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Friday, August 28, 2009

Crow Feather

For the first time in twenty some odd years, we had a family of crows nest and rear in our trees. It was such an honor. They were a lot of fun to watch. Mother and father would head out to hunt while their three little ones waited not so patiently. They are loud and obnoxious But we truly loved having them. I mentioned how I would love if they left us a feather. Well, when I got home today my wife told me where to look. Thankyou Black Crow. I will keep this feather.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My wife and I went to visit K. last inght. It was easy. We just walked to her door, we hugged, she invited us in for tea and we shared. It was natural and real. I brought my guitar and sang some Praise songs. We laughed and shared good times and positive vibrations. Shame on me for calling this visitation, for she ministered to us as much as we to her. Such is love. She has a tough battle ahead and we have vowed to have more time together. She lent me a book on Grey Owl, Oh and I gave her two friendship turtles; one for her and one for her hubby. Oh and we left with her broken rainbow…Patti help! One rainbow needs repairing. She was pretty bummed about that. We love our sister K and I invite you all to say prayers. Lets pray the cancer right out of her body!

Loving Creator
We stand before our afflictions and we feel weak
We think of You and we feel strong
Fill us with Your glory oh Lord
and make us whole
Heal our bodies Lord
and Heal our hearts
We praise You with our very being

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


"Osprey" - Copyright Gary Chick 1998

Do You Visit?

I think its important for us to visit people in need. Its important for us to stand beside our brothers and sisters in times of need. People need to talk. People need to share. People need empathy and to know that others care. People need to stand with each other. Sometimes nothing needs to be said. Sometimes sharing ones own pain helps the other person. Visitation is a double blessing I have found. Visitation is something important.


I have been under a lot of personal stress lately and have been setting aside my visitation responsibilities. I have been wrapped up in my own thoughts, my own concerns, my own pain. People have been there for me. While I have been seeking a Spirit name, I have been neglecting the very Spirit that defines me. It doesn’t add up. I have to BE. I have to DO.


There are three people I need to see. There are three people I need to share with. Three people who face three different heart breaks. Three people who need to know that someone cares. Three people who need to share. Three people who’s names pound in my head. I cant leave it any longer. I have to see them. I have to hold their hands in love and in prayer. I have to do it now.


The pain they have is great. In many ways I wonder….can I bear it? Am I strong enough? Yet the drum beats in my head and with every beat I have a greater sense to do what I have to do. I love these people. I know that the strength that I have to bear my own problems is somehow linked with the strength that I can muster to share with theirs.


Do you visit? Will you make a time investment for your brothers and sisters? Stop and think right now. Is there someone who needs your ear, your love, your understanding, your empathy?. Is there someone who needs you to just quietly sit with them? You could change a life….who knows…maybe even your own.


Join me. Reach out in love. You wont regret it.


Peace, Love and Blessings


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Medicine Wheel Sacred Medicine

I am researching Sacred Medicines. I remembered how the four sacred medicines were on the medicine wheel chart and were a part of the medicine wheel teachings. I did a bit of searching and found a teachers aid on the subject here. http://youthrelationships.org/documents/Abor%20unit%203%20sample.pdf. The information below is taken from this document. It was written by Mary Lou Smoke, Aniishnaabe Nation



Sweetgrass – Wiingashk

Sweetgrass is a perennial grass that is found growing wild in very few places. It has a sweet smelling fragrance that stays with the grass forever.In the Native culture, sweet grass is considered sacred and it plays an important part in sacred ceremonies. The grass is made into braids. Once the braids are dried, they can be burnt to produce a calming and soothing effect on the user.



Sage – Shkodawabuk

Sage is used to purify the mind, body and spirit before praying. It can be used to purify sacred items such as eagle feathers and pipes. A person can put a small amount of sage in a medicine pouch to ensure personal and spiritual safety. Sage is used for purification, cleansing, wisdom, and healing. Sage is known as the “Womens Medicine”



Tobacco – Semma

Tobaco has a central role in the religious life of many Aboriginal groups in Canada. Prayers were sent through the smoke of the burning plant mixed with other medicines to the Great Spirit.Smoke was also used to smudge people and ceremonial objects. When a person gives tobacco, this shows a great deal of respect. When wanting to see an Elder, tobacco is usually presented to that Elder.



Cedar – Keezhik

Cedar is a sacred plant that is burned during ceremonies of cleansing, clearing and blessing.

It is used during prayer and meditation to cleanse rooms. Also, the cedar smoke is used to attract beneficial energies.

The Machine - Patti Rainbow

The Machine - Copyright © Patti Rainbow 2009
Hey Don, Look what I made today! Funny you should be talking about spirit names the day my spirit called me to make a rainbow. This is the most magical shape I ever made. It's a model of the fourth dimension. I am going to meditate on peace and harmony every day and spread the love with beams of light and love.
Patti Rainbow

I love you Patti and I want a machine. Yes I remember the machine. Its the most magnificent rainbow generater I have ever seen. I remember how we would hang out and bask in the glory of the rainbows it casts. Magnificent indeed and I cant wait. I remember the first day you made the machine and your excitement. This is a magnificent piece of living art. It casts good medicine with such great abundance. No direct light can pass by this object without casting its rainbow beauty.
Sue and I laughed about the name. The Machine. However did it end up with the name Machine? From 4 directions this art casts rainbows like a machine.....hmmmm...machine....
"welcome my friends...welcome to the machine"?.

