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Monday, February 21, 2011

Changes at the Homestead

"Waabaanakwad Sees The Light"
Copyright don wright 2009

Our friend Pete has been looking for a place to live. He has lived on the river now for 4 years and must move. We have a pretty cool little community happening and Pete is a part of it. Pete finally found work and has been working hard now for a month, saving for his move. He has been looking at rental places and he has been getting depressed about leaving his spot on the river.

In the meantime, my income has been decreasing. I am at the point where I cant realisitcally afford what I have. I have no intention of leaving my spot on the river, and so part of me is saying "Do what it takes". The reality is our house is bigger than our needs. The basement is big eneough to rent. The income we bring in from the rental will offset my shortfall and we all get to keep our spots in paradise.

With any kind of luck, my wife may decide to go and get a job soon. We are still on honeymoon here and I love having her here, but really, we also need the income. I have put as much pressure on her as I care to, and I refuse feel financial stress....so for now, I will share our beautiful resort with someone in need, and he will help me pay for it.

Pete and I share the same interests. We have the same toys. Pete is responsible and caring and though he has a wild side, Sue trusts him and feels comfort with his presence. He is handy and has his own wisdom. With one more person in the house, I will take a vehicle off the road, and save on insurance. I shall begin to pinch the penny some more so that I can live in this paradise resort without financial stress or concern.

So I say Cheers to sharing. May this be a good thing for all of us.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ice Fishing

Richard got us a tub for our fire on the ice 
Social Circle 
Dogs will be dogs 
Sue was using the "washroom" hut when suddenly we could here yelling and screaming. We ran to see what the problem was...no problem...just a fish. Sue doesnt normally touch fish, but rekon she was willing to make an exeption for the photo.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Medicine Wheel Studies - The Circle of Life

"Matts Mind" Copyright don wright 2009

I was surfing the net this morning and studying Anishnabek culture and beliefs. I came across this article about the Medicine Wheel at the AAA Native Arts Gallery here: http://www.aaanativearts.com/article925.html ,
"All tribes have a form of medicine wheel. There is no single answer as to its meaning. The Anishnaabek often referred to the medicine wheel as the CIRCLE OF LIFE symbolizing the natural cycles of birth, growth, death, and regeneration.

The FOUR CIRCLES are viewed in a clockwise direction. East will be to the viewer's right, south on the bottom and west on the left. In native culture we start in the east and rotate to the south and west, arriving at the north circle on top. "
Here are some of the interpretations of the Medicine Wheel found on the AAA Native Arts Gallery:

4 Medicine Wheel COLORS
East - Zaawaa -Yellow
South - Miskwaa - Red
West - Mkade - Black
North - Waabishkaa - White

4 RACES OF MAN - The 4 Brothers
East - Niibiish aabooke ininwag - Yellow
South - Anishinaabek - Red
West - Mkade ininwag - Black
North - Zhaaganaashag - White

East - Physical
South - Emotional
West - Mental
North - Spiritual

4 HILLS (stages)OF MAN
East - Binoojiinhsag - Childhood
South - Shki niigi - Adolescence
West - Gitziimak - Adult
North - Gchi epiitzjiik - Elder

East - Physical
South - Social
West - Intellectual
North - Spiritual

East - Waabinong - Beginning
South - Zhaawinong - Going Along
West - Epngishmok - Getting Settled
North - Giiwednong - Going Home

East - Mnookmi - Spring
South - Niibin - Summer
West - Dgwaagi - Autumn
North - Biiboon - Winter

East - Sunrise
South - High Noon
West - Sunset
North - Night

East - Nbiish - Water
South - Noodin - Wind
West - Aki - Earth
North - Ishkode - Fire

East - Waboon
South - Shawan
West - Ningabianong
North - Kewadin

East - Semaa - Tobacco - Prayer, renewal of life.
South - Giizhik - Cedar - Courage, cleansing, growth, express feelings.
West - Mmuskode-washk - Sage - Purifies, introspection, direction we go when we change worlds in death.
North - Wiingashk - Sweetgrass - Invites in good.

