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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bear Warning!

Thanks Terry for the email! hahha it made me ROFL and the I PMSL!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Planes on the River

Plane on the River
There are many float plane owners who live on, and or have a cottages on the river. I have counted 4 so far. If I owned a plane, it would be a dream come true to be able to walk out on the dock and climb into your own plane.

 On weekends we hear lots of plane activity. The river is a winding river and the wind seems to come from many directions. Consequently, the water runway varies, with planes landing and taking off from many locations. I watched this particular plane try to take off and then abort for another try. He had it going full boar but couldnt get the lift. He aborted, spun the plane around and came back for another go. Gutsy really.

Haha..speaking of float planes, my buddy Mike and I were way back in the bush with our ATV's. We stopped at a quiet, secluded spot to enjoy the beauty, when all of a sudden this float plane lands on the lake. Two guys got out and took leeks from the pontoons. They hopped back in the plane and off they went.

Hey if ya gotta go.....you gotta go.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tony Rice - Shadows

I love this tune. It was written by Gordon Lightfoot and redone by many, but this is my favourite cover.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Power of Soul - Woodland Jimi

Power of Soul - Copyright Jimi Oskineegish
Nice!!!! Hey Jimi..thanks for the tip. Its been a while since I was at the ahnisnabae-art site. Nice collection here too! I love thiis woodland Jimi! For those who dont know, Jimi is a Jimi fan and he loves to paint with Jimi real loud...the way Jimi sounds best! ah yes....Jimi the electric shaman!!! What a great painting.....Jimi would be proud!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Quick, I mean, Slow Brown Fox

Well the slow brown fox really feels at home. This is the Sickly looking fox that appeared a couple weeks ago. He has been eating unhatched turtle eggs. He dropped by again as if he owned the place. He peed on all the trees and rubbed himself on their trunks. I went and grabbed my cam and then he had moved to my driveway. I got these shots and then he saw me and marched...not ran on his way.

One of My Favourite PLaces on Earth

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This is one of my favourite places on earth! I stop here when I make the drive to and from Toronto. It is really close to hwy 11. I stop here to stretch and to breathe life before proceeding. I have taken many hitch hikers here. There is a trail here called the trans canada trail, and it goes through a small ravine and ends up at the river. From there, one can see magnificent larger falls. The real beauty though is in the forest patch beside the road. There are a few old growth trees there and I feel confident that they will remain, as I really beleive they will be protected. Its easy to miss the real beauty of this park if all you do is use the loo, drive around the loop and go. You also miss the real beauty if you get lured to parking and looking at the obvious. Most people do this. They get out of their cars, and they walk over to the railing and say..of isnt this beautiful. One little boy headed down the trail and I heard "Honey..come back..we dont want you to get hurt..this is dangerous" My Lord my heart sank. I wanted to shout out to them. Their fear of the inknown caused them to miss the real gem, which was simply 50 feet from where they stood. Lifes like that.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Well after much procrastination I fially hooked up with facebook. A few freinds hounded me until I gave in. Holy cow, what a flurry of activity. My goodness, I have about 50 emails already. One great thing is I found this pic of me on my buddys facethingy. Me at 18. This was taken at a camp trip. Seems my life has taken a full circle. I can be seen in the bush sitting much the same way....only 50 pounds heavier and a whole lot greyer.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sudden Thought

I was listening to the words of Ghuru Nanak and he reminded me of something that Jesus said. He said "You must serve". Thats it. I will serve.....but where do I begin? I googled food bank and found the local number. I called it and left a message that I wanted to serve. Hopefully someone will call me back or perhaps I'll try the number again later.

I answered an add for musicians wanted for an Aids benefit a number of weeks ago and NOBODY got back to me. Thats rude. I am disaapointed but hey...I guess it wasnt meant to be.

I am trying to come to grips with my desire to worship with others, yet my feeling that I dont fit. I suspect the problem is mine. After years of study and a number of progressive revelations I find myself in a spot where I cant tolerate "organized" religion, YET I have this need to be with brothers and sisters of Faith. I want it both ways. Can I have it both ways? I had it both ways back in Acton.

Any ways, I think I just need to have patience and let things unfold as He has planned. I will just BE. I will spread joy and positive vibration. I will be JESUS and not worry about all the other stuff. I will draw on the strength and joy of relationship with Spirit and simply let the blessings flow.

