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Friday, February 19, 2010

More Memories and STUFF

Ya so here are my new glsses. They make me sick. I hate them but they are my new best friend. I wasnt able to read part numbers for my job and since I'm in sales, part numbers are everything. I first realized when I was painting. HaHa..I felt like I was having out of body experiences as my vision was drifting and zoning out while painting. Concerned I went to the doc and he started to laugh. Such is life of a plus 45 year old.

Oh and I think I'm gonna shave the goat. My wife keeps tugging on it. I did decide though that I wasnt going to touch a razor until Canada brings home the Gold in Hockey. Given our performance last night, I might have to keep it for another 4 years! HaHa...But everyone knows that our ladies are gonna save the day. In case you dont know, Canada is Hockey and Canadian women are tops. Our Canadian women, aside from being gorgeous and talented, always save the day for us.

The real estate agent told us to paint the house nuetral so I picked antique white. The place is starting to look like a sanitarium. Oh and as she stpped ionto the kitchen, the floor went SSKKKRRREEEEEEETTTCCCCHHH.
Haha..when I bought the place the kitchen floor had a creak. So last night I fixed the creak. It took 3 minutes and 3 screws. My wife was astonished. You mean to say we lived with that noise fopr 20 years????? HaHa, wekll this morning she walked ointo the kitchen and stopped at where is used to screak. She said...I miss that creak! I rememebr how I used to have to stewp over it when our children were just babies so as not to wake them up.

A freind said to me that now that my house is getting all fixed up and painted, I wont want to leave. Well actually now that my hopuse id sickening white and all the character is being beat out odf it, really there is nothing left for me here except memories.

Oh and today I become a great Uncle, my mom becomes a great grandmother, my brother becomes a grand father and my nephew becomes a dad. Today is indeed a wonderful day!

All praise and glory to God

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well I have been painting walls and rooms. I had to cover over the beautiful yellow/green neon with purple trim in my dughters room and replace it with...hohum...antique white. (real estate agent orders) My daughter and I talked about how I was becoming "institutional". I agree with her. Give me the neon and purple any day!

Hey now that I have put away my "woodland art" paint gear for a bit, I was asked to do a commssion piece! Unbelievable to me. This particular gentleman saw the three piece "thinderbird encouragers" in my office and asked for a small piece done in this Woodland tradition. He told me about the time, many years ago, when he ALMOST bought a Daphne Odjig. When I told him how much one of her originals fetched at auction he just about had a fit. At any rate, I aint no Daphne, but I will paint with my heart and passion. When I asked him about specifics, he pointed to my Jacobson piece and said, I dunno, something joyful like that. Well I aint no Jacobson, BUT AGAIN, I will paint from my heart and that is probably the best I could do.

peace be the journey

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Where's the Bathroom? - aha - good question

"Exhibit A" 2009

Where's the bathroom? That is a good question. If you go to the photo section of the lYurt link on the last post, you will see how people have built standard bathrooms and toilets within their yurt. The deck that the yurt sits on, contains the piping. One would just need to tie into a septic system. Another route would be to go with a composting tiolet. One could either build a room for the toilet or use a fabric wall. I myself will plan on having a toilet facility outside my yurt.

I was quite content to use an outhouse, but my wife wouldnt hear of it. Well good for her. She's put her foot down, so for her sake I will make her an amazing bathroom facility. I envision building a small "facility" shed. Water and waste hookups as well as toilet, sink bathroom. Perhaps I set my yurt up at a camp that has these provisions.

The beauty of the yurt is that it can be really environmentally freindly, which means that one could get closer to water. It is not a good idea to have an active toilet anywhere close to the magical lakes in the north. For that reason, one would have to have the waste dealt with far away from the water or creeks, and in so doing, you naturally lose the closeness to the water.

I guess in the case of my camp in Temagami, having my waste faciltiy close to my yurt, would mean locating my yurt away from ther water. I can not see the water from my camp now anyway. I have pondered how much that actually means to me. I see the pros and cons. The beauty of my camp is that the waterfront is shared by all. This makes for good community. Also having to walk a few minutes to get to the water, kinda makes the walk all worth while.....any way...those are just ramblings about how I would live in a yurt and deal with my poo.

any questions or ideas??? This might be important to you if you ever come to visit, cause if it was up to me, I'd just use "Exhibit A"

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I want a Yurt!

I want a Yurt! Thats it. A 24 footer just like this photo I ripped off from http://www.yurtco.com/. $11,500.00 base plus extras. There is a sub zero liner option. You should check oiut the yurts at this webspot. They are awesome!! HaHa, I might even end up living in my Yurt in Temagami...I'd be like a king!

I was just watching a TV documentary about Gingas Khan, and there was a magnificent yurt all decked out. My buddy and I were remarking about how cool they were. Scatter rugs, Wood stove,. I read about a guy who installed a 20K kitchen in one of these. This is one bad ass Tipi!!!!

see ya in Temagami in my bad ass Tipi...hahaha

Monday, February 01, 2010

Return of the Bald Eagle

My wife and I took a little drive around Lake Nipissing on Saturday. On our way back we saw two Bald Eagles near the Magnetewan River where it crosses Hwy 69. That is about halfway between Parry Sound and French River. This isn't a picture I took, I stole this from someones myspace, but they looked just like this. There was a crow hot on their tails and he was annoying them. These two birds were beautiful!

Last week when we went to North Bay, we say a Bald Eagle in a tree by Hwy 11 just North of Huntsville.

That is two for two this year! I have been reading a lot about the return of the Bald Eagle. This is such a blessing for us to see!

Time Out For A Ball