I am grateful for these teachings and here is a prophetic passage I found in Holy Bible : Ezekiel
As I looked at the living creatures, I saw a wheel on the ground beside each creature with its four faces. This was the appearance and structure of the wheels: They sparkled like topaz, and all four looked alike. Each appeared to be made like a wheel intersecting a wheel. As they moved, they would go in any one of the four directions the creatures faced; the wheels did not change direction as the creatures went. Their rims were high and awesome, and all four rims were full of eyes all around. When the living creatures moved, the wheels beside them moved; and when the living creatures rose from the ground, the wheels also rose. Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, and the wheels would rise along with them, because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels. When the creatures moved, they also moved; when the creatures stood still, they also stood still; and when the creatures rose from the ground, the wheels rose along with them, because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shopping Local - Adventures in Art and Reproduction

"Young Thunderbird is Encouraged by His Community and by The Great Spirit's Provision"
Copyright don wright 2009

I was all excited by the digital images that my neighbour made for me. I couldnt wait to see how they looked reproduced. I know there is often colour correction required and I was curious. Since I want to shop in my own town, I got on the internet and googled "Sturgeon Falls Printing" and up came "ProsPrinting" right on King street. I phoned over and they were very accomodating. I emailed my digitals over because I couldnt find my USB stick. I then jumped in my car and headed over. I wanted a few samples on a few differant papers. They were able to accomodate a few quick legal size on cardstock, but I was more interested in their big plotter. As crap luck would have it, the printer had an issue, and I couldnt make a poster. They can do sizes up to 36 inches wide. They have been printing posters and I spoke to them about specialty papers and canvas. They ordered me in a 24" by fifteen foot sample canvas to run a bunch of tests on for me. I couldnt beleive how inexpensive it was. After spending an hour in the print house, I zoomed home and did some photoshop work on the image. I was able to brighten it up, get better definition of colour and get a better colour match on the center panel. Tomorrow I shall return for a couple more proofs. I want this reproduction to be the best I can make it, so I rekon a few trips to the printer are in order. This is fun.

He Reigns - The Newsboys

He Reigns - The Newsboys

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


"Lifelines" Copyright don wright 2009

The sun and man
The sky and trees
The earth and water
are all from thee.
All radiate life
and work as one
one God
One creation
One heart
One love

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sandy Falls and Beyond

My son Dylan and I went for an evening snowmobile ride to Sandy Falls and beyond.
First stop was the falls to enjoy the views. There were ise flows and mini icebergs went around and around in the current.

Dylan decided he would be a daredevil and walk on the ice flow. Of course the ice broke, leaving him scrambling, jumping from one berg to the next finally to crash onto shore without even a soaker!

We went to the tressel upstream. Its really quiet up there. In the winter, everything looks black and white. On the way back we took a bank a little too slow and we flipped the sled, sending us both into the snow bank laughing. We flipped it back upright and boogied home for dinner.

Great Spirit Praises

This is one of the first paintings I did. It was a tribute to the rock carvings known as the Peterborough Petroglyphs. The rock images are but a few of thousands. These three images jumped out at me, as I felt that they were meant or intended to be together, telling a story.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Joy of Cell Phones--whodathunk?

My wife and I went for a beautiful snowmobile ride last night. We went up to Sandy Falls to listen to the water and enjoy the evening solitude. We decided we would travel North to the railway tracks and then west to the railway tressel. The view and the serenity of that place is amazing. The snowmobile started acting up and suddenly stopped. We learned that 1/8 on the tank is actually E in reality. We ran out of gas!!! How embarrassing! So we were about 6 km from home....quite a walk at 9pm on a sunday. I reached into my pocket, pulled out my cell phone and holy &^%*, we had service! Not only that, I noticed I missed a call from my buddy across the river. All I had to do is press send......and grovel....hahaha. He hoped on his sled, dropped by my place for some gas and then came and rescued us. It was fun being stranded when we knew that we werent really stranded. I couldnt beleive that I had cell signal!!!

Oh and meet Rockett. Rockett is Richards hound. Rockett spent the day snowmobiling on my lap. Rockett is a beautiful dog and we love her. Richard said...you love her...$50.00 and shes yours....and he chuckled, knowing full well that she would be back home by dinner time. I told him I wasnt going to throw my money away like that, I would spend the $50.00 on royal supreme treats and top of the line kibble. We would offer her a rug in front of the fireplace.....hahha then we will see. When Rockett gets excited she burst out with Hound yelps...its hillarious...she is such a duffus. Richard said...she has cost me a lot of friends and Sue said, yes, but look at the friends she's gained! Bon chien.....bon chien...oui, oui, ici, donnez mois la balle....Rockett is teaching me how to speak french!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why.......Why not! Eccentric Behaviors...

