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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Haircuts by Friends

Last spring I went over to Patti and Barrys for supper. She served me been curd stuff. Its got a name but I dont remember.....futon..no...photon...no..doh. Anyway, much to my surprise it was good. Barry was bragging about his haircut. Patti had bought some hair shears. I was due for a haircut so I said..Hey Patti..wanna give me a haircut? So I received a Patti Rainbow original haircut.
Last Friday night Sue and I went for a drive to see Patti and Barry at their trailer at Guelph Lake. I said Hey Patti....got those shears?" Patti said YES. So I asked for a haricut. Above are the pics.
I know...youre saying.....Now hes talking about haircuts? Surely there is a lot more going on then just haircuts. Well there is.
Deb is at camp MiniYoWee this week. Dylan got a new job working for a transport/Freight company. Sue is working at her new Day Care job in Acton called Busy Kids. The novelty of my car has worn off and now I'm puking in the morning again. I booked off sick yesterday afternoon because I couldnt handle the stress and my stomach was very updet...I'm such a wimp. ...but hey..............................
At least I got a nice Patti Rainbow Original Haircut.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweetheart

My daughter turned 16. For her birthday she went and got her G1 Learners permit. My precious little girl will be driving!!!! I thought I would enclose this picture for a little fun. The truth is, I think she will be a better driver than me!

I Wanna See A Bear

My buddy Mike told me about a little lake he found about 30KM back in the bush. He told me it was a slice of heave. He told me how he stopped at the lake edge and put his feet up on his ATV expecting a little snooze. He woke up 1.5 hours later with drool on his face. He told me how he had gone for a walk and met up with a bear. He said that the bear ran one way and he ran the other. I had formulated a picture of this place in my minds eye.
Last time I went to see him, we woke up about 7am and he said...What shall we do today. I said...take me to the enchanted place where you saw the bear. SO...we packed up the canoe and the ATV and headed out. We spent a few hours at this place. It was breathtaking. AND....
I saw a bear. Not the municipal dump or the public picnic table type. No this was a real bear in the wild and judging form his reaction to me, Id say he never saw a human before. He caught one glimpse of me and ran as fast as his feet would carry him. It was kinda funny because he would look back quickly as he ran. I could hear him under his breathe...OMG...OMG...OMG.
He dashed into the bush and my dream of meeting up with a bear in the wild was fulfilled.
I floated around the lake for a few hours in my canoe. Spent some time with some loons and beavers. Mike took a little snooze in the trailer while I went for a spin on the ATV. Incredible, yet kinda scary. We spent the day and never saw another human. Thousands of miles of trails. Thank goodness for GPS!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ashes to Ashes

Dan asked that his ashes be dumped in the Old Woman River at Old Woman Bay at the North end of Lake Superior Provincial Park.
First picture is of Dans ashes and some memorabilia. We all swam and ate and drank and hugged and talked. The beach was big and empty. The water was fabulous. It was a good day.
Dans children dumped his ashes in the ripples just behind where these 2 kids are playing. We had a little ceramony. The white ashes fell into the rapids and we watched as they drifted and flowed to Lake Superior.
Sue and I slept in a tent at Rabbit Blanket Camp site with Dans older brother Tom and family.
We hit some traffic on the way back. Sue and I left at 7am on Monday and got home 8:30 pm at night....Yikes....13.5 hours travel. This is usually a 10-11 hour drive....It was nice to sleep in the water bed last night.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

We Shall Gather

We're going to the place you loved so much. The long winding and twisting road that leads to the place that we all shall meet. The place you loved so much. With sorrows and joys we meet. We meet to share. To share tears. To share smiles. To share memories. And to touch. To touch hands and to touch hearts. To touch in the place you loved so much.

Dare I ask why Dan, or dare I ask how Dan. Yet if I was a true friend..I would know. I would have known something was wrong. Miles and years apart. Settled in our own worlds. Mine one of happiness and yours one of sorrow. You were the one who had it together. You were the one to succeed. You were the one with a dream and you were the one who acheived. Yet sorrow wouldnt allow you to enjoy these things?

I wonder if you knew Jesus? What kind of friend would ask that? Not that the asking is wrong in itself, but that as a friend I should have known. Or better still i would have shown. Or would I have told you, for what kind of friend am I? A freind, drifted apart by time and space. Yet time and space are nothing for true freinds. The internet, letters, postcards, phone calls, email, answering machines, cell phones, text message. Which one of these did I utilize to keep our friendship alive? Which one of these did I use to call you and ask you how you were doing?Did I book a flight? Did I rent a car? Did I invite you here? Did I even talk to you? NO None of these things. None of these things. I did none of these things. And I call you a friend?..Yes I do. I call you my friend. But what kind of friend am I? What kind of freind?

Knowing these things, have I enlisted in "Classmates" Have I searched "facebook" have I googled. Have I found my old phonebook? Have I found my old address book? Have I even gone to my "outlook" contact list? Have I reached out to contact any friend that I hold dear in my heart? Have I? Have I? No I havnt...except to tell them you are dead.