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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Life of a Cat

Why do I allow this?
They lie around all day
in my bed
while I'm out slaving
to pay for the
the luxuries
they've come to expect.
Two of them just showed up
at our front door.
Uninvited, unannounced
Wayward strangers looking for
the cat dream
Both were well aquainted
with the usual manipulative tools
and how to use them.
A purr here, a purr there
a brush against your pantleg
to show you they kinda care
So I let it happen.
I have myself to blame.
What was I thinking.
I guess the truth is.....
they live my dream.
When I get tired
I look at one sleeping
and I feel rested.
When I am hungry
I look at one eating
and I feel like I've eaten.
When I feel like having a dump
I look at one in the litter box and....
they look the other way.
Wow, whats with that
You would think they would be proud.
I've noticed they are slightly embarrassed
being caught in that state,
especially if you point at them.
I cant beleive I'm talking about this
change subject....
Well how about those
Toronto Maple Leafs

Friday, December 30, 2005

Is that you...uh me?

I got this caricature done at a party.
I took it home and my wife said.....
Whos that? It me honey! I said.
She says the only thing thats me is the fishing rod.
But look at the smile and the eyes, oh ya
and the unshaven appearance.
I thinks its me...kinda
Maybe the shoes are a little pointy

Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Years Eve

So I asked my wife what she wanted to do for New Years Eve this year.
Top 5 answers were
1 Stay at home
2 Sit in the hot tub
3 enjoy a bottle of Heinkel Trochen
4 watch a movie
5 censored
So those are the top 5 picks for New Years Eve
Sounds good to me!
I couldnt think of a better way to ring in the new year!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Trees

I remember when the children were small,
we would seek out Christmas Trees,
that were big, bold and tall!
We'd go to the bush with a saw and axe,
or over to Wintersingers
and pick one from the racks.
But I found as the children got older,
that need for big, tall and bolder,
seemed to get colder and colder.
My conscience about the carnage of a tree,
began to eat at me.
The thought of killing that tree
for the sake of my glee
made me see
things differently.
So for a period of time, when selecting our tree,
we'd take great pride in taking the ugliest we could find
thinking that if we didnt take it,
it would get left behind.
Well this year, we left it so long.
There it was Christmas eve afternoon
and we'd yet to find a tree for our room.
We began to worry,
where would we put the presents
I felt sorry
making my family feel like peasants
so dylan and myself, in the car we drove
to find us a tree that we could love.
We wanted a tree that would last just a little longer,
one that might speak of christmas just a little bit stronger
A tree that we could use over and over
a tree we could use again and again
a tree that we could have for this Christmas and more
a real live tree bought at a grocery store.
a tree marked down, and sitting alone
On the last day of the season
destined for teasing
as the one that wouldnt sell.
the one that didnt fair so well,
until two memory seeking gents
picked it out and for a few dollars and cents
gave it a home that will love and adore,
that will tend it season after season,
and cherish it more and more.
Well we had an awesome christmas,
tree and all
presents and love
rum and egg nog
steak and salad
shrimp and octypus
Irish cream and chocolate,
christmas cookies and plum cake
hottub and christmas music
We went to church this Chrristmas eve
and celebrated with friends who believe
that Jesus came as prince of peace
to free us os sins we could not release
to provide a way to the Lord above
full of grace and peace and love
a bridge that one can walk,
a way in which we could talk
to the living God
a way in which we could be reconcilled
with a God and appear undefiled
though our sins are great
He came to us and guaranteed our fate
that He would love us and make us whole
by filling the void,
deep in our soul
filling the gap that seems so wide
one in whom we can confide
and in who's love we can abide
to one we can dance and praise
for making us whole
the ancient of days in whom we trust
one to save us from our lust
and greed and mistrust
one who loves us just as we are
one who gave us the guiding star
and the book of life.
One to save us from envy and strife
Come Lord Jesus
be our guest
in you
we are happy and blessed
Come Lord Jesus come
fill our hearts with your happiness