                                                    I Looked out my window and there was Richard driving his tractor on the river. He was heading to my neighbours place.

I hopped on my snowmobile and headed out to see what was going on. There was Andre cutting blockes of ice out of the bay. He is building a bridge, and winter is the best time to do the footings.

Andre used his tractor to extract the ice from the water. Richard wanted these ice blocks for tables out at the ice fishing huts. He envisioned these big blocks as furniture. hahaha. Why...Why not!

Andre dropped the big ice blocks onto Richards skid, behind his tractor. We had a heck of a time because they are slippery and they kept falling off. We had to chain them down.

 Richard then dragged each block out, one by one to the ice shacks. The ice shacks are a couple kilometers from where we got the ice.

Here is the final resting place for one of the blocks. We are planning a large ice fishing party complete with roaring fire and chili. These tables will be perfect for entertaining.
  This was the last of three tables. We went back over to help Andre complete the cribbing for the bridge and then we went back to my place for Lasagna. So there you have it...Lazing on a sunday afternoon.

Jesus I lift my Eyes

A Jars of Clay song.....

Fun in the Snow

1995 Skidoo Touring

Well it looks like I just bought a snowmobile. I have been looking for a while, but not wanting to spend the money. My ATV was starting to feel the wear of frigid winter driving. The snow is getting too deep and the ATV is becoming unruly in the snow. I mentioned to my neighbour that I was on the hunt for a machine and he said.Why dont you just buy mine? He sent it into the shop for a tuneup and once over and lent it to me yesterday. Sue likes it. I took it for a spin last night out in the bush. It runs well and the price is right. We are already planning an overnight up at the camp in Temagami. The Lake Trout ice fishing season opens next weekend and we are pumped. Cheers to the winter season!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Loon Lit

"Loon Lit" Copyright don wright 2011

I sat down weeks ago and made a whole pile of rainbow, acrylic on paper, to practice my lines. I figured by the time I did 10 rainbows, then I'd gain some dexterity and build up my line painting. Then over the course of another few weeks, I began to fill the rainbows with various objects and subjects. Then over the next few weeks I began to paint them.

For this painting, I reached back to my roots in the garden, to embellish and connect the art to a greater sense of the creators provisions. I tried to show the power of the sun, which is itself an analogy of the creator, which also reflects in the loons eye. I tried hard in some places for perfection, but also I allowed myself to dance with texture.

The loon is an important bird to me as it is a key indicator of the health of our environment. Its call is both haunting but also inviting and soothing. Its call is like medicine. In the summer, I go to the bush at least once a week to share an evening beer with a friend and the loons. We are both drawn to the loon and what it represents to us. These are the moments we live for. Peaceful coexistance in this chaotic world.

Anyway, I dont think the colours work. I think the rainbow is too powerful for the almost pastel blue of the water and sky. The loon and the bullrushes remind me of a grade three attempt, which is OK I guess since I'm only in grade 2!...hahaha.such as it is, its practice in technique and exploration. Maybe someday someone will say "oh don, I love it" ,and they can leave with it. If not...archives. I decided to paint on paper for a while. Partly because then I wouldnt be tempted to paint over it. I have a few ugly paintings on canvass that are going to get repainted the minute I get hard up for materials, which now shouldnt be too much longer.

Do you have a hobby? Do you have a desire to do something, but lacked the spark to make it happen? Do you short change your talents? Norval said..if you want to be a painter just paint.....How simple is that? If you want do do something, then do it. No nonsense...stright to the point. I rememebr saying to Stardreamer, "I'm afraid". He said "afraid of what". My fear was that wouldnt be able to do it. FEAR...what a dark beast.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hand of Reason

