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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Give Them All Away.......

"Grandfather Rock - Lake Obabika" Copyright don wright 2011

Here is a wierd thought that has been flowing through my head....Give them all away. It seems that my creative thoughts keep happening in my brain, yet I dont sit down to express them. It seems I am best motivated when I have nothing. When all my paintings are gone, I feel a need to create more. Yet as long as I have them, I am no longer motivated to create. I have noticed this trend. So I give them away and suddenly I feel the need to make more.

I love looking at my own paintings. I like seeing the progressions....and the mistakes. It makes me feel good when I see something I created on my wall. Yet, while I am enjoying their presence, it seems that my motivation to create dwindles.

I must give them away. Every time I give a painting, I am rewarded intrinsically. Ultimately, I am rewarded because when I have nothing, I create. Too many things cloud my thought and desire when I have plenty. Its a dilemna for me. Any way, I have been giving away paintings and been receiving much joy and kharmic vibration. My heart feels overflowing and soon I will have nothing left.....and it makes me exctited and fills me with promise.

I know where the above painting is going. Its a beautiful story in my mind. I know of a man who's mothers ashes are interned at this sacred place. I know the place and I have left my offerrings as requested by the elders. I know this man has an even greater love for this place. This is a sacred place and in many ways, I cant own this image. Its not mine to own. I was gifted a vision that is only complete when it is shared. I knew when I made it, it was not mine to keep. Yet I insisted on having it hang on my own wall. I need to get it off my wall and out of my house.....so thats the plan..........Give them all away!!!!!

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