Friday, December 23, 2005

True Decadence

The boss handed me 2 of his tickets for the Raptors Versus New Jersey Nets game for Sunday January 08. Unbeleivable seats! Courtside! I called my son and told him and he had joy fit. These are pretty much the best seats in the house! Centreline courtside...It just doesnt get any better than that! I am so spoiled! I looked at the price of the seats. Obscene! $455.00 each!
That means I'm holding in my hand $910.00 worth of basketball seats. Thats just decadent. I could go on this huge tyrade about the absolute stupidity, but I wont. No, I'm going to pretend that I am some big shot guy, rolling in the dough. I'm gonna pretend for those few hours on Sunday that all is right with the world. I'm gonna forget about the single dad struggling to feed his kids I met in the grocery line up. I'm gonna forget about the fact that I dont have two pennies to rub together. I'm gonna forget about it all and pretend. I'd love to sell these seats and give the money to our church building fund, or give it to the missions trip, or give it to the single struggling dad, or pay for my wifes vehicle breakdown, or buy a computer for my friend in England. The trouble is that he would be looking on TV and if he didnt see me in those seats, he would be upset. This is a gift. One should never reject a gift. That would be bad. He would be insulted. Besides, he'd never trust me with tickets again! So there you have it. True decadence.
Watch for me on the January 8th broadcast. I'm the guy sitting right behind Chuck Swersky drinking the $10.00 Perrier water.

Special Significance of a Card

I received a Chrismas card from a good client today. I was thinking about someone when I opened and read the card. It was kinda cool, because the Christmas card spoke to my heart and coincided with the thoughts I was having about this special person. Heres what the card said:

a silent season....
when Snow settles softly
without a whisper....."
In the quiet,
may you feel,
may you hear,
may you know
the peace
that is Christmas.

Merry Christmas Snow!
I pray that you settle in softly to your new place,
and that you may feel and know the love of Christ.
I wish I was with you in person to celebrate,
but instead I will celebrate this glorious newness
in my heart and in my thoughts.
Merry Christmas Snow!

I'll Say...It's a Brand New Day!

I finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I finished my Old Testament Foundations Essay!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe it. Man I almost screwed up big time>
For some reason I had it in my head that the essay was due Dec 23. When actually it was due December 22..
I cause so much stress on myself!
Thank goodness for the Internet and profs that know how to use email! So I pressed send at 11:50 pm. December 22. I did it!!!!!!!!!!!
If there is a computer failure or delay I'm sunk. Not only that, but now as I reflect, I submitted about 4 hours too early.

I cant consider this essay finished. I simply ran out of time. I'm kinda bummed about that. I'm thinking about spending that extra 4 hours on the paper and sending it to the Prof. I dont even care which paper he marks...
Who am I kidding?
I will resubmit and try and talk him into taking the revision instead. HHHMMMM
On the other hand.
Its done.
Time is up.
Clocks run out.
the fish are fried.
the fat lady sang.
the cows came home.
It's done like dinner.

I will accept a lower mark on my paper as punishment for not managing my time properly. I had months to do this paper. If I would have organized my time properly, I would be getting a better mark and ultimately feel more satisfied with the results.

but NO, I have to be a leave it till the last minute guy.
Or is it underestimate the size of the job guy?

It's just that I never feel prepared for the paper until I think I've fully researched. The book was really really hard for me. I managed to glean about 40 pages of notes based on each individual book of the OT. I then gleaned another 20 or so pages from my reading of my NIV's study notes.
I've been feverishly listening to the Old Testament on CD. I listened straight 3 hours a day, 5 days a week for 2 months. My head is like mush.
At any rate, I couldnt begin my paper until I was far enough along on the research side. I took a couple days off work to deal with the paper.

I let myself get distracted too much.
Maybe thats my problem.
Or is it that I'm prepared to accept mediocraty.
I cant even spell the darn word,
so what does that tell you.
Maybe it was just tough.
Maybe I'm just lucky that its done,
or am I
I think it tells me that I'm just tired
and I need to go to bed.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Best of 2005