"Hand of Reason" Copyright don wright 2011

I decided that tonight I was going to solve all the worlds problems. With this simple painting I will re-establish mans correct place in his environment, I will restore relationships that have broken AND I will save the planet from impending doom. Well maybe thats a tall order. Perhaps I'll just go pickup my daughter from the bus station.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thoughts on Brush Strokes

inset closeup of "Grandfather Rock - Lake Obabika" Copyright don wright 2010

I remember the feelings I had when I was applying the brush strokes on the facial image and on the rocks, the tree, the water and skies. I remember feeling like I was God and this was my ruach - breathe of life. As I applied each element, it was like I could feel or interact someway with the object and I felt enormous satisfaction with the interaction. It was as if I was to close my eyes and become one with the object or subject. Please, dont see this as bragging..technically I have a long way to go. No this whole brush stroke thing feels like the very thing that beathes life, and makes the object unique. It is through these brushstrokes that I feel the power of creation. Though the brushstrokes may appear to be imperfect, it is their very imperfection that I relate to. I know it sounds silly, but I feel like a gay guy dancing in the pansies and feeling like I am intrinsictly connected to all beauty..jeesh. I know that sounds wierd but the brush stokes are like the flow of life and love to me.

I think as I continue to learn, I will try to just let it flow and be one with the composition. I will hold the concept of perfection as a model to strive for, yet, I will likely express myself with gooey gobs of paint...haha. For me, I may have to choose...expression or perfection, and perhaps some day they will not be mutually exclusive.

Those are some of my thoughts about brush strokes and texture

Learning From the Masters

"Thunderbird" Copyright Brian Marion

Original acrylics painting on paper
Approx. 56 cm x 76 cm (22" x 30").

I am very excited because my Brian Marion Thunderbird painting just arrived. As you are aware, I am a painting newby, and I have been learning from the masters via the internet, and personal discussions. I had purchased a Jacobson original to see first hand how the paint was applied and what order. I have seen many differant orders of operations. I have arrived at the idea that I dont want to use pencil first...I want to go straight to the medium. As such, I have been applying the black lines first which act as my sketch. I then apply the colours and then go back and touch up or redo my black lines. I have seen how Norval applied the colours first and then topped off with the black lines. Since I actually have not had any hands on technique training, I am hungry for practical applications. This means I have had to go from collecting prints, to collecting originals. So, since Brain Marion worked directly with Norval for many years, I decided that this would be a good practical way for me to see and understand.

I noticed that Brian does not apply the paint with the precision that Mark Jacobson does. I see that Brians work is perhaps more like Norvals, in that one can clearly see the bruch strokes and also the little "faux-pas"

 I see how there was something stuck to the paper and rather than try to remove the imperfection, Brian chose to paint right over it. I also noticed by the application that Brian appears to start with black lines, colour in and then re-line the painting. I am pleased because as I looked carefully at this painting, I could see the "order of operations".

Here is another picture of the imperfection of the paint application. Please..I am not knocking or degrading this painting at all, I am merely observing. Also, I noticed that there is a smudge on the bottom left of the composition as well as paper stuck to the paint. Its almost as if Brian didnt wait for the paint to dry before putting onother on top...just a thought.

All in all I am grateful for this painting! I actually like the imperfections and I think they bring character to the painting. I dont care about the smudge or the stuck paper because it is what it is and was created by Brian himself......I hope!(jeesh)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Give Them All Away.......

"Grandfather Rock - Lake Obabika" Copyright don wright 2011

Here is a wierd thought that has been flowing through my head....Give them all away. It seems that my creative thoughts keep happening in my brain, yet I dont sit down to express them. It seems I am best motivated when I have nothing. When all my paintings are gone, I feel a need to create more. Yet as long as I have them, I am no longer motivated to create. I have noticed this trend. So I give them away and suddenly I feel the need to make more.

I love looking at my own paintings. I like seeing the progressions....and the mistakes. It makes me feel good when I see something I created on my wall. Yet, while I am enjoying their presence, it seems that my motivation to create dwindles.

I must give them away. Every time I give a painting, I am rewarded intrinsically. Ultimately, I am rewarded because when I have nothing, I create. Too many things cloud my thought and desire when I have plenty. Its a dilemna for me. Any way, I have been giving away paintings and been receiving much joy and kharmic vibration. My heart feels overflowing and soon I will have nothing left.....and it makes me exctited and fills me with promise.

I know where the above painting is going. Its a beautiful story in my mind. I know of a man who's mothers ashes are interned at this sacred place. I know the place and I have left my offerrings as requested by the elders. I know this man has an even greater love for this place. This is a sacred place and in many ways, I cant own this image. Its not mine to own. I was gifted a vision that is only complete when it is shared. I knew when I made it, it was not mine to keep. Yet I insisted on having it hang on my own wall. I need to get it off my wall and out of my house.....so thats the plan..........Give them all away!!!!!

