want to pack very very lightly and inconvenience myself a bit.

My thought was that I would do this trip alone. There is something really special about being alone in a remote place. However, this is such a magnificent place, if there ends up being someone who wants top tag along, I'd probably enjoy that too. My wife seemd insulted that I didnt invite her until she heard my plans.

Seems that not everyone shares my idea of a good time!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Seed of Creation

"Seed of Creation" - copyright © don wright 2009

I'll talk about the good before the bad. So here is the good...I am very pleased that a vision I had translated to this painting, yet I am unhappy with my color selection.

I grew up with the bible story of Noahs Ark. As I grew, I began to understand the ark more in terms of Gods grace and forgiveness. There are many life lessons that have come from the ark teaching. When I began to see knowledge of the Ojibway, I learned about the turtle. The turtle to the Anishinaabe is the Ark to the Christian. One of the accounts I read said that the son of the creator rode on the turtle in the great flood. He gave of himself in order for the son of creator to reestablish on Turtle Island. I understood immediately.

So in this painting I pictured the seed of creation, son of creator being divinely carried by the turtle. The Turtle became mother, protector and redeemer as Gods magnificent plan unfolded. It is a story of beauty and redemption.

BUT darn it......my colour selection sucks! I tell ya, with every painting I get better and better YET fall so far short it pisses me off....teehee....patience don You cant be a Ritchie or a Mark or a Jimi in a month!


"The Runner Tommy Oskineegish" - copyright © Jim Oskineegish

Hey Jimi
Thanks for the heads up about your new paintings at Greenery. They are great! I especially love this one "The Runner Tommy Oskineegish" I think it tells a pretty important story of life and culture and personal calling. My wife and I discussed what it must have been like. I salute you for sharing with us. I think its important and it helps us to celebrate each other and our cultures.

Man Without Religion

I’ve been feeling a little misplaced lately due to my own progressive revelations in faith and understanding. I keep using that word progressive revelation because every day we are alive, we learn more about our relationship with and to God. Its not that I have a problem with the Holy Bible or Christianity, its just that I believe that this book is still being written…even today. Just as we got to the part where God gave us freedom and showed us how, we shut the book and canonized it and left 2000 years of future revelation homeless and without credence. Don’t get me wrong, the Holy Bible contains all the information I need for wholeness and I do believe that it is God’s inspired and inerrant word. I believe the problem is mans interpretation and fear to ultimately give up on our pride and our rituals and accept God’s Spirit.

I have begun to play math and logic games with the Word and what I believe is that somehow, the message of the Bible got overshadowed by the “box” man carries it in. The very freedom that Christ came to bring is being lost due to rules, ritual, culture, religion and power control. Its like Christ came, told us that he came to fulfill the law so that we could make up some new ones. It doesn’t make sense.

I was challenged by a number of friends of mine lately. One suggested I was still seeking an intercessor. The other said I was trading one set of laws and rituals for another. These are really good points! Spirit resides in me so therefore there is no ritual or hierarchy required for me. I am indwelt and transcendent. There are no rules that I need to follow for acceptance, for I am already accepted. The work was done and it was sufficient. So why would I try to return to bondage?

Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean that I should live lawless. What I am saying is that Gods law is written on my heart. It is God and God alone that I answer to. I do not need a priest, pastor, shaman, elder, medicine man, intercessor…nothing. There is nothing I need as I am complete as the master made me and resides in my very being. The work was done, sufficient and eternal.

I cant call myself a cultural Christian anymore though I am a lover of Christ.
I have God mind and I am a transcended being no longer bound by the rules and or religions of man. God is a reality and I now believe religion is mans vain attempt to understand and make rules out of the experience.

Do I believe in God….absolutely 100%. Do I believe that I need to prove this to God in some way?. Guess what don, God is not interested in your rituals and lip service. So I accept that we are indeed one. I am now free to live my life based on my God mind.

By the way…do I go to church?....absolutely. I love worship. I love praise. I love the fellowship with my beautiful brothers and sisters. If the church is so wrong, why do I still attend? Because God inhabits the praises of the people and the Spirit resides in my grateful heart….so what else can I do?

What is God’s name?....I AM
What do you suppose He meant by that?
You be in me and I’ll be in you……I and the father are one…interesting
And what is God’s name????
I AM is Gods name.
Let the Blessings be……….

Thats IT!