So as we near the end of 2005,
I've been considering and remembering the year.
So I got to thinking..
"whats the best thing that happened in 2005
Many things happened this year.
For the most part it was a great year.
I've watched my children grow
and grown more and more proud of them.
I began school again after a couple of years off.
I'm loving it...except for the assignments.
Of course, every year my love for my wife grows.
She is the most amazing person I know!
As if it were possiblle, she got even better this year!
I went to a few weddings this summer.
Thats always fun.
Two of my best friends re-united this year
after 10 years apart!
But upon reflection,
the best thing that happened to me in 2005
is making a new friend.
I have grown to love this person very much.
This person is loving and faithful.
This person is bright and whitty
Through ups and downs
this person has taught me so much about life.
This person has endured hardships beyond imagination.
Through this, this person has been strong and brave.
This person asks questions and listens to answers.
This person is learning to dream.
This person became a christian this year.
This person is like a sponge for God.
I have met more christian maturity than I thought possible.
Yet, this person is humble like a child
and has the faith of a child.
This person has helped me to understand my own faith better.
This person has been a joy and a delight,
a light in darkness,
a spark for the fire,
and a golden lampstand.
I am so proud of her achievements!
I am proud to call her my friend
So here's to 2006
Cheers and Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

message to self

1. You talk to much. Why don't you just shut up and listen some times
2. It isnt about you all the time. Why cant you just be happy with someone elses achievments
3. You dont have to be so friggin honest. When someone says, how does this dress look to you? It doesnt mean your free to say it looks like crap
4. You dont always have to be at the front of the line. Its OK if you have patience like everyone else
5. You dont have to win all the games. Its OK if you drop the competition and just enjoy the game and the friendship
6. Youre not the only one with aches and pains Don.
7. You dont have to have a story for everything. Comes a time when people have heard your stories 50 times,which leads me to the next point.
8. Dont lie. Cause if your gonna tell your stories 50 times, then you'll need to make sure you tell them the same otherwise people will know you are a liar.
9. You dont need to analyze everything. Shit happens sometimes. You dont need an answer for everything.
10. Don't press "send" unless you mean it! I guess likewise, dont press "publish post" unless you mean it!
11 Think before you talk.
12 Look before you walk
13 Make sure you have your keys before you lock
14 Its better for people to think your wierd, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
15 Do your essay and stop procrastinating. Its OK if you finish the essay even a few days before its due. You have the freedom to not leave it till the last moment you duffus

Monday, December 12, 2005

I Love Passion

We had a great Alpha Acton meeting last week. I blogged about it earlier and about the fact that we would be holding it in a tavern. A friend of mine said "do yourself a favour and call it a pub. He suggested that if we call it a pub, it would be less abrassive than tavern,and get us in less trouble with the religious folk.

I have been listening with great interest to the debates about the small groups that have been meeting in the Hooters bars. I'm not sure how you feel personally about this, but I for one am all for it.

While I understand God to be very Holy and Righteous, I dont get hung up about "holy places"
I think that man makes up these so called holy places. I remember when Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at the well and she says soemthing to the effect that the Jews say we have to worship in Jerusalem while her elders said soemwhere else. I should actually pull the quote for you, but you know where i'm going with this. Jesus said there will come a time when we no longer worship on this hill or that, but in the spirit of truth. Jesus was never afraid to go to where the people were. So I beleive that worshipping in spirit and in truth means understanding Gods Holiness and desire that none should perish and that His word is truth and able to stand any where we take it. While Jesus never intended us to be drunks,His first recorded miracle was at the wedding banquet. He showed us that he would come to us where we were. His desire for relationship meant hobknobbing and brushing shoulders with some pretty un clean folk. Did he shy away from that? No he didnt, and neither should we. We should boldly go where no church person has gone before.

So any way, this is just pre amble to the point I was going to make about passion. We were all very excited for what we perceived to be Gods will for us in Acton. As bold and strange as that may seem, my team is pumped with passion. One person reported that they were so excited that they couldnt sleep that night. Now that is passion. Another came up to me unsolicited and said...I cant wait. This is going to be so great! I cant beleive how excited I am. Passion folks, passion.

So I've been listening to RAP music lately. Strange genre for an old Hippie. I actually like it. T-bone says in one of his songs how his church family was rejecting his street ministry. While they were warming up the pues he was on the street. Its easy to sit back and pass judgement on things from the safety of ones "safe zone".

I got an idea.

