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Friday, July 30, 2010


Last night when I drove from Toronto to Home in Northern Ontario, I had the unmistakable feeling that I should pull thru the MacDonalds lot at Barrie to pick up a hitchiker. This feeling came to mind as soon as |I saw the sign, 35KM before. ASo for 35K I debated in my mind about picking up hitch hikers. Well the off ramp came and |I took it, I drove straight thru to the off ramp and there were 2 hitchhikers and a dog with a sign that said North Bay. I chuckled as I pulled over the van, and opened the side door for 2 excited travellers and their dog.

When they heard where I was going they happy as they were actually headed to Sudbury to catch a ride to Vancouver. We had an amazing ride full of stories and anecdotes, wisdom and thought. I really really enjoyed their youth and zest. I pulled the van off halfway to stretch legs and let the dog run a bit. I took them to an awesome little old growth and ravine with water falls and a good hiking trail. We had a great time.

We exchanged addy's and they promised to text me when they got to Vancouver.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grateful Heart

I must give thanks with a grateful heart.
I must be grateful for the many blessings in my life.
I must never forsake love 
I must practice forgiveness.
I must treat all as equal, regardless of our place in life.
I must love as I was first loved
I must seek truth and live truth
I must take responsibility for my actions
I must have the courage to stand against wrong
or to stand by a friend 
or even a stranger for what is right.
I must be thankful at all times.

I am thankful for my wife, my faith and my friends.
I am thankful to live in a country 
that practices tolerance and peace.
I am thankful for creative energy
I am thankful for the encouragement from others.
I am thankful for the saving grace of Jesus,
and how that altered my heart and life.
I am thankful for Spirit in me.
I bring my gratefulness to the Creator and Living God.
One God, many names
One Spirit
One people
One love

Monday, July 26, 2010

Nothing Runs Like a Deer

I really like my new house. It is the culmination of years of thought and search. Somehow, this house encapsulates all the best things. It sure took a long time though. I had a dream but my timing was was premature. So many things had to happen, both good and bad before this event could unfold.

We had a tea party on the dock. Well not really tea...more like biere und schnapps. It sure felt good to just relax, watching the boats and the birds. We had a bonfire in our pit and once again my good wife reminded me about proper behavior. She and I have different concepts of what make a fire.

I bought Sue a lawn tractor which is perhaps the real reason I posted. We have far too much grass to use our push mower. As soon as it was delivered, Sue hopped on and started cutting. It took 2 hours to cut the entire lawn. Sue looks really hot driving a Deere. Should I be talking like this?...hhhhmmm...I cant help it. She looks good in my car, she looks good on her tractor and she especially looks good in a bathing suit except if she knows you are looking....then she puts on the wool sweaters. I'll try and sneak a picture of her on her tractor...its priceless.....a real beauty...and Sue is nice too.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We got the keys to the house 4:45 on Monday afteroon. Actually, the bank transaction took place at 4:28 and the bank closed at 4:30. My lawyer waited at the bank in line and with only 2 minutes to spare, did the transaction. She then rushed back to her office and completed the land registry. 15 minutes before the lawyers office closed, the paperwork was complete.

We truly expected another day of defeat and praise the lord it worked out for us. We then grabbed our Uhaul truck and by 9pm we were unpacked. I took a drive back to my freinds house and grabbed a load of "straggler" boxes and furniture. Sue and I unloaded that on Tuesday morning. We woke to the sound of loons on the river. It feels so good to have landed home.

Because of the delays, my data facilities were postponed and bnow they are saying Aug5. That sucks! I'm back in Toronto now as I cant work without data. So it will be another couple weeks before I can move in now. I am staying with freinds while Sue listens to the loons.

I got an email from a freind telling me about his ordeal when moving. My goodness, I thought I had it bad! It is amazing to me, how no matter how bad things are, there is ALWAYS someone who has it worse! I got to thinking about the phrase "misery loves company". Its funny because I am always quick to share my misery, yet not really looking for company......just empathy, or sympathy but not company. Now having said that, I guess company is a two way street, so in this case, I must extend empathy and sympathy to my freind who still isnt over his 2 year moving nightmare.........while we listen to the sounds of loons in the morning.