Thats it!. I cant take it any longer. I have to turn on word verifiction. I dont want the spammers bad medicine on my site any more. As quick as I erase, they return. I think that Japanese teens need respect and nurturance. I think that big members should people who really love the club they are in. I think that stay harder should refer to my icecream. Trust me, I beleive that woman is the most magnificent thing the creator ever designed. When Gitchie Manido had a dream surely he dreampt of the magnificence of women.......I do. Women are one of the reasons I know there is a God.

BYE BYE Spammers....soryy gang...had to do it.
peace and respect

Saturday, November 21, 2009


"Guardian" - copyright © don and sue wright 2009

My wife and I painted this last night. It was a great night. I was spilling ideas onto canvas and she was adding the life. We decided to limit the colours on this one, which was a hint from coach. We call this piece "Guardian". 


doodleart - blessings of a new day

"Blessings of a New Day" - copyright © don wright 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Walk Upon the New Day

Baby Child as a man
as a living grain of sand….
Sitting on the ever changing shore
Greeting the sunrise…..
Picked up upon the Gypsy woman.
Hair Flaming Night as ravens even sleep…..
Rainbow cloth
Tambourine complimenting her chant and choice of graces
And Love Her God….

I actually looked upon her on my right….coming forth.
And Baby Child then secondly looked his left to eye
and 11 or 12 women, men and little ones approached.
They clad in their masters wish.
White robes, swaying to be baptized.
These two worlds crossed each other in front of me,
When afterwards, Baby Child sipped a heartful of ocean….
Spat out the waste and walked upon the New Day

Jimi Hendrix

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hey Wankers...I Miss You!

Copyright...jeesh I dont know, certainly NOT Wankerdeluxe!

Smile, Allah Loves You

The sticker on the van said, "Smile, Allah Loves You" and the sign in my daughters room said "God loves you whether you like it or not". How is it that our God loves us all, yet we hate each other?

Muslim brother, not only does our God love us, but I actually love you. I enjoyed a meal prepared by your hands today. Your hospitality was genuine. It was nice that I could pay this time, for last time you fed me, even though I didnt have enough.

Muslim brother, I remember how when the Sunamai hit, you dropped everything and went overseas to help. You didnt even know these people and you risked your life and gave of your time and money. You are a brother.

Muslim brother, I enjoyed the time we had to talk openly and lovingly about our faith. Muslim brother, we can do this without hatred or embarrasement or scorn or judgement when we simply love each other.

Muslim brother, join me and lay down our arms against each other. Lets join hands in unity as we respect each others ways. We have so much to learn from each other and our cultures are so magnificent. It hurts to watch the wars. It hurts to feel the anger. It hurts to watch the hunger.

Progressive Revelation is upon us. We are one.
Smile, I love you.

My Word Studio

This is my blog studio. I noticed over on Rainbow Thinderbirds site, he displayed some of his studio and significant items. Here are the items that bring me inspiration. Every where I go, I keep my eyes open for little artifacts. I have numerous grouse feathers collected from sloppy hunters. I have several small rocks taken from special remote or signifiacnt locations. I have a beautiful crows freather which was a gift from our family of crows this year. I have several patti rainbow creations. Oh and small pieces of driftwood. I feel like a grey jay! I began building this inspiration collection about a year ago. I dont consider then idols as I dont worship them. I consider them Good Medicine as they fill my heart with the grand reflection of memory and connectedness. Though these items are not Gods, they are sacred to me, as they stand for values I have and they are a part of my life....they help remind me of unity and creation. These items also inspire me, for as I look at them, they remind me of my journey.....where I have been and where I will end.

peace and good memories....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shamanistic Folk (Kindergarden) Art

"Come To The Light" - copyright © don wright 2009

So it all begins with a thought...a message...a vision. Suddenly there is something you want to express. Of course if you are Michelangelo, you might express this a little differant. But since I'm still just don, this is how I expressed it. Really, there is nothing deep or heavy here, nothing we dont already know.

Many of us know where we want to be, yet many of us have spent time on the other side. Sometimes by our choices, sometimes by choices that were made for us. I wish it was as easy as saying...thats it!!!! I'm going to the light...........well it is. Believe it or not. Come to the light for forgiveness and fellowship. Hearts mend, wounds heal. Every tear will be wiped from our eye......except for when we see our brother fallen to the other side.....