Why dont we get so passionate about the saving grace of Jesus Christ and go to ALL THE WORLD and tell them. That doesnt just mean going to Africa or the 60/40 zone. No it means going to the streets and Taverns. It means going to the streets in Toronto, or Guelph, or Acton or even Erin. All the world is all the world and that includes the places that take us out of our cushy seats and right into the heart of the tough stuff.

I thank God for the passion of this team. I am honoured and excited to work with people who are not afraid to slug it out on other people turf. God is big, bold and powerful and His word will not return to us void. No His word will spark an interest and plant a seed for those poeple who need to hear. His word has the power that can lead us to freedom and salvation.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Theres just no getting ahead

So I got a call from my wife. Hi honey, we have a little problem with the van. I might need you to pick me up, and can you bring $1000.00

Merry freakin Christmas. I can see it now. Hey kids, see this invoice...its your Christmas present. If I was even slightly wealthy, I would have $1000.00. So now I say, hey boss, can you lend me $1000.00. I love those conversations.

Oh well, thats life. No use in getting upset about it. I was telling a friend that we should give thanks in all circumstances. So here it goes.......

Praise the Lord! I have so much to be thankful for. Father this little expediture will allow me and my family to praise you at Christmas time without the distraction of excessive gift giving. Lord we have all the gifts we need. You gave us the gift of yourself at Christmas, and that is truly better than any gift we could possibly buy! This Christmas would you make yourself known to all those people less fortunate than us. Lord keep me mindfull of your sacrifice and make me truly thankful. In Jesus name I pray.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Alpha in a Tavern?

After long consideration, we decided that we should run an Alpha course in Acton. We had our first organization meeting this evening and it went great! As we shared ideas about the town it became very clear that Acton is a town that could use the good news of the gospel. Don't get me wrong, there are many churches in town that are probably quite aware of this fact and probably doing their part. I'm told that the Alpha course has been running for some time now in some of the local churches. This is a good thing.

I know there are a great number of people who need the good news of Jesus Christ, yet would not go to a church or religious establishment to hear it. Again, dont get me wrong, Alpha belongs in a church. Alpha also belongs in our homes and in our communities. Now heres the kicker...Alpha belongs on the "streets". This is where life happens for so many people who need God.

So what do the "streets" look like? If you want to find the "street" in Acton that most exemplifies its identity it is Main Street. Same would hold true for many towns. Now if you are interested in taking something to the streets you need to go to where you perceive the need is the greatest. That for me would be the older part of town. If you were to take something to the "streets" you would want to be quite visible from the "streets" You would want to be a part of the "streets"

So we found the most awesome place to run our first Acton Alpha. Leathertown Tavern, right in the heart of old Acton. This resturant/tavern is right on the "street" It has nice picture window on the"street" . It has great exposure and clearly visible from the "street". Great parking. Awesome food. Somewhat of a captive audience as there are those who choose the tavern as a place they discuss their hardships and sorrows over beer.

We are pretty excited at the fact that they will have the opportunity to be exposed to the gospel in their own turf. We pray and beleive that once they have heard a bit of the gospel, they will begin to understand how and where to find relief from their pain. My belief is that Gods message of love is so great, that even a glimpse of it can have lasting effects on a person. These effects can be life changing.

The other benefactors of the Alpha course will be those who choose to go the full 12 weeks. This course is excellent and methodical in its approach. It is gentle yet convincing. It provides people with an opportunity to ask those questions about God. Many people are embarrased by their lack of understanding. Some come with great expectation while others come with no expectation. The cool thing is, that everybody gets to think it through.
I dont think people want to be told what to believe. People want to explore an issue methodically and arrive at a conclussion. More often then not, people are arriving at the cross with the same conclusions. This "God" and "Jesus" and "Holy Spirit" thing are the real deal. They begin to see and understand, many for the very first time, what it means to be loved by God and what it means to love God.

Meanwhile in the background, we have come to see that we need to just pray, have faith in God, and follow the Alpha plan. Its funny when we say things like..."it practically runs itself" But it is so true. You see the gospel and the word of God are very powerful things. Hospitality and fellowship are also very powerful things. We kind of act as hosts for this divine interaction. We organize the party as it were. We invite guests and we invite God. He sits at the head of the table and we sup together. People discuss their issues and questions, and He answers them,straight to their hearts.

