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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Learning From the Masters

"Thunderbird" Copyright Brian Marion

Original acrylics painting on paper
Approx. 56 cm x 76 cm (22" x 30").

I am very excited because my Brian Marion Thunderbird painting just arrived. As you are aware, I am a painting newby, and I have been learning from the masters via the internet, and personal discussions. I had purchased a Jacobson original to see first hand how the paint was applied and what order. I have seen many differant orders of operations. I have arrived at the idea that I dont want to use pencil first...I want to go straight to the medium. As such, I have been applying the black lines first which act as my sketch. I then apply the colours and then go back and touch up or redo my black lines. I have seen how Norval applied the colours first and then topped off with the black lines. Since I actually have not had any hands on technique training, I am hungry for practical applications. This means I have had to go from collecting prints, to collecting originals. So, since Brain Marion worked directly with Norval for many years, I decided that this would be a good practical way for me to see and understand.

I noticed that Brian does not apply the paint with the precision that Mark Jacobson does. I see that Brians work is perhaps more like Norvals, in that one can clearly see the bruch strokes and also the little "faux-pas"

 I see how there was something stuck to the paper and rather than try to remove the imperfection, Brian chose to paint right over it. I also noticed by the application that Brian appears to start with black lines, colour in and then re-line the painting. I am pleased because as I looked carefully at this painting, I could see the "order of operations".

Here is another picture of the imperfection of the paint application. Please..I am not knocking or degrading this painting at all, I am merely observing. Also, I noticed that there is a smudge on the bottom left of the composition as well as paper stuck to the paint. Its almost as if Brian didnt wait for the paint to dry before putting onother on top...just a thought.

All in all I am grateful for this painting! I actually like the imperfections and I think they bring character to the painting. I dont care about the smudge or the stuck paper because it is what it is and was created by Brian himself......I hope!(jeesh)

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  1. Yes...it's an authentic Marion....haha...cheers to your explorations and collection....MAJ


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