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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Art Show and Party at Roxy Coffee - Acton

"Big Bang Theory" commissioned art
35"x14" stretched canvass

hahha...this has nothing to do with art but last sunday I went out to my ice shack to do some walleye fishing. The fishing was slow. My buddy had a tap on his line and then wham, my rod bent. I grabbed the rod and felt the fish and it was substantial. I told my buddy that I had a big fish and he began preparations to get it through the hole. Suddenly the fish ran and stripped lots of line. My buddy yelled....tighten your drag!!! I said IT IS!! I only have 6 pound test so I wasnt going to be able to horse this one. I finally got it to the hole and it was a very big Musky well over 4 feet. I manage to barely get its head in to our 10 inch hole. As it rose to the surface it saw us and split for another vigorous run. It was spectacular. I gave up on the thought of bringing that fish into our small ice hut. This fish was far too big and my hut is too small and it was out of season. I didnt want to hurt this fish. Just then it rapidly swam around and around the base of the hole and my line snapped. He won. I am glad.

Monday, March 09, 2015