Single Mom - Jim Oskineegish

"Single Mom" - copyright © Jim Oskineegish
This is a painting from Jim Oskineegish. It is called Single Mom. I found a very nice collection of Jim Oskineegish works over at the Greenery Florist website. On the site, each painting has a story or meaning. You might want to go to the link and see for yourself. This is purposeful art.
This particular piece really spoke to me. It really reminds me of Norval. I can see Roy Thomas in some of his other work. I can also see a style of his own. All in all, I love this art. It feels good. It looks good. It makes my heart warm and moves me to contemplation.
This is a treasure, and another fine example of Shamanistic Art. I can feel empathy, love, support but also wisdom and strength. I find joy in the innocence, yet respect for mom. Moms are amazing.
It is nice to see artists tribute people. I imagine how Jim would have first been inspired by a thought. Its nice to see that the thought he acted on was one of such honor. The fruit doesnt fall far from the tree. From this thought probably came contemplation and inspiration. I can visualize Jim as he poured out his love on canvas. I was taught to show my love on my art. I can imagine Jim painting saying...I love you mom. You are a good mom, You are a strong mom. I love you child. I love your colours. I love your souls. Great Spirit, pour your blessings on our mothers. I kinda let my imagination go but I sense I am not far from the truth.
Good Medicine

Monday, November 16, 2009

Robbie Robertson – From the Underworld of Redboy

WOW is all I can say!

My buddy Mark and I used to compose music together and we had duplicate mini studios in our homes. We composed and recorded a number of songs. That was several years ago, and probably several crashed hard drives since we composed together. While we were planting the seeds of re-unification he asked me what was going on in my head musically.

Well my band Wanker Deluxe is folded. I play worship music and lead worship at gatherings, but I also have unexpressed musical vibrations pounding in my head. I told him that I began to hear native chants and drum beats in my mind. These started happening after my first visit to the Old Growth about a year ago. This drum beat and prayer chant has been building in my head, waiting for expression. I felt I wasn’t prepared yet to allow these new songs of praise to be released from my head. But as I started to tell my buddy about it and as I started to explain what I was feeling he got excited and came back with this CD by Robbie Robertson – From the Underworld of Redboy.

Suddenly the music I had been hearing in my head made perfect sense. This is an inspired album. In fact, I cried when I heard it. Not just little tears but great big ones! I’m such a space head. What is it about passion that evokes such emotion? Funny thing is, I don’t feel stupid or ashamed. I am wired to understand music differently. I feel music rather than just hear it. Music is more than just notes, just as paintings are more than just paint.

So I feel an incredible musical expression about to unfold. I cant deny the drums and chants. They are there for a reason.

Is there someone out there who could guide me or lead me in a sweetgrass ceremony. I sense that I need to do this soon. It is time. Please respond here with a comment, or drop me an email at patienceandselfcontrol@hotmail.com. I would be grateful.

Peace and Blessings

Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Sacred Temagami Trout"

"Sacred Temagami Trout" - copyright © don and sue wright 2009

Sue and I are painting a canvas for my best and oldest freind and his wife. We grew up playing dinky toys in the dirt when we were at the tender age of 3. We are musical brothers and I think that time in the sand pile helped us to speak the language of music to each other. He is a friend who can play, based on emotion and translation vs cold hard notes. Now music is not the only love we share. We are both pretty keen on fishing. We have a number of fishing stories...some true..some not so true,,hahaha. At any rate, when he heard that my wife and I were taking up painting he asked if we would sell one.hahahah, in fishing language he just cast the bait. I said, well I never really thought about it, but I'd gladly make you one for free. Ha.....Hook Set! So I sat down with a fresh canvas and laid out this project I will call "Sacred Temagami Trout"

To the Temagami First Nation, the deep water Trout is sacred. The Trout has always been a sustainer of life, feeding not only the Temagami Anishinabek, but the entire food cycle. The authorities are trying to protect the Temagami Deep water Trout from advancing forces. Large restrictions have now been put in place to help protect this magnificent fish. There are a number of lakes that have extra regulation to protect the Sacred Temagami Trout. Lake Temagami, Lake Obabika, and Emerald Lake where my camp is, are all home to this valuable lake fish. I salute all efforts to protect this fishery for the sake of those who have relied on this ecosystem for 1000's of years and in dedication to future generations.

Waabaanakwad has spoken, and now passes the canvas over to Waabigwan

Spirit Gives.........

"Spirit Gives" - copyright © don wright 2009

I promised my childhood friend Mark a Waabaanakwad Original after visiting him last night. Jules...If you are reading this...thanks for the hospitality.