So any way its now way too late and I have way too much to say. I need to go to bed.

Father thank you for your love, mercy and grace. Thank you for bringing people together to lead this course about You. Father we pray for your wisdom, strength and guidance. Father would You call some of Your children to partake in this course. Would You soften the hearts of each and evry person. Lord would you not only lead participants to this place, but would you also touch the hearts of people who frequent this tavern. Father we want to bless You and we want to be a blessing to You. Father would you protect us as we take your message to the streets. We give You all the praise, majesty and glory. In Jesus name I pray.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lost Without my Cell Phone

I love my cell phone but I hate what its done to me. In my business, my cell phone is critical! I tried to go without and lasted about a week. I just lost too much business. So the cell phone has become a neccesary evil. Its amazing how much I have come to rely on this little piece of electronics.

I spent the day disjointed and unattached as my cell dropped out of my pocket into my friends truck. I'll get it back tonight but I will have to endure a silent ride home. I cant call my mom. I cant call home. No one can call me. I feel like Ive been handed a solitary confinement sentence.

I have 2 cell phone stories

1 I was at a party where we buried a car as a time capsule. During the party, my cell phone rang two too many times with irate clients. I was so frustrated that the last person that called me I said.....I cant hear you....yur breaking up. With that, I threw my cell into the trunk of this car. Down it went into the depths of the underground. We will be digging that car up in 2020. At that time, I will be re-united with that old cell. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I had second thoughts the following day which were confirmewd again when I went ot replace that phone. This turned out to be a $150.00 joke. I hope the guy is still going...hello...hello...Don are you there?

2 My son was so pleased that he fixed the pool filter. With great joy and pride he turned on the pump for his grand confirmation. To his horror, the filter blew sand all over the freshly cleaned pool. It was a disaster. Sheepishly he brought me to the pool and said "I'm sorry dad, I tried real hard" Like a good dad I said, "thats OK son. Accidents happen. Lets just clean it up." With that I leaned over the pool and plop...there went my cell phone. My poor son was so freaked that my top would blow he just jumped into the pool, clothes and all! Ya, of course the phone was screwed! Why wouldnt it be?

Thank You God, We'll Take it From Here, Thanks

Prompted buy a friend, I have begun to consider/reconsider my feelings toward Contemporary vs Traditional styles of worship.

I beleive in worship in the culture we live in.
I believe in using technology and modern innovation.
I believe in new means and methods.
I beleive that we need to be creative.
I believe in purposeful Evangelism.
I believe that there is one truth
but many ways to express this truth

So having said that, there is a huge pitfall.
When I start to judge traditional method
I run the risk of merely replacing one form of tradition,
with another form of tradition called non-tradition.

As we use our creative powers and gifts to bring people to Christ,
Its important that we remember where our bread is buttered.
We become so full of great new ideas we begin to think
Thanks God....We'll take it from here!

An old prof told me about the church next door to him, bringing in "the incredible dancing bear" as a way to bring people to the church. Innovative idea for sure, but rather sickening at second glance. He made us stop, then and there and ask for forgiveness. He wanted to make sure that we all clearly understood that it was not about the incredible dancing bear or any other slick style promotion that would save the sinner. Purelly and simply it is the power of God. The saving grace of our Lord Jesus.

I was marvelling at the power of the internet. I was marvelling how this could be such a great tool. I told my mom, that the only problem with not having the person face to face, is that they could run and we would be powerless to stop them. I fealt at least if we were face to face, words could be said, gestures given to provide comfort to the person receiving this ministry. Do you know what she said?

She said Don, are you saying "Thank you God, I can take it from here?"

It cut me to the heart because I think maybe thats what I was doing. So this wonderful tool called the internet still can't replace God. Nor can we. God is big enough to look after His children thank you very much.

So now I'm a little confused. I want so bad to fulfill the great commission that Jesus gave me. My pride and my humanity get in the way. I need to learn some things about Gods power and grace.
I need to understand, that God has been saving people and exercising His grace as He sees fit for longer than I can imagine. I might have a good idea, but without Him its just merde.