Reach Out and Touch the Rainbow

picture copyright unknown submission to weather network from Grand Valley
Reach out and touch the rainbow
Reach with your hands
Reach with your eyes
Reach with your heart
Reach with your soul
Reach out with all that you are
and touch that rainbow
It is there for you
It is a promise

Friday, August 21, 2009

What is a Name? - Email From a Friend

This is one of the cool things about the Internet. An old internet friend dropped by my blog for a visit. He read my post regarding my search for a Spirit name and he sent me this email. Thank you my friend. Wonderful thoughts. I appreciate your friendship and your nurturing spirit......
Perhaps “true” names cannot be spoken.
Perhaps “true” names can be spoken by only One.
Perhaps “true” names tell you everything about a person,
from the exact colour they were when they came from the womb
to what they had for breakfast.
Maybe they describe your heart,
Or maybe they describe the place
at which you feel most at peace.
I read a book recently in which people could have their true names etched upon them – a “graving”, they called it. A spiritual tattoo. The true names told you everything about a person. When one spoke his True name, the very room shook with power. He had the power to write new names onto people – to rewrite a graving, to change someone’s true name. The person changed... their past, their present, their future... moulded to the new name set upon them.
Perhaps your “real” name takes a lifetime to pronounce,
for the telling of it continues with every passing moment.
What is a name?
Is it different to what people call you?
Is a name simply a word,
or is it a meaning?
Did all names once have meaning?
Were your ancestors perhaps ship wrights?
Was that who they were,
or was it what they did?
From myself,
from everything that I am,
and everything I have ever been.
From all the names I have used,
from all the names I have ever been known,
and from everything I have ever been called.
May you find peace, brother,
may you find what you seek.

Reach Out and Touch the Sky

I feel so good,
I can touch the sky!
Life has purpose,
Life has meaning.
Are you confused?
Are you sad?
Reach out with me,
and touch the sky!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Relative Obscurity

I've noticed that the way to get hits off the net, is to use "tags". I've noticed also that search engines find the tags quicker and easier. I had thought about using tags for my own blogspot as a better way to organize my posts, yet I am fearful of giving myself greater exposure to the "net".
For the longest time, I did not allow my site to be found on searches as one of the settings. As I became more bold, I decided to make my site viewable and findable on the net. I have really low viewing numbers. I see perhaps 30 visitors a day. I also know that I have only really 10 or so people who follow in any way. These numbers are way up! Heck, a couple of years ago I was down to but two readers.
I decided that I dont really care how many people actually view my site. In fact, I take great pride in my relative obscurity. This is why I have decided not to implement tags in my blog.
I say a lot of personal things here. This is my diary as it were. I dont really want to go blab it to the world, although, I enjoy the thought of sharing. I dont really want to be easy to be found. I take quiet joy in the fact that people only find me by fluke, divine intervention, a link from somewhere, or have traced back to my blog by my "popcorn".
This whole blog thing has really been a cool way to not only keep track of my ideas, but also to see how I have changed. Its seen me through many phases and many friends around the world. Its allowed me the opportunity to remind myself the wonderment of it all. The heights and the depths. I've said things that maybe I shouldnt, and I have failed to say things that I should have. Yet I have also found magnificent life changing things. I have learned that every day can be A Brand New Day! I claim that and I will live that! You can too!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tribute to Les Paul

I understand that Les Paul passed away the other day. I grabbed this picture off the net from: fromthevault.org because it was an excellent shot and a fitting picture of an incredibly influential guitar player.

Here is a write up from Associated press: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5jBD78k8tewQ7FPeiKtJbK8QPmtzAD9A23LL00

The article goes on say that Les Paul was 94 years old! He died with his freinds and family beside him. What a great way to go!

Thanks Les Paul for everything you did in the name of musical invention. You are a musical hero and elder statesman. You ROCK!!!!!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Pride - In the Name of Love -U2

U2 -Pride - In the Name of Love - Copyright U2


I realized that the last video I posted was actually a re-post....a re-run. Whats with that? So I decided to post another, more current. I recorded this last night on my trusty little cam. I wish this was an original, but its my rendition of U2's song Pride - In the Name of Love.


"One man comes to justify and one to overthrow". Interesting...two side of one coin. Each make the other possible with justification being the ultimate reward. Conflict and Resolution as MAJ would say.



Thursday, August 06, 2009

Northern Ontario Recharge

Tomorrow after work I am going to drive up to North Bay for a battery recharge. My internal battery has been running a little low. I havnt seen my camp in months. I miss Northern Ontario.