To all my freinds who have been watching with interest I say...Bless You All! Thankyou for the words of encouragement by email, phone, blog, text.

Lord God, Mighty Spirit
Thankyou for making yourself known to us.
Thankyou for friends and people who care about me.
I give you all the honour and glory
for without You, I have nothing and am nothing.
I gratefully accept You in my life.
Better is one day with You than thousands elsewhere.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bad Things Happen to Good People

So I've been on thre phone all morning trying to insure that my house closes today. There are a pile of penalties and expenses now because of my buyers failure to close. I was told that the lawyers will all want more and even the vendor of mynew house is entitled compensation. I am told that I must claim all this and then make my buyers responsible. My lawyer and I spoke about that, and all it will do is cause further delay. I told her that perhaps we make them aware of my expenses and ask them how much they could contribute. I dont want to bicker about rights and justice. I just want to move into my house. The lawyer then siad "You know Don, Sometimes bad things happen to good people" I smiled.
As flipant as that was.......it was the best "advice" I've had. Bad things happen to good poeple....Its as simple as that. When I tally all the bad crap that has happened to good people, it makes you wonder. hahaha, my wife said "what are you going to do now?" I laughed and said "I'm gonna pray to God that crows peck out the eyes of those responsible"...we laughed.....just joking by the way although, Jesus said that if I thought it, I may as well have done it!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What a beautiful town!

Sue and I took a little drive around town and parked the van so we could wander. We went to the bank and then strolled. We found some great shops within walking distance of the public dock. I gleefully took Sue to Dons Butcher Shop where she met Don. He welcomed us to town. We told him we wanted to shop local and we needed a fridge and stove. He sent us one street over to the Sears outlet store. We found two great appliances at great prices. They are sitting right there on the floor until we phone and they will deliver and put the appliances into place. After that we waked a bit and found ourselves in an old fashioned department store. It was awesome. We bought some flowers for my buddies garden. At noon, we found ourselves eating a pogo and fries. I need to NOT eat many of those, but hey I'm on vacation. After the Pogo we went for alittle walk to the river and met up with my buddy at lookout point. We then went for a quick beer and a pepsi, followed up by a trip to the |Bakery. We went back to Dons Butcher Shop and I bought us something for the BBQ.

Sue remarked how freindly and nice the people have been. We are really excited to take our place in this wonderful community. We looked forward to meeting people and meeting new freinds. We are going to try to speak french as this is a french town. We could certainly live quite handilly in English as there appears to be no predjudice here that we have seen. However, I think it would be good for us and honouring to our community if we could converse a  bit in French. The waitress at our favourite restaurant smailed when I ordered Un Biere Suis vous ples .....good thing I didnt have to write it or spell it! I dont think I need to go that far, but it would help us to read some french.

Today we are doing some gardening and probably going back top town to explore a bit more. My buddy is off ATVing with a freind and we are minding the fort. I must call my mom and tell her whats going on as she is coming to visit on monday and I'm not even sure if we will be able to take possession...its wait and see....I guess.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Homeless Part Two

So here I sit, looking at my loaded uhaul and my packed van. I would rather they were empty in my new house. Now that the weekend is upon us, all professional services are off for the weekend. At last word they said...We,ll try again on monday.

There is a new law that came into effect which states that anyone using professional services must show 2 valid pieces of ID. This is law and the lawyer is not allowed to do a transaction without the appropriate identification. As it turns out, the husband of the lady who bought the property does NOT have 2 pieces of valid ID. He has only one.

As a result, money that was to be transfered to me has not happened. This money is required for my transaction. There are many poeple affected by this like a domino or chain reaction. It just so happens that Sue and I will bear the brunt of it. My buyers have a home already and this was to be a second home. The people I bought from already moved months ago. My house new house sits empty, while my uhaul, van, plans sit in limbo. It really sucks...I mean really.

