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Thursday, June 30, 2005

and further more............

I heard something curious. Help me out cause I can't wrap my head around this.
During an interview with the father of abortions, whats his name, not Dr. Death but the other guy. You know the guy that got an honorary degree from the London University for all the babies he's killed.....
........it starts with an M I think....oh well he said

"I have performed 1000's of abortions without a single fatality."

OK, so now I'm confused. Exactly where has he been hiding all these children?

He is wanting to create a "kinder gentler society" Is that a clue?
Has he been hiding them all at Canada's Wonderland
or been giving these babies to christian homes?

I'm just not sure now whats happened to these thousands of children.

Joking aside, Father please forgive us for we know not what we are doing.


Trading our gifts for burdons

Are you surprised that our Canadian Government has voted to sanction gay marriage?
I'm not. We are living in a country where babies can be killed within the first 4-5 months of their life. We are livivng in a country where divorce rates are what....50%? We are living in a country that is in moral decline. Truth has become
just a word to debate. We are so wise that we have decided that God no longer has any place guiding our lives. Heck, not even our own churches can agree on the diety of Christ. I'm sad.

I'm sad because there is Truth and there is a plan that God put into place that would give us love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and yes self control. For the sake of our own interests, we are kissing this goodbye and exchanging it for hate, unhappiness, war, impatience, meanness,....all so we dont have to exercise any form of self control or bow the the feet of a greater power. In our wisdom, we are taking the gifts that God has given us, and exchanging them for burdons. Why? All in the name of freedom? All in the name of individual rights? Well contratulations because we are going to receive the rewards for our actions.

Some day I hope to be a pastor. I worry that I will be asked to BLESS a same sex marriage. BLESS is a key word. If the government wants to make some sort of civil ceremony performed by civil people then I suppose that is their right as government. But, please dont ask me, as a representative of God, to Bless this.
The Bible is very very clear. God has made is wishes known. We do not have the authority to bless the very thing He despises.

Am I homophobic? Great word. When I stand up for Gods truth as delivered to my heart and soul by the Holy Bible, I am homophobic. I guess I am therefor proud to be a bigot and a number of other choice words.

Having said that, it is important to note that there are so many sins in this world that seperate us from God. The bible says "the wages of sin is death" We are experiencing separation from God due to our stiff necked and disobedient ways. We laugh in the face of sin, and try to pass moral and legal laws to justify our sins.

A freind came to me and said " I am so angry with our government for passing the same sex legislation....whats this world coming to." This is the same individual who would think nothing about a little cheating on his common law wife. This is the same individual that has a number of children from different relationships. Another freind of mine condemns same sex marriage while living with the memory of the abortion she had. I myself am overweight. How do I think God feels about me over eating while His children are starving. Or how about this one...............
How many people deny the very existance of God. How many people spit on the cross of Jesus? As I mentioned how many people deny the diety of Christ?

We can not begin to rate our sins. How can one sin be greater or less than another.
A freind of mine used to smoke. One holier than thou came to him and said
"you are sinning" He said "thank you brother for pointing that out. This sin that I have is up front and visible for you to see. What sins are you hiding?"

We are told as christians to love the sinner and hate the sin.
That is what I intend to do. If a gay person is in need of a hug, then I will do that. If he or she is in need of love, then I will display that. If they need help, then I should do that.They are after all human and children of the same God.

..........But please dont ask me to condone or bless the sin. Its just not going to happen. I dont have the authority.