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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stop the Press!

OK...So stop the press. All this stuff about Temagami will have to wait. Right now I'm really really intrigued about a road trip. Check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its well worth the visit. I'll tell ya more later....................
The James Bay Road

A Lake of Frozen Water

Here is a picture of my friend Terry and I standing on Lake Nippising. The ice was about 30 inches thick. You can see several cars parked on the ice to the left of us. This is an icefishing parking lot. Others chose to simply drive directly to their huts. I drove my car out just to say I did.

Every year a car or two gets lost. Last month two ladies parked on the ice just out from the North Bay Water treatment plant. The water is much warmer there and consequently less stable. Their truck went down and it cost thousands of dollars to have it salvaged and pulled from the lake. One of the ladies was quoted as saying “there should be some warning signs” So for those of you who weren’t really sure, here is a blanket warning.

It is not recommended to drive any vehicles on frozen water….but did it stop me?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

maybe tomorrow

My nephew Ben just started a blog. , http://www.bjbwright.blogspot.com/
It looked so young and fresh and uncluttered with old links that dont work. I followed the link back to my site and remembered that I need to clean up my site a bit. Time for a bit of a change. I need to remove old links that dont work. Old and outdated must go............maybe tomorrow

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Evidence of Existence

I have this friend who lives somewhere in England. She holds a special place in my heart. We met on the internet and our paths cross every now and then. I have no way to reach her other than through my blog. She sends me letters now and then which I cherish. She drops by my blog now and then which warms my heart. No I'm not having an affair! Shes is just a really cool girl that enriched my life by knowing her. So every now and then she gives me evidence of her existance and it makes me smile. It makes me feel like the world is OK. She is on an incredible journey right now and I pray for her and think of her often. I once told her that I was proud of her and it upset her. She is humble. Well I am still proud of her and my life is a better life by knowing her......and thats all I have to say about that.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Oh Ya...My Bus

Everyone keeps asking me "how's your bus coming along?" Well the truth is its sitting under a thick blanket of snow. I noticed that the wind keeps blowing the door open and the cat tracks lead to the bus. So the cats are happy with my progress.
Actually you can see how its full of junk. I emptied everything out and put a bench, a couple of chairs and a table. I moved my tools out there too. Oh ya and I hooked up lights and a stereo.
I have envisioned now how I would like to set it up. I will work on it throughout the summer with hopes of getting it up north the following spring.
I'm going to find a place to park it in River Valley. Thats the jump spot we use to go into Temagami. I would be allowed to leave it parked on crown land for 21 days straight for no charge. Locals suggest you just move it a bit for another 21 days. Mike tells me there is a small colony of buses hidden in the bush near some amazing waterfalls. Evidently, this is as far as a bus can go. hhhmm maybe that small colony will grow by one more bus.