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Friday, January 17, 2014

Love Blessings

"emergence" don wright 2013

May the road rise to meet you and the Spirit fill you and greet you. May the son forever shine on you and may you experience love and grace. May you be a light in darkness and a friend to someone in need. May you be filled and overflowing with abundant life and may you smile a warm and comfortable smile because You are Loved.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Three Significant Spiritual Events

I accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour and invited Him to reside in me at an early age. I felt as though I was filled with Gods holy Spirit. It was ecstatic. It was the best thing that ever happened to me in this life. While I was already blessed with a stable family full of love, once I saw Jesus I knew I was part of a much larger family. After fervent study, and a narrowing of the gate, I was becoming a "super-christian", full of righteousness and very concerned about the salvation of others.

I attended a native anishnaabe ceremony where I learned about the native Great Spirit. I had prayed for protection of my faith, and when I met the Great Spirit, I knew immediately that we were one. This was no imposter this was the very Spirit of God. I learned that this Spirit is so powerful and everlasting and resides in everything. I hugged and old growth pine and I could feel the Source of all creation. I could feel Gods pulse and I wept. I wept for creation and for self. I wept in sorrow, but I also wept in joy.

I was invited by a friend of mine to visit his church, his gardwara. He is Sikh. I have always admired and respected he and is family. They are beautiful, loving, kind and concerned people. They always seemed like family, so I accepted the invitation. I met many wonderful people. I decided to return on my own to "do some business" with God. With my face pressed to the Gardwara floor I prayed. My prayers turned again to tears as God responded with great love and assurance. I begged forgiveness for not seeing humanity with complete eyes of love.

I learned that I will leave salvation up to God. I will love and accept ALL people with equal love, even those I dont like. I will stick to the commandments that were put in my heart and I will leave everything else to God. I will not use Holy Scriptures to condemn people, rather I will use Holy Scriptures to love people.

I have come to believe that all of humanity is on a journey to understand God and self. Some journeys are long, some are short. Some are easy and some are hard. Each journey is individual. I do believe that at the end of the journey there is God. I believe it is in peoples best interest to come to know God sooner than later, as there are unmeasurable blessings with faith. However, just because a person has not come to know God here and now, it does not mean that salvation will be excluded. That person is not less of a person. That person is in need perhaps of even greater love. I believe it is Gods desire that all should be saved, we are after all, His very breath and made in his image.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Gratitude and Love

I am sitting here listening to worship music. My hands are lifting to the sky with gratitude and my cup overflows. Words can not express what faith in God has meant to me, nor can they describe the ecstatic joy that is mine. The very breath of God was breathed in me and Spirit has been an ever present friend in times of both sorrow and joy. As I take inventory of my life, I can safely say that coming to know Jesus was my birth and the moment in my life when things made sense to me. Praise the living God who breathed life to my dry bones!

Thursday, January 02, 2014

New Years Thoughts and Resolution

Satisfied, Eager and Appreciative.........

I am so satisfied. I believe I am and I am doing exactly as the great engineer designed and it makes me feel content. I have constantly reminded this physical self that I am a spiritual being, filled with Gods breath of life and a recipient of the promise. I remind my physical self to love always. I am eager for each new day and eager to face all the challenges. My body is breaking and my parts are wearing out and the pain has increased and is constant. My physical self cries out and my spiritual self provides compassion and empathy. In many ways we are molded by the pain we carry. Our physical selves can not overcome, yet our spiritual selves can dance and sing and love. I am so appreciative for this life breathed in me. I live life in full abundance. Its hard for me to imagine how life could be better. I think its folly to even try. Instead, I just dream small humble dreams and through the magnificence of this dance, they all come true. I give thanks and Praise to the One who has all knowledge and power and my gratefulness overflows when I consider how that Spirit has been placed in me.

My new year resolution will be to LOVE. Love conquers all. I must not resort to anger or dark feelings. These are poison to self and do nothing for a person trapped in the dark. The beauty is in the resolution and where there is love there is perfection.

I am satisfied, eager and appreciative.