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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thoughts on Brush Strokes

inset closeup of "Grandfather Rock - Lake Obabika" Copyright don wright 2010

I remember the feelings I had when I was applying the brush strokes on the facial image and on the rocks, the tree, the water and skies. I remember feeling like I was God and this was my ruach - breathe of life. As I applied each element, it was like I could feel or interact someway with the object and I felt enormous satisfaction with the interaction. It was as if I was to close my eyes and become one with the object or subject. Please, dont see this as bragging..technically I have a long way to go. No this whole brush stroke thing feels like the very thing that beathes life, and makes the object unique. It is through these brushstrokes that I feel the power of creation. Though the brushstrokes may appear to be imperfect, it is their very imperfection that I relate to. I know it sounds silly, but I feel like a gay guy dancing in the pansies and feeling like I am intrinsictly connected to all beauty..jeesh. I know that sounds wierd but the brush stokes are like the flow of life and love to me.

I think as I continue to learn, I will try to just let it flow and be one with the composition. I will hold the concept of perfection as a model to strive for, yet, I will likely express myself with gooey gobs of paint...haha. For me, I may have to choose...expression or perfection, and perhaps some day they will not be mutually exclusive.

Those are some of my thoughts about brush strokes and texture

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