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Monday, November 27, 2006

Cool Pic From Timmins Trip

Here is a continental divide of sorts. Its almost like a line in the sand for me.HHHHMMM.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Vacation Time

I have a week off. I have to laugh as everyone says "so, you flying South?"...uuuhh NO....I'm driving North. My buddy and I are going to do a Northern loop. We plan on drinking Labatt Blue in a Timmins bar. I mentioned the fact that we expected to find the equivelent of a couple set of teeth in the entire bar. He said..bad news is, they will be wanting your teeth. Good news is you'll be able to out smart them. Such bad jokes. Anyway, I'll be in North Bay tonight and Timmins tommorrow. Gogama and then Sudbury on Sunday. Parry Sound monday. I then look forward to the remainder of the week doing carpentry at home...man I'm pumped! I lead worship on Sunday December 3. I'm pumped aboput that too! oh and then its back to the grind on following Monday. CIAO for NOW

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

mid life crisis part two


So if you thought Timmins was the boonies...check this out. This place is ONLY accessed by railway. It is at mile 95.5 on the Algoma Central Railway. It sits on Hubert Lake, which I am told is an exceptional fishing lake. So what if I opened a bed and breakfast with guiding service. Come spend the night or the week. I'll show you some good fishing and send you home with your catch. There appears to be a few such operations on the railway line. The Algoma Central Railway is a tourist attraction. The train will stop to drop off or pickup at many points along the way. There are several comminties along the rail line. The rail runs daily.

HHHMMM....things that make you go hhhmmmm.

Dear Friend

I think of you every day.
I trust and pray that everything is OK.
I trust and pray that you are are not lonely or distressed in any way.
I trust and pray that you would contact me if you needed a friend or had something to say.
By the way, The promise I made of unconditional friendship still stands.
As I trust and pray every day, you are somewhere out there, far far away.
I guess thats part of what unconditional means.
Even though I have been shut out, my friendship remains.
I look forward to the day when you return to say...
Hi Dear Friend...I missed you while I was away.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Snowmobiling in Timmins

Since I am very interested in Timmins as a future move location, I have bookmarked http://www.timmins.ca/old/index.php and click on WEBCAMS almost daily. It is really cool technology. I watch what people drive and what people wear. I watch buses and taxis and people bustling down the streets. I watch the camera lense to see if its raining or snowing. I check the Temperature to see how it compares.

Much to my excitement, it snowed last night. Its all gone here, but up in Timmins there was enough snow in Gillies Park to snowmobile. I can imagine the joy and glee of this sledder. Its gotton to the point, where I live, that snowmobiling is becoming a thing of the past. Often there are only a few good weeks of sledding. Many people are forced to travel to cottages and northern resorts to get their snowmobile fix.

I always had sleds as a kid. Seems winter was different then. I sold them both after a few warm winters with little use.... I guess I wasnt passionate enough to continue.

I am going there next weekend to see for myself.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dream or Nightmare?

140 acres with house and barns. $50,000.00
Things that make you go hhhhmmmm
I'm told the house needs some work.
Hey, maybe Don becomes a full time renovator.


Hey what a cool addy.
RR1 Moonbeam Ontario.
This farm was 150 acres but didnt have a barn.
I need a barn. Anyway thats OK because it just sold for $40,000.00
So my dreaming mind says
Buy outright, invest the rest, grow veggies and a cow and voila...
semi retirement.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Finding Old Pics

The satelite has been down, leaving my family stir crazy. HaHa..looks good on them. Anyway, Sue ventured out to the shed to haul in some boxes of movies. Found in the movie boxes were a pile of old pics. The Me and Bill pic was the one I liked. Deb was chuckling in the other room and found these two gems. The first pic is Deb sitting in the doorway of our house. The other pic is Dylan with double nuks. He was the double nuk boy. Quite an officianatto(spelled wrong no doubt) of all things nukery. We used to flip his nuk upside down and he'd flip it back with his tongue likkity split. Go ahead...try it yourself. Not that easy

Mid Life Crisis?

So I've been travelling to the Northland a bit lately. I am planning my midlife crisis...or should I say I'm hanging on until I can have my midlife crisis.

So here it is....
160 acre farm for $80,000.00

I have found a large number of farms that I could buy free and clear and have a few bucks in the bank. This farm is 50 minutes outside of Timmins. YES..its a long way up. Probably about 9 hours north of where I am now.

Yes there are many considerations. Can I find work, do I need work, can I hack the cold, are we suited for northern living etc etc. I am going to make sveral trips over the next year to some of these spots. I'll try winter, I'll try spring. I am heading up there for 3-4 days with a good buddy of mine to spec it out late November.

I promised my children that they could finish school in Erin. My plan is as soon as they are out.....SO AM I!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Me and Bill

This is one of my most prized pictures. Anybody know who this is? This is one of the greatest musical figures in the world. His influence has been felt in all genres. He is the grand daddy of a musical genre. Tell me who it is and you win a prize. Well not really, but it'll show how cultured you are!