Lord You Have My Heart

Lord You Have my Heart - Copyright Delerious

Monday, February 07, 2011

and God came down and touched creation.....

"And God Came Down and Touched Creation"
copyright don wright 2009

And there was light and much rejoicing


Life in the Rainbow

"Life in the Rainbow" Copyright don wright 2010
Original acrylics painting on paper
Approx. 56 cm x 76 cm (22" x 30")

I met up with my good friend Terry and he asked for a waabaanakwad painting. Terry and I go way back, and he has provided my wife and I places of refuge in Calgary, Germany and also Southern Ontario. I was delighted to oblige! He was thrilled to receive the gift and promised that my painting would hang in a place of honour. Terry's place is a house of honour to me so really, the thrill is mine. Terry even has a Patti Rainbow original from 1980's!. He is a meticulous collector of significant items, so for him to want one of my paintings was cool to say the least.

This piece is called Life in the Rainbow. It is significant because Terry is a rainbow brother and I am living in rainbow country. There are signs all over the place...you are entering rainbow country! "Life in the Rainbow" was my response to a rainbow I saw while fishing. It touched down on water both sides, creating a rainbow circle. As I stood in my boat, I could feel the rainbow envelope the water and sky, the trees and the wildlife. It was a golden moment that I decided would fuel a series of paintings.

Hey Terry...If you read this....thanks for asking and it was great to partake in boys night out!!!!!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Luxury Ice Hut!

Notice the satellite dish and the power trickle charger

2 Muskoka chairs and a bench, wonderfully finished in pine

ample hole to fish and jig in

oh look..even a back obus form for additional comfort

oh yes and fish tv, satellite tv, microwave and toaster oven.

This is the new gold standard. Richard was convinced that we needed to build a palace after seeing our neighbours ez chair and stocked bar. Wait till I show them this!!! now this is a man cave!!!!

Holy is the Lord God Almighty

Holy is the Lord - Copyright Chris Tomlin

...a little friday morning praise before work. I recorded this on my new camera. I won it at the office christmas party playing blackjack...go figure..never played before in my life. Do you think God is offended? I used to think so......in fact I know there are many who say he will not accept my offering. What do you think? I offer my praise anyway because its what I do, and even if the Lord should turn his face from me, I would continue to praise Him, for he is God Almighty and I am just don.
Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Joni Mitchell - The Artist

"Portrait of Graham Nash" Copyright Joni Mitchell 1969

I have long admired the work of Joni Mitchell. Not only is she a gifted singer and songwriter, but she is a great painter as well. I have seen various works of hers in Readers Digest, on album covers, and a few on the internet. This image was sent to me by a dear friend from facebook. I truly love this...its so woodland. Its hippi woodland....rainbow medicine. I am so grateful to see this. My friend commented to me "....its inspiring me to take up the brush instead of tiny pen lines".

Isnt art amazing?  Pickup the paintbrush my friend and splash that beautiful and colourful paint. You are so gifted and I know you see the colours!!!

I did a little research and found jonimitchell.com and some wonderful works of art.
Here are some quotes from the site about this piece........

"Joni's comments from the StarArt book: "I remember doing this drawing; it was in Laurel Canyon behind our house. It was spring and the grass was very green. We had a picnic and it was very calm. The cloud in him was the sorrow of knowing that we wouldn't go on living together forever, like we had planned. He knew it too so that was kind of an impending cloud that we both shared. Yet, externally you see the sun pushing on him; so it was like the sun outside and the rain inside."

This piece was featured on the back cover of Graham's album "Wild Tales".
Michael Bilz, who emailed me about this painting, has had it confirmed from the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, that this painting is hanging up in the Main Exhibit Hall in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland. Should you wish to see the painting it is in the 'Los Angeles' section

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Little More English For My Wee Bonnie Lassie


I sure could use a shot of espresso and a free puppy.........I wonder where this place is and could my kids still pass for "unattended children" or are they now classified as "flagrant youth"?


I found this song on an old bluegrass LP. The LP and any recording are long gone now, but the memory remains. This is wankerdeluxe version of MaryAnne.