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Monday, March 29, 2010

Butterflies and Medicine

"Butterflies and Medicine" - copyright © don wright 2009

I dedicate this painting “Butterflies and Medicine” to my Spirit Sister Kim. This painting was intended to be medicine for a yet unknown person. Kim is that person. She is my harmony. She is my sister. We have shared so much in our lives together.

May the deep red of this painting fill her with the warmth of love. May God’s vine of provision fill her with peace and understanding. May the butterflies remind her of the freedom that is hers. May this painting be medicine to her soul and bring her joy in the face of pain.

We are all one under the Spirit and we are connected in magical ways.

Don Wright

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Reality Documentary Drama

This country boy found himself downtown yesterday, with some time to kill. Every time I go downtown, its a wierd adventure and Saturday was no exception. I called a budd for directions to my destination, only I was so overwhelmed with input, I failed to see the sign. I ended up driving around the block and when I arrived, I couldnt find the destination. I called a freind who looked it up on the net and he said, but you better hurry cause they close at 5pm! The time was 4:56 when I illegally parked and then ran to my destination. Just as I got to the door, the latch locked....sorry...we are closed. He avoided eye contact to insure that I could sway him in any way. Oh well, so I settled for an authentic sometherother. I ate it on my lap in their store as they carried on in some sort of spanish dialect. I cant remembr what it was, but it sure was tasty. So I decided to make my way out of the city, having not accomplished my goal. I took the long route. I found myself, in the face of discouragement, in need of a steak and that is where this reality drama really blossomed!

I went to Master Steaks on Dixie just north of the 401. Its kinda like a truckers cafeteria style steak house. You order, wait, take your tray of steak and try and find a clean table. As I was waiting there were three people who had just finished. I saw as the man took a crisp 5 dollar bill and shoved it under his plate. The other gentleman said, you dont need to leave a tip at the cafeteria...thats too generous. The other man smiled and said Oh well and they got up and left. I sat down with my dinner at one of the last remaining clean tables. With that, a dishwashing gentlman hurryed out of the back and briskly cleaned up the tables. I watched as he reached the plate with the $5. It was priceless. He quickly looked in all directions before reaching snatching the bill. He quickly stuffed it in his pocket and once again looked in all direction. Then and only then did his face erupt in a smile. It was priceless. He was not aware that I was watching. He continued his job with a little stride in his step. I could tell it meant the world to him. I could also sense a lot of differant vibes from his expressions and manuerisms that perhaps suggested where this man had been in life. Perhaps the drama was just in my head.

On my way home I suddenly thought about a spirit sister of mine. I hadnt talked to her in at least 3 years. Suddenly, I was compelled to call her. I tried a number of times from memory but couoldnt rememebr. I thought, I really must call her.

After church today, I went to sing for and with another sister of mine. She has been battling cancer and I must say doing a fine job at it. She was strong and full of hope and peace. We sang together right there in her store. Shoppers coming in enjoyed the music as well. While we were talking she told me that my spirit sister, who I had thought of suddenly the day before, had had a bad fall and was suffering. She had hit her head. She is on disability and practically bed ridden. She herself is a singer and hasnt been able to sing a note, or concenrtrate. Needless to say, I understood why it was important to see her.

I went to her and her hubbys place. It was good to hug and hold for a while. Surely I missed her. Why and how we drift apart is a mystery. We all talked about life as we saw and have experienced. My sister is in great pain and the song has been taken from her. She lasted an hour and then had to go to bed. It hurts to see her in pain.

I must ponder and pray about this reality drama. Its not just some TV show created for my pleasure. Its the real deal, real people, real reality.

Jesus said whatever you have done or not done for the least of those among us, you have done or not done to Me. Its a paraphrase but the thing He was telling me is that WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER. Truly, He and His love is inseparable from ALL. Thats how I need to relate people. Thats how I need to Love.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brenda and the China Cabinet

Getting Old Not So Gracefully

I stopped at a stop sign to wait and watch an elderly gentleman cross in front of me. It was painstaking. He was walking at a snails pace, one inch at a time and it took all the energy and mobility he had to do so. Of course, I waited patiently. On the following day, around the same time and at the same intersection, I met up with him again...and waited once again. This time I asked him if he wanted a lift. He said No Thankyou, I'm just out for a walk. I applauded this man in my heart, because he wasnt going to let his disability win over him.

Today at lunch I saw an elderly man with a cane, struggle to carry his coffee. I said, would like like a hand sir? He smiled at me and said, thank you young man, but its OK. I have to learn to deal with my disability and I dont want it take over my life. As difficult as it is, I will not concede defeat. I told him that I hope when I face my time, that I do it with as much grace and determination as he did.

A couple of years ago, I went for a walk on a beautiful trail in Parry Sound and on my travel I came across a man  in a motorized wheel chair. I smiled at him and he didnt seam to respond. He had a brace for his head and drool on his face. I felt badly for him. Next day, we took a boat trip on the Island Queen. There on the front deck was the same man. A lite bulb went off in my head. This gentleman was real inside and he obviously was doing things that would bring him pleasure. He was out on the walking trails, off on boat rides. He was doing the same things as me, only with a lot more trouble.