When the time is right, the time will be right......but hurry up already...teehee

Yup..Its a Fox

We had a fox visit us. He was pretty skrawny. Sue thought he looked sick. He passed by a few times. Turns out he was digging snapping turtle eggs. There were multiple digs in the gravel beside the river. It looked as though something broke those eggs and evident of yolk. Perhaps they were beginning to rot and foxes have very keen sense of smell.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Faith Music and thought

I've spent the evening worshiping with my native brothers and sisters on youtube. Amazing technology. I've been to living rooms, community halls, powwow and Tipis. I've been in parking lots and feilds. I've been lots of places with my virtual native brothers and sisters as we both and all worship the creator. Its been uplifting for me as I can feel the rythmic connectivity. I was listening to these Native American Church songs here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZoGKMvRYW4&feature=related 

I was captivated by the beauty of this music. Then I read the comment:

"aho very good songs i am 14 and still learning these songs im very proud of this chruch bt where i come from we cant really pratice it becase the christins in our areas think that is a bad thing and throw rocks at s when we have our pray services but we still pratice it and we r proud of our chruch."

For the record...Christians who do this are assholes.

I think I might have a problem hooking up to a christian church here. I went to an eccumenmical service which was kinda like a Meet the Pastor parade. After three pastor mini sermonettes and some cheezy music I was lookin for the door. I spied my escape and pretended I had to take a leak and I was gone. Wheww that was close. There was still time to catch a service so I was pleased to make it to the Pentacostal Church in town. Worship was lively and I was feelin kinda good until the preacher started trash talking and donation mining. When he got to the part "and let me tell you another thing...the holy spirit is a man!" That is when I got up and walked out.

Wow, two walk outs on one Sunday. I wanted to find some sack cloth and ashes and drag my sorry ass home in shame.

I refuse to be engaged in petty thought which defines the very Spirit of God, as a man. Sorry...no go for me. You can quote all the scripture you want, and you know in your heart, that the Spirit of God is so far beyond any earthly containment or description.

I refuse to accept that one must worship God this way or that way, saying this or that, doing this or that. These are cultural things. No, the true worship of God is seen in how we live and love. It is in our faith and love of God, which is visable because it is what and who we are, not because we follow some rule or say some prayer.

I listen and watch as line after line is drawn in the sand. Are those lines to keep the christians in, or the "bad guys who need saving" out? I say erase, or better still....dance on those lines!!!! We have been granted freedom now. The very Spirit resides in us. We no longer need to be engaged in petty thought which is ultimately designed to rate ones righteousness on a scale of 1 to 10 which would directly correlate to ones ability to love God? &^%$-OFF already. BYE.......oops.....deep breathe.

peace and sorry about telling you to %$^&-off.

Faith Music

I posted the the youtube video above because this song floored me. It brought tears to my eyes as I found myself wrapped up in this song.

I was surfin youtube listening to Peyote Prayer Songs and various native praise and worhip. I am amazed at the water drum and rattles and how that builds to an amzing heartbeat, and then the worship music begins. Usually one dominant and one harmonized drone, provide beautiful vocal music. The voices are like instruments and everything vibrates to a deep loving drone. Here is an example of beautiful Peyote Prayer music. Check the rythme and be one with the music and praise.

Is this beautiful or what!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Shrooms at Noon

My Yacht
The Prize!

Bittern and the Bench Trilogy

Bittern Ready to Jump on the Bench
Bittern on the Bench
Bittern Perching on the Bench

Stealing Time

"Sandy Falls" Copyright Marc Sylvestre

I woke up this morning at 6:30 and remembered where I had half a can of gas. Interesting way to wake up. I immediately thought of my boat, which sat empty at the dock. I woke up Sue and convinced her to come for a morning boat ride. I made 2 coffes to go and off we went. We boated to Sandy Falls and fished the rapids abit. Actually, water levels are down considerably this year, and these falls certainly didnt look like this. We were able to boat through and above the falls. On our journey we collected sticks that the beavers had just freshly chewed. They chew them like corn on the cob, leaving lengths of wood barkless. Sue is a gatherer, I am the hunter. My cell phone alarm went of at 8:20 and I rushed to the office. Time is now 8:59am and I need to sing off and sign into work. Cheers