I am inspired by Woodland Shamanistic Art perceptions and Fish. After I finished I thought,,haha this looks more like a Fancy Goldfish. Then I got to think about how the Great Spirit empowers....even the lowly goldfish, granting him supernatural sight, flight and yes...even might......Dont worry.... he wont bite.

Actually, coach suggested I try pieces with less colour. I should try and limit my pallet colours to a few. So in doing this art, I learned a few things.

1. Using the image reverse feature in paintbrush pruduces a neat reverse colour effect and causes the art to appear better than it is.
2. It becomes even more critical to chose the right colour when limiting colour. I should go back and see what Norval did when limiting color.
3. Using markers in my sketch book causes bleed through and ruins not only the sketch on the backside, but several others as well....doh

Hey Mark and Jules. We'll bring the painting in a couple of weeks and I'll try and shy away from painting Goldfish!...I think Mark was thinking more like Mighty Trout. see ya

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Great Spirit of Love

"The Great Spirit of Love" - copyright © susan and don wright 2009

I Spent the mornng and early afternoon joyously frollicking with my bride. Inspired to paint, we started to play with the piece we had started earlier. We have shifted some colours a few times. I seem to be drawn towards orgasmic colour. When I mentioned to coach that I really like yellow he said...yes, I can see. However, you must be careful of yellow. It can be too powerful. I can see that here. The colours just dont seem right yet.......any suggestions?
So here is the underlying thought behind this piece. I am seperated from my wife a lot due to work and play. While I am away, I feel a very strong sense that I am still right beside her. I feel that our connection is a spiritual one which is full of love and faithfulness. Its like the path home morphs into a likeness of her in my dreams. My dreams are almost sensual as I and my path embrace her. The two purple feathers celebrate native reverence toward the feather and adherance to respect. The red of love contains these feathers as a sign of reverence out of love vs out of law. The tacky red heart is on the bottom right because its is a love celebration and my spiritual journey begins at this point. God, The Great Spirit is represented as the sun. The source. The background is white but is textured like the petals of a flower.
While my wife was painting, I showered her and the work with love and praise. Just because I am not painting, it doesnt mean I'm not part of the art! So I praised every imperfect line and every perfect one too. As she made her lines I praised her beauty and how she was creating a wonderful expression, all in the great Spirit of Love.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Profundity of War – Remembrance Day

My ancestors fought great wars against my wife’s ancestors. My culture dictated that I too would despise these people for the atrocities of these wars. It was a bitterness that kept me from seeing the truth and experiencing true love.

I talk of how God has a plan, and how my wife was chosen for me long ago. God had a plan for us that must have spanned generations as the seeds of our love grew. So how is it that two people, repeatedly at war, could finally realize that we in fact love and need each other?

I have heard the stories from both sides. I have cried with both people. I have hung my head in shame, for the depths of our hatred.Yet, somehow, we all did what we had to do to move the yardstick of love further. Why does it have to be like this?

When I consider the richness of heritage that I have enjoyed, I realize it is a direct result of the pain, anguish, and hatred we endured. Now that my prejudice has been removed, I am able to embrace the wonderful Germanic people. I think of so many great things that the Germanic people have brought to this world. Their pride and their spirit, their profound understanding of deeper arts, like music and literature and cultural things. Their engineering skills. Lets not forget that the best beer comes from Germany and the best white wine, in my humble opinion. Have you ever had German coffee? German Bread? How about the food? Schnitzel? Soup? You haven’t had soup until you’ve had German soup. And Love?...Their love runs deep, real deep and they back it up with faithfulness.

All of these wonderful things have been shown to me. My life has been richly blessed by the very people we fought. Profound really. It all seems so senseless and yet it makes all the sense in the world. I just have to ask myself WHY?

Monday, November 09, 2009

Waabigwan Sings Praises to the Creator

"Waabigwan Sings Praises to the Creator" - copyright © don wright 2009

This is my wife. She is a flower and a lover of children. She sings praises to the creator. She is strong and she stands by me. Waabigwan is the better half. I am the mouthpiece. She is the gentle giant. She has wings and she has gentle hands. She sings praises to the creator. She is a rainbow.


"Lifelines" copyright© don wright 2009

I was inspired by a picture sent to me by a freind. Peoples images had been reduced to a spirit level with colors telling part of the story. This minimalist view helped to magnify the story. A musician friend once said that the best note was the one you didnt play.