So now I have to say hats of and salute these three gentlemen. I want these pictures  of determination etched in my mind. I will use them as inspiration. I hope that when or if I reach their states, that I am as strong and graceful as these guys. These are hero's! There are also many life lessons to be learned here.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Deluxe Alarm Clock

We changed our clocks this weekend...Spring forward as they say. I managed to get all the clocks adjusted except for the deluxe alarm clock and my cell. My cell I know, changes automatically and so should the deluxe alarm clock. Well my cell changed but the alarm clock did not. I searched high and low through the menu system to find that there is no way to adjust the time. This deluxe alarm clock gets it from another source I suppose..maybe a radio frequency or something deluxe like that.

Life has been very stressful lately and the last thing I need to do is to fight with a deluxe alarm clock. So, with much grace, I simply unplugged the deluxe alarm clock and put it on my shelf. I will pack it away, and I will bring it back out next time change. I am chuckling because I will have my way and I can do it with out anger. I wont fight and argue with a piece of electronics that is designed in many ways to be the devils gateway...haha. I will put my deluxe alarm clock on the same schedule as my winter tires....spring forward and fall back.

When I went to post this on my laptop, I had an error. Some cryptic message requiring time and frustration, SO, I dealt with that. I am postiong from another PC. I am getting fed up with electronics with attitude. So, again, if my laptop thinks its so smart;........I'll put it on the shelf with my deluxe alarm clock.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Old School House For Sale

This is our house. We raised our children here.
It was a remarkable place to live.
I will never forget it.

The school house was built in 1873 on land donated by the Awrey family.
It was built with brick made from the clay in our soil
and dried in the field across the horse path.

Our very fine and knowledgable real estate agent made us paint and declutter.
It has been a very gruelling task as 25 years of living has a way of taking over.
It has also been a cleansing thing to clean up the place. Yes and even fun.

The real estate agent plans an open house weekend after next.
We have to keep the place spick and span for visitors throughout the day.
There have been a number of people and showings already.


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Shamanic Tribute

"Brenda's Shamanic Vision" Copyright 2010 Brenda Hotlips

A very good and dear friend of mine has been following my journey. I just received this art card in the mail. I must say it is absolutely stunning. Brenda made a remark that she wasnt all that thrilled, but I say this is SICK! This is MOD! This is a beautiful and inspired tribute and it means the world to me! This is miles better than an card bought at Hallmark! This is a slice of her heart. It is real and it is authentic! I love you Brenda.

I am going to take a stab at what this means to me, and I would be very interested to see and or hear from my distant friend how close I came. This is what I see and what this means to me......

The yellow object on the top right is none other than Spirit. It is the spirit of truth, love grace. It is the living spirit of God. The spirits guidance and love extrends in all directions, north south, east and west. The spirit watches and provides real and tangible influence and joy. I see not only the embrace of the Spirit but also the love. Brenda knows the spirit and knows the spirits influence on our lives.

The person/form in the center is me. I have a circular embrace. The circle is a sign of perfection and unity. I can see the circular motions in the image. I am free. The birds signify my unity with nature and they depict a certain freedom and beauty. Green is one of my favourite colours and I have be adorned by these beautiful colours  signifying my connection with mother earth and also the purple of royalty but softer. It makes me feel like a king who loves and protects.

The lady image on the left is my soul friend Brenda Hotlips. She receives my embrace, even though we have never and will likely never touch. The image almost avoides my touch yet, my touch is certainly not in vain. She looks to the sky in triumph. I can see her "hotlips" TeeHee. I also see in her heart, the very eye of the Spirit.

I see the vines and the flowers as provisoins of God. LIke a tree of life or a vine of human existance, these flowers bring not only joy, but knowledge. They remind me of Gods provisions.

This painting to me, is absolutlely magnificent! I assume this is Brenda's first attempt at Shamanic Art. It brings me overwhelming joy and satisfaction. It shows me how this Woodland Art style can be used to explore and display the great love of God. It assures my heart that Brenda gets it. She always has. She gets it! She knows the Spirit. She embodies the Spirit.

Brenda, you are amazing. I know you hate hearing that. But I am a lot like my father above. I see not, your faults and I see not your sins. I see only your inner beauty and your soul. I see only your heart. I do not see where we have been, I see where we are going. I really appreciate you sending me this card. Just keep watching my blog. You will know where I am. I will post my addy when I get one.

My house is officially for sale and as of Wednesday, people will be viewing. We dont know yet where we are going specifically, other than we are travelling with the spirit and our needs will be met. My wife and I will have a second honeymoon and celebrate the next stage in our lives. Symbolically, there will always be room for you in our hearts, wherever we go. Perhaps we can come and visit you. I would understand and continue to love you even if the answer is no. This life on earth can be strange. I know with great certainty, that some day our paths will connect...if not here, most certainly in the loving embrace of our Lord.

Oh, just one more thing to piss you off....I am really really proud of you!..TeeHee.