I have the drive broken down into mental segments. I usually start to feel good around Barrie as thats kinda the gateway to the North for me. Thats where I make my route choice. I like to go to camp via 69 and north at French River, but coming home I like to drive through North Bay and take hwy 11. I make a loop. I have little stops I like to make along the way.

There is a Native Craft shop over at Nippissing that was selling out some of their prints. Last time I went there, I saw a (my) Brian Marion print and I was so excited, I grabbed it and left in a hurry in case they chaged their minds about the price..tehee. I was so wrapped up in the moment, I forgot to look at what else they had. Its been haunting me ever since. I do remember a big Nokomis print that was marked down to $50.00. It was printed at Wahsa and was $175.00. I really like Nokomis' work. I most especially like Trip to Dentist and the story behind that print is amazing.

live long and prosper......haha...its been almost a year since I turned off the satelite TV. My wife and I entertain ourselves by watching some of the movies we taped over the years. I laugh because last night we watched a Star Trek episode and just as the best scene arrived...the tape ended! doh...its still better than CNN

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

At the Foot of the Cross - Beauty for Ashes

At The Foot Of The Cross (Ashes To Beauty) Music and lyrics by Kathryn Scott

I recorded this a couple of months ago. I love the song. I have been reflecting on cosmology and religious type views and realize that I am quite comfortable with a Kingship/Servant model. When the Holy Spirit entered my body it was part and parcel of my experience with Jesus. I have to say that I am uncomfortable with calling myself a christian. I am very comfortable with calling myself a lover of Christ. I consider Him to be my coming King and I am a servant. One day, I will bow before Him and I would consider that a great honor. In the quietness of my thoughts and dreams, I am a son of Abraham and he responds when I call him father. I am a musician in King Davids Court and I sing praises to God. I am a seafarer and a fisherman and smell the Atlantic ocean. I am a vessel. I am filled with the Holy Spirit and I am born again. I am on a mission to extend love and fellowship to ALL regardless of culture,religion or and beleifs. I am here to understand and to learn and to grow. I am tired of our differance and I am more interested in how we are united. I am interested in joyfully joining with all people who love God, or Spirit or Source or Allah or WaheGuru or whatever name you want to call him. I am interested in how we all perceive Him..how we chose to worship Him....what knowledge of Him means to us. I am not in any position to judge. I am a bridge. I am a rainbow.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Cree, Woodland Cree, Universal or Ojibway Syllabics

I have a little challenge bestowing me. I need to translate this name which is written in sylabics on a piece of art. Its the best example I could find.
I beleive the above table is the one I should use as it most closely resembles the sylabics I am looking at, however I did also look at the tables below. One is Woodland Cree and the other is Plains Cree. They translate fairly close.


I am trying to figure out the name on the art. No doubt, it will translate to either Cree or Ojibway and then I guess I would need to translate it to English to understand what it means.
I use the word means, because I beleive this would be a spirit name vs a given name. A given name says who you are, but the spirit name is what you are. It tells much more about the person.
Any ways Here is what I have so far but I'm stumped.

paa ci waa sa ki maa shi taa ?
Now what? hhmm........

Pool Become Living Room

Our School House Built in 1873

Our Outdoor Sunken Living Room Where the Pool Used to Be

View to House

View to the Road

Lillies in the Garden - Heavenly Smell
We never used the pool last year and I doubt we would have used it yet this year. Since we are planning to move we decided it had to go. In the spring my son dismantled it all and we put it out at the road with a free sign. I saved the metal sheeting as I intend to use it for my ice fishing hut. On Canada day we built the gardens and moved our furniture in. We use this spot daily as it is peaceful place to hang out.

Ass Over Tea Kettle

Well it was boind to happen and I did it. I went ass over teakettle while biking with my son last Thursday evening. We had done a couple of hours on some really great mountain bike trails in Guelph. It was a hoot. We were riding the Royal Recreation Trail and a number of guerrilla trails, foot paths and mud holes. We had to portage a few times, including having to pass our bikes up onto an old abandoned, bridge. It was so much fun and for the most part I was able to moderatly keep up with my son.
We decided to take the paved road back using the bike lane. There was a long gradual down grade which allowed us to attain a very good speed. At the bottom, my son jumped a curb and so like a duffus, I tried also. Well one must never hit an obstruction at 45degree angle. The handle bars were yanked from my hands as I hit a dead stop and went ass over teakettle onto the sidewalk. I banged and cut myself up pretty good. I couldnt move my hands by evening but a good sleep restored much. I was finally able to play my guitar yesterday, but only one song....teehee...a rendition of Beatles "Why Dont We Do It In The Road"...how fitting. I have a very nast cut on my knee and some nice road rash on my leg. My shoulder, and my left thumb and both wrists are painful.
I cant wait to get back in the saddle. My expectation is sooner than I am ready. No really, I think I will rehab on my bike. I will take it slow and easy on the nice bike paths and I'll hold off on harder stuff until my strength returns. The truth is I miss it. I miss the wind in my hair. I miss the feeling of a glide and I miss the huff and puff of a little incline. My son Dylan has found more trails for us.
peace and fellowship