The lawyer said that we were taking this amazingly calm. I thought for a moment and then said....We want to become a part of the community and we dont want to begin this journey in anger. The real estate agent offered to pay for a hotel, but frankly that would suck as we would rather stay at our buddies house.

Sue and I decided that today we would go and take a strole old downtown and check out the shops. I stumbled upon Dons Butcher Shop yesterday and now will likely buy my meat there. There is a garden market that operates during the summer in the square. There is an art gallery that I'd like to check out.
Old downtown is close to the public boat launch. I am looking for a way for us to get grocery shopping done by boat. Most of the grocery stores are at the far end of town requiring a car. We went to Giant Tiger discount store yesterday and bought some cleaning supplies and I bought a shirt and pair of shorts.

As disappointed and upset and angry as we are, its really quite peaceful and happy here. We decided that there was nothing we could do to prevent or fix the situation. We also decided that there is no use being unhappy as it just makes us unhappy. I think I will go to Don,s Butcher Shop and buy us a steak for the BBQ. Perhaps a bottle of wine and some veggie skewers....oh and I need to go and extend my uhaul rental  uhaul for another couple of days.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Make a Joyful Noise!

My friends comment has been reverberating in my mind as I sit and wait for the "your key is ready" phone call. I have repeated it here because my sister and I share a passion for God.
 The church where i'm at is more talk than action but i am trying to change that because i keep bringing people to church that make to much noise and piss people off because they don't know the routine. Shame eh? HA!
I attended a small rural church steeped in fine tradition. Admirably, this church stood in the community for 150 years. This church had their own way of doing things and these things became sacred to them. The wrote and ritual, however beautiful or well intentioned, only serves to distract us from our true relationship with the creator. However well intentioned, when the sacredness of tradition stands in the way of Love, sharing, community, nurturance, then in my opinion it is nothing but a banging gong...a lifeless synbol that used to have meaning. At any rate, this church was full of unrealized potential.

This church hired a spirit led minister and along came a spirit led youth pastor. This youth pastor ran ruffshod over the whole tradtion thing. He not only pushed the boudaries but he crashed through them like a bull in a china shop. Soon the church began to grow with many new beleivers comning to faith. These believers knew nothing about tradition. All they had was a fresh new relationship with God. It was then that I began to dispise tradition.

At Crossings church, we decided to throw away many of the structure rules. For example, coffee is served throughout the service. People come and go as they please as there are some smokers who have not been able to overcome their cravings. This is a place that welcomes the seeker and undersgtands that structure and decorum are less important than the welcoming of guests.It reminds me of when the Lord said, the sabbath was for man, not the man for sabbath.

So it brings incredibale joy to my heart to know that my sister Brenda is bringing people to her church who do not know the routine. Its a beautiful thing. In many ways I greive because these new beleivers and seekers may be met with scorn or disfavour for not "knowing the routine". I say MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE UNTO THE LORD. Shout it out and shout it loud. Remind the cultural christian about passion. Push the boudaries. The cultural christian is about to wake up to soul seaching authenticity.

The day came in that old church when the pastor and the youth pastor could know longer hold back the traditionalists anger and resentment. They both left. Soon the childrens laughter could not be heard. I rememebr one young lad looking up at the beautiful stained glass window and he said " Mommy, why is Jesus crying?" I knew why and I cried too.