You can put all sorts of fancy fuel in the car, but without the spark, its not going anywhere.
You car could be basic or it could be luxureous, but without the spark, its just metal. The car could be fast or slow, black or white, big or small, but without the spark its just an object.

Father please forgive me when I forget that You alone are the Captain of Your ship. Though I praise you and thank you for the innovative mind, please keep me clean at heart with the knowledge that You are in charge. So thanks for the great ideas Lord, and forgive me when I think that my ideas are going to change the world. Only You can do that Lord. Lord You are Big, Bold, Holy, Righteous, Loving, Faithful, Wise and so many other things that would require tongues to express. I am small, shy, unholy, unrighteous, loving with conditions, unfaithful and stupid in comparison to You. Lord help me to remember my place. Humble me Lord I pray, that I might be Your chosen vessal to work Your plans in Your way.....Whatever way You deam acceptable. Oh and Lord, please dont send me back to a traditional church....just joking. I will go where You send me.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Stark Contrast

My last blog I talked about the physical beauty of women, and how pornography degrades this beauty.

Well today we had a liturgical dance by one of the young adults in our congregation. Today, I saw real beauty. This dance was awesome! She moved in rhythm to a worship song and to scripture reading. It was truly truly beautiful.

The image of a believer dancing in joy and rhythm to God stands in such contrast to those dancing in bondage. I saw more beauty in this person than I ever remember seeing in any dance club I ever went to.

I'm a musician and often think of my relationship with God
in terms of music. Music and prayer are my means of communication
with God.

Well today, I began to dream of dancing. I have 2 left feet and am not much of a dancer. Maybe dancing is not my gift, but I will worship with a dancer any time and any place. If we included dance in our worship, I for one would be delighted.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Pornography is NOT Harmless!!!!!!!

I remember when my son was born, I took all my buddies to the local peeler dance bar.
We enjoyed Burgers, Beer and Female beauty. I was a proud pappa, and my friends
were in the mood to celebrate manhood.

I didnt think about this party until my daughter was born. Again, I called my friends up for a repeat of the last fatherhood festivity. We went back to the same bar for burgers, beer and female beauty. This time, when the lovely Brandy took the stage, my heart sank. I looked at Brandy, and I remember the vision of my daughters face during birth. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Looking back at Brandy, I suddenly realized....this could be my daughter. The revellry turned to shame, as I considered the implications of what I was doing. That was the last time I ever went to an adult club. That was 14 years ago.

My interest in Pornography continued however. I mean, who could resist looking at the overwhelming female beauty. As I grew up, I began to realize that this beauty was not just a physical thing. I began to realize that the ladies who seemingly desired to show their beauty to me, were doing so for other reasons. They were revealing all their "beauty" because of addictions and outside pressures beyond their control. Perhaps they were forced to this situation by external influence. I in fact was enabling and condoning this form of slavery.

If I think that pornography is a harmless thing between consenting adults I am fooling myself!

I hurt myself, as I begin to form the opinion that a woman is only here for my pleasure
I hurt my wife, as she tries her hardest to always please me, and I repay her with unfaithfulness
I hurt God, as pornography is not His idea of how His children and the sanctity of love should be treated.
I hurt my society as I take part and condone this type of human slavery.
I hurt the girl who has posed or has become my sexual victim.
I hurt my children as I condone the behaviour and put my daughter at risk, or condone the behaviour and put my son at risk.

I think we need to get real here. Pornography is not a harmless spectator sport!
Pornography is a scourge on ourselves or society and an afront to God.

In light of my developing thoughts about pornography,
I am pledging here and now to stop the madness.
Its not cute, its not funny, and its not acceptable for me to think its OK.

Dear God
Thank you for the gift of women.
Father thank you for their beauty and their pleasing hearts.
Lord, please forgive me when I have turned this gift into an object an idol and a burdon.
I am ashamed when I consider my past thought and pledge before you that I will guard your
gift and your promise with all my heart. Lord, you know its been a while since I dabbled in this evilness, yet my heart yearns for their beauty still. Help me Lord to understand what is appropriate and what is not. Help me Lord to act in a way that is pleasing to you, and respectful of the beauty of Your creation.