So armed with imagination, a concept and a need to practice lines, I created this art. I call it Lifelines. I tried to reduce important things to lines. I tried to show earth, wind, fire and water. I tried to show animate and inanimate. I tried to show the importance of love and spirit and how everything fits together in balance. I tried to weave man into the equation and how these things both sustain him yet puzzle him.

Waabaanakwads Dream

Waabaanakwad had a dream and his dream became reality. He wasnt really happy about how his dream turned out, however, although he had the chance to change things, he chose not to. But suddenly the loon cried out "Waabaanaakwad, dont leave me stranded in this carmel pudding. Carmel pudding is nice, but its poison to a loon! Waabaanakwad decided to seek the help of Waabigwan. Help Waabigwan! I have polluted the waters and I need your beauty. Could you spare some for the loon? Waabigwan agreed. The loon continues to sing and so too does Waabaanakwad!

"Waabaanakwad's Dream" - copyright © don and sue wright 2009

Sunday, November 08, 2009

North Bay Adventure - Planning the Day

I am sitting here at my buddies coffee table planning the day and reading the weather forcast. We are planning last ride of the season. Buddy asked me where I wanted to go. When I said Temegami River, he smiled. This is a great ride. It is very very beautiful with many breathtaking views of this magnificent river. The ride is a good mix of leasure (spelled wrong and where did they put spell check?), and technical. There is lots of rock and lots of mud. I am sure to get stuck today. I decided to bring my big Wellies (rubber boots) for the trip.

The Temagami river flows from Lake Temagami and meets the Sturgeon River near River Valley. From there, the Sturgeon flows to Lake Nippissing, through the French River and into Lake Huron. The Temagami River is one of Canada's most beautiful rivers.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Fun with Paint

"Dusk" - Copyright © don wright 2009

We have a couple of pieces underway. It is slow and meticulous. I am not that patient. I have been first sketching on the canvas and then my wife has been painting overtop. I have learned that I need pencil lines dark enough for my wife to see, yet not too dark that it smudges or miscolours the paint. I was told that some artists dont need to draw first, they just go straight to canvas. After she went to bed, I decided to give it a whirl.

I call this painting "Dusk".
Dusk is a magical time.
There is just enough light
to tie on that last fly.
Just enough light
to illuminate a friend close to you.
Just enough light
to see the loon
hanging on the the last light of day.
We paddled across Emerald Lake at dusk.
We sat in a quiet bay,
shared only with a loon.
His silloutte played against the sunset.
It was magical.
The cry of the loon is praise music
and its presence is a gift.

Now back to reality....First....and I probably wont get past First....I am not pleased with the overall color selection. It seemed the right thing at the time but my perceptions did not reach the results. The gold was the darkest of three yellows. The idea was that it was supposed to be the sun illuminating the water. It rather looks like a bowl of carmel pudding but heh..I like pudding. I had painted the loon pink because it was electrifying against the black, but then the carmel pudding caused the whole painting to get off balance so I changed the loon over to red. I think that even though it is simple, it is a bit busy and maybe alittle less action below the loon would be more soothing.

Anyway, I'm not to criticize too much because this is such a joyful experience. Truly, to allow the creative process to take over, and to float on the wave of the spirit is a magnificent high. I get to experience the joy and excitement of creation. I get to play God in my own little sandbox and ponder and imagine how much more magnificent is God's creation........a masterpeice by the master artist.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Waabaanakwad, Do You Love Me?

Waabaanakwad, Waabaanakwad,
Waabaanakwad, Waabaanakwad!

Here I am Lord

Waabaanakwad, Do you love Me?

You know I love You Lord

Waabaanakwad, follow Me,
and bring Waabigwan.

She will stand by you
and make you strong,
And I will be with you always.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Pencil Crayons and Sharpie Markers

I wonder what it would be like to actually paint? These three "paintings" I have poseted are really just drawings with pencil crayons and an old sharpie marker. I used three differant colour paper backgrounds because..hey thats all I could find.

I'm gonna pick up some paint while I'm in the city this week. ..and some prefab canvas..and some brushes. I guess i'll walk into the art shoppe and just tell it like it is....HELP!

Every journey begins with a single step and my painting journey has just begun. I'll pick up knowledge along the way. My skills will get better and I will learn how to better communicate. Over time, my lines and composition will improve. My color selection will mature. I have so much creativity in my head, I need to find ways to harness it. I need to find a way to express my feelings in a more visual way.