What a crazy time its been. Conditions on the offer that were to be met on monday  that were not. I freeked and threatened to walk from the deal and suddenly everything was sorted. We had to drive tuesday night to get to the lawyer for wednesday AM to sign a ton of papers and then we drove back top pick up our moving van. We had a dozen hands to help us load up. By 2 am we realized that we were far from done. We crashed at my brother and sisterinlaws while the teenagers slept on the floor at the school house. Thursday am I went and got more boxes and Sue and I finished loading and cleaning the house and we met up with Ron at a coffeeshop an hour from home. In the meantime, there was a delay caused by my buyer, which means that we are officially homeless! We spent the night in near north at my buddies place and I am staring at my cell phone and a watched cell phone never rings. I rekon that we should have access today and we will begin unloading.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saying Goodbye - My Church Family

Several years ago, I was challenged by my Pastor, to be part of a church plant. He wasnt sure where and neither were we. We knew that this fresh church needed to be fairly close proximaty to our congregation in Erin. Pastor drew a big circle on a map and I picked Acton. I know Acton had been of some interest to the Pastor, but their were a few political hot potatos to contend with. In the mean time, we decided to GO AND SEE.

I remember vividly, meeting at the table, at my friend Rons house. He has an apartment overlooking the streets of Acton. As we prayed and talked and dreamed and vision casted, we could hear the traffic and city noise outside. When we began to share our stories and experiences in Acton, we decided then and there, that this place would be the object of our love and nurturement.

In the meantime, there was a rising Pastor in our parent church, who too had a heart and a passion for Acton. Not only that, but he had friends who also felt the call. My pastor put us together and I joined with them on a magnificent journey.

We decided that we needed to get hooked up to community. We also decided that we had to be bold in faith, yet humble. Upon suggestion by my buddy Ron, we went to Leathertown Tavern to check out facilities. We wanted to put on the Alpha course and Leathertown looked like a great choice. Not only was the owner supportive of the concept in his bar, but he is also an excellent cook. Meals were a large componant of this fellowship. The added bonus was there was a pool table, a patio and a loud and boisterious clientele. I do not necessarily recomend this combination as it is very distractive and very on the edge. Its just that this is where we needed to be. I remember with great fondness our interactions we had with not only our own participants, but also with those who drank enough courage to come over and talk. Many times afterwards, I would go and have a beer on the patio. Through this process, we were learning and we were remembering who and where Jesus told us to go.

We began to despise our old "come and see" attittudes and longed to exchange them for "go and do" attittudes. We began to see Jesus' church in the broader community, not just in our own house of worship.

Many years have passed now. This congregation has grown and grown well.....and I dont mean by numbers(though our numbers are substantial!). No, I see real change in many people lives. I see the fresh smiling face of Jesus and hands that reach to everyone, regardless of place and circumstance. I see a breaking of boundaries, as those who love Christ take their faith to the street, by simply living in His Spirit and simply being. Caring, sharing and a beautiful acceptance of individuality are common place.

Today was Sue and my last official service with Crossings Community Church in Acton. We were called to the front and recognized for our efforts and for our answering the call. The launch team laid hands on us and prayed for our protection and travelling mercies. They prayed in sorrow and in excitement. They are indeed brothers and sisters and we will surely miss this church family.

More powerful was the baptisms today. There were many poeple who chose to express their love for Christ in the waters of the baptismal trough. We heard many testimonies. Each one confirmed in my mind, the power of Jesus Christ, God in us. Time and again, people spoke how their lives were transformed and changed when their head knowledge turned into heart knowledge.

Thats it.......when the head knowledge turns to heart knowledge, you have met God. Yes we need head knowledge to "sort it all out" and to make it into something thats "understandable". Yet its almost as though "heart knowledge" is diametrically opposed. In the end, it is the greater of the two, for it is the place where love abides. All the knowledge in the world doesnt mean "Jack sh*t" until it rests in the heart.

I think now of my Holy Bible. All the words in the book dont mean a thing until they are animated in our hearts and lives. The words themselves are like math, that we cleverly make into formulas. We document those formulas and organize ourselves into camps to discuss all the ways, the other persons formula is wrong. We extrract the impotant elements of the formula and re-arrange them to show how we ourselves know the proper math.......and before long we are debating math and forgetting love.

True authenticity of life comes when those words take on life within. We need not be afraid of this. When the head knowledge turns to heart knowledge, Gods glory is reflected in how we behave, not what we say. Gods glory will shine from us as we simply be. While it is important to know the mathematics of our faith, lets be certain that God wants us to know the language of love in our hearts. He calls us to "be in Him and He will be in you". The only way to understand it, is through the heart, not the head.

