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Sunday, July 31, 2005

What a Great Day!

I preached for the first time today at church.
It was great!
I really love our fellowship.
They were very encouraging,
and my message seemed well received.

There were some new faces.
I love seeing new faces.
I met up with one in the grocery store.
He went out of his way to find me and thank me.
I think he might come back.

My worries of inadequacy were proven unfounded.
I praise God for how He is working in me.
I ask Him for wisdom and stength
as I begin school in September.


Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Rugby Parent Syndrome

So we got the call no parent wants. Uh yes Mr Wright, we are taking your son to Richmond Hill Hospital via ambulance.
He got knocked out cold playing Rugby and found that emergency room waits are not as bad when you arrive by ambulance. I took this shot of him waiting to see the doc.
When we arrived I said "is he OK" They said "he seems to be very hungry" and I said,
"sounds like he's OK then.
We found ourselves back home at midnight. He was trying to talk us into taking him to a victory celebration party. He was quite noble to sugest that it was important for him to go, so that all his friends and team members could all see he was OK.
He was asleep so we just let sleeping dogs lie. We got the pleasure of waking up the bear every few hours.
I'm releived he's OK and he's gonna take a couple of weeks off.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wanker Deluxe Live at Century Church

This is a picture of my band Wanker Deluxe. This picture was taken at Century Church Theatre in Hillsburgh. Special guest in middle on guitar is our buddy Jim from the Erin Village Music Store. It was a great night!
We were singing that great Bob Dylan tune that I know of as Ride Me High. My buddy Rob calls it Easy Chair. Just like a Wanker to not even know the name of the song he's singing!

Save Money at Christmas

I was digging through some photos and found this one. I sent this email out to my clients at Christmas. I couldn't believe how many people I offended!

One client wrote back to me saying " Santa Clause is the spirit of Christmas. He is the spirit of forgiveness. He is the spirit of joy and peace and enables us to stop hating and begin loving."

Looks like we have forsaken God and traded Him for Santa. The sad thing is so many people buy into this. Magically at Christmas time, we trade in our hatred and fly the banner of peace and we owe it all to Santa?

You might think I'm a fundamentalist when I call Santa................Satan Clause

Someone needs to tell this little boy about Jesus and put the smile back on his face!

Are you offended?


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Credit River Baptism

This is such a cool spot.
I remember playing here as a kid.
I remember skipping class
and hiding out here.
I remember catching
speckled trout here
I remember great bush parties here
I remember romantic walks here
But most of all I remember our baptism here.

My wife and I both got baptised here by our buddy Pete.
The cool thing is we were not the first,
and most definately not the last to be baptised here.
We've had the great pleasure of seeing
many of our freinds baptised here also.

I know, you are looking at the picture and wondering how one could be baptised in just a foot of water. Actually there is a deep spot that is about 2 feet, and I can assure you thats more than enough water to be baptised in.

Its such a classic moment just as you enter the water and come up free.
The water flies through the air and the cheering begins.
The angels rejoice in heaven,
and everyone remembers when they too entered the waters.
Some watch in expectation.
Still others dont understand what the attraction is too a place such as this.

A place where our children play
A place that still gives up the odd speckled trout
A place that still sees its share of romantic walks,
school skips and bush parties.
But best of all, a place where people go to get baptised.
I love this place!


Monday, July 11, 2005

Sue and Don

Here is a picture of Sue and I on our final year as directors for Erin Vacation Bible School.
This years theme was Kingdom of the Son, and we explored Africa and The Lords Prayer.
I learned some cool words like JAMBO which menas HELLO and NAMSIFU MUNGO QUA,
which means PRAISE GOD.

Talk to ya soon

Friday, July 01, 2005

Disguising my Use

So my wife thinks this blogging stuff is like a bad realty TV show.

So, in an effort to diguise the fact that I’m really intrigued,

I have resorted to using technology.

There is a setting that allows you to post a blog

From an email.

Simply email the blog and voila……………

Now I’m going to test the bold setting, italic setting

And the underline setting. I’m also going to try

Different sized fonts.

These are all things I screwed up when trying to do a post from blogger.

…………..you see, I’m a juvenile blogger and quite blogging impaired


see ya