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Thursday, January 02, 2014

New Years Thoughts and Resolution

Satisfied, Eager and Appreciative.........

I am so satisfied. I believe I am and I am doing exactly as the great engineer designed and it makes me feel content. I have constantly reminded this physical self that I am a spiritual being, filled with Gods breath of life and a recipient of the promise. I remind my physical self to love always. I am eager for each new day and eager to face all the challenges. My body is breaking and my parts are wearing out and the pain has increased and is constant. My physical self cries out and my spiritual self provides compassion and empathy. In many ways we are molded by the pain we carry. Our physical selves can not overcome, yet our spiritual selves can dance and sing and love. I am so appreciative for this life breathed in me. I live life in full abundance. Its hard for me to imagine how life could be better. I think its folly to even try. Instead, I just dream small humble dreams and through the magnificence of this dance, they all come true. I give thanks and Praise to the One who has all knowledge and power and my gratefulness overflows when I consider how that Spirit has been placed in me.

My new year resolution will be to LOVE. Love conquers all. I must not resort to anger or dark feelings. These are poison to self and do nothing for a person trapped in the dark. The beauty is in the resolution and where there is love there is perfection.

I am satisfied, eager and appreciative.

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