Well I kinda rambled a bit, so I'll get back on track by saying that I cried today. I cried for the wonderful church family we are leaving. On the same token, I yearn for Gods calling to lead us to a new fellowship. We are open and ready to share our heart knowledge with our new community.

I wonder where the Great Spirit will lead us.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Real Authentic Man-Eating Chicken!

I have found that the more adjectives that are used to describe something, the less likely they are to be true. In this world of ours, full of snake oil salesmen and carnival barkers, fancy adjectives are used to merely sell product. I have begun to find that everything is a lie, and, most especially when you are told "this is no lie"! Every thing from the half empty chip bag, to the half a box of frozen ribs I bought last week.

The item that says "quality" was actually made in a sweatshop in China. The item that says "new great taste" actually had wholesome ingredients removed, and inferior ingredients added. That beautiful orange tree that you just bought from the glossy catalog arrived at your door and with eager anticipation you open the big box to find lots of packaging and one single "orange" seed. That and 20 more years of hope with get you..........a grapefruit.

I watch ebay and see the words authentic.....real.......true.......been in the family for a long time..........estate piece........actual. Its not very good marketing to say......inauthentic.....untrue....fake....been in the family for a week and liers, cheaters and theives know this.

Yes, I  have found that the poorer the quality of the goods, the more adjectives that are required to make it sound better. These adjectives usually have no bearing on truth. They are merely words used to convince someone. It makes me sick really, because we get fooled by it daily.

Monday, July 05, 2010


Forge: make a copy of with the intent to deceive 
Something that is a counterfeit; not what it seems to be
Fudge: tamper, with the purpose of deception
Imposter: a person who makes deceitful pretenses
Bogus: fraudulent; having a misleading appearance
Talk through one's hat: speak insincerely or without regard for facts or truths
Not genuine or real; being an imitation of the genuine article

1. (tr) to cause (something inferior or not genuine) to appear more valuable, desirable, or real by fraud or pretence
Having a false or misleading appearance; fraudulent.
1.One that is not authentic or genuine; a sham.
2.Sports. A brief feint or aborted change of direction intended to mislead one's opponent or the opposing team.
v., faked, fak·ing, fakes.
1.To contrive and present as genuine; counterfeit.
2.To simulate; feign.
3.Music. To improvise (a passage).
4.Sports. To deceive (an opponent) with a fake. Often used with out.

Sunday, July 04, 2010


Forgery is the process of making, adapting, or imitating objects, statistics, or documents (see false document), with the intent to deceive. The similar crime of fraud is the crime of deceiving another, including through the use of objects obtained through forgery. Copies, studio replicas, and reproductions are not considered forgeries, though they may later become forgeries through knowing and willful misrepresentations. In the case of forging money or currency it is more often called counterfeiting. But consumer goods are also counterfeits when they are not manufactured or produced by designated manufacture or producer given on the label or flagged by the trademark symbol. When the object forged is a record or document it is often called a false document.
An illegal modification or reproduction of an instrument, document, signature, or legal tender, or any other means of recording information. An item is also considered forged if it is claimed that it was made by someone who did not make it.
Main Entry: forg·ery

Pronunciation: \ˈfȯrj-rē, ˈfȯr-jə-\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural forg·er·ies
Date: 1583
1 archaic : invention
2 : something forged
3 : an act of forging; especially : the crime of falsely and fraudulently making or altering a document (as a check)

Coming Soon!

"Coming Soon!", the sign said.
What was coming soon? 
Information is coming soon! 
What information?
You'll see.
Why cant I see it now?
Because I'm not ready to show you.
Well then why are you telling me about it?
Because I want control!
Look..information happens every day.
I suggest if you have something to say,
Just say it!
Dont tell me you are going to tell me something,
Just tell me!
Dont say you are going to do something,
Just do it!