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Monday, September 22, 2008

Deciding to Give

After doing some re-financing to pay for my septic and to clear all my debts, I have a little financial breathing room....not much...but enough allow us to give to a cause. We had thought about another sponser child through Christian Childrens Foundation. However, seeing the impact and the things my brother is doing in Kyrgystan, we decided it would be much better if we sponsered him. My brother and his wife Julie have invested a lot of personal money, time and effort in order to make a differance in peoples lives in Kyrgystan.
He and I were talking and I asked him if there was a way to have an automatic monthly withdrawl from my credit card. I am going to share with you how to do that and I ask you to please do the same. You simply go to http://actofkindness.blogspot.com/.
I am doing this right now as I write this blog. On the upper right hand side I am clicking "donate now through CanadaHelps.org." At the "fund designation" tab, open and click on "The Wright Stuff". I then selected "Repeating donation, deducted monthly from my credit card" I am filling out the stuff and chosing a donation amount. Follow through a number of screens and Voila! You have just made a really big differance in a childs life! You have just impacted an entire community.
John and I were talking and he felt that if he could find 400 people to give just $10.00 per month, then this would go a very long way. $10.00 per month is nothing and would hardly be felt in the pocket book...even in hard times. $10.00 a month from 400 people would be a really large blessing. Such a small amount could mean so much....hmm you know....If you thought that 400 was a lot of people, then $20.00 a month would reduce the number to 200 people.

I realize that this might sound a little forward but I ask you to please follow the link and donate anything. Any amount. $10.00 is nothing and you would be storing some real treasures. If you are shy or want some proof, then go to the blogspot and read for yourself. If you want my bro to come and talk to your organization, he will. He will bring pictures and proof of changed lives, of hope and dignity. He will tell you stories that will make you cry. When you give, your own life will be enriched. You will be intrinsically rewarded. How do I know? Ask any of the millions of people who give to charity.

I watched a guy go to the counter at a convenience store to get "his usual" as the attendant called it. His usual was scratch and win lotto tickets. He spent "just $10.00 bucks." I sense that he goes weekly maybe even daily for his fix of "hope". I can guarantee you that if he was to toss the loto tickets and give that money to a chosen charity like this, than he would live a much more satisifed and fulfilled life. Giving is like that. This might even sound a little selfish, but for the selfish person I may be on to something. Here it is.....The more you give, the more you get. How do you like them apples?....

There. I just got my confirmation. I am filled with satisfaction knowing that my small monthly gift has just made everlasting change and that my small amount, together with your small amount will multiply in the lives of these people. I feel like a million bucks.

Thankyou Lord for this opportunity. Thankyou Lord that You multiply our offerings. Thank You Lord that You have taught us to love, care and support each other. Thank You for the priviledge that is mine to know You Lord God. Thank You for calling people like John and Julie to be Your hands and feet. Thank You Lord for allowing me to be a thread in their garments.


There...I corrected my spelling. Saint-Andre-Avellin is the place where I went last weekend. I felt guilty about brushing off the spelling with an OOPs. Its a beautiful little place. To get there we drove to Ottawa and then south or would that be east.hhhmm along the St Lawrence until a little place which I cant remember...doh...where there is a water ferry. 8 Bucks gets you accross the Ottawa River into Quebec. Continue to drive South (east?)until Papineauville. Then one turns up a highway and drives for 45minutes? Anyway, it was really scenic with fall colors beginning to show.

My brother sent me this photo. Thanks John..or should I thank Julie? We stayed in the "thanksgiving house" at the Wrights. Yes its the house of Dave Wright and Family. No not related other than brothers in Christ. They have a beautiful place with a number of cabins scattered around the lake(s) The place was built by my fathers best friend and his family.
We left after church on Sunday and Deb and I finally pulled into our driveway at 9:30 pm. Oh and I lost my cell phone and found it and I left all my good cloths there but my bro skooped them for me. So right now my good cloths are in Norwood. Good thing I dont dress up a lot.
any way...I just wanted to correct my spelling and post the pic.

Fund Raiser for Kyrgystan

I just got back from a weekend trip to St Andre d'avalon (yikes...spelled wrong) This is a small church of dedicated believers who have Kyrgystan in their heart. We had a succesful fund raiser. It was an honour to sing at the event but it was more of an honour to stand in solidarity with our French Brothers and Sisters. It is so so cool worshipping God in a language other than your own. Praise and worship is a universal language. My French is getting better. I found a french gentleman who wanted badly to learn English. We conversed a lot as he tried to speak English and I tried to speak French. I applaud our friends in St Andre and I hope to return again. I am still digesting my emotion. I wish I had a pic to post....doh. Check out my brothers site for information on missions opportunities or to simply view and love the children.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kway Kway - Greetings

Meegwich?I wasnt sure if I spelled this correct. I thought it was right initially as I found it on a website of Ojibway language. Last night, however, I saw the same word spelled several differant ways. I remember elder Larry saying how he and elder Alex have differant dialects. I realized that this Ojibway nation spanned thousands of miles across North America. So I decided that while researching and learning language, that I should focus on the ways and dialect of the Indians I have come in contact with......The Temagami First Nation or Teme-Augama Anishnabai... SO......the correct spelling of Thank you is Miigwetch! ....I think. I found this spelling on http://www.temagamifirstnation.ca/

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We learned the correct method of tree hugging. First it starts with love in your heart. You open your arms wide and draw the tree in. You hug so hard that you can feel the trees pulse. You close your eyes and thank the Lord for His creation. And then when you feel satisfied, you walk 10 feet and hug another. This could go on for days, or until the logging man comes and takes the tree away. Please Lord, protect this place and protect this forest from our greed.

Meegwich - Thankyou

Fittingly, I learned my first Ojibway word. It is meegwich, which means Thank you. We had such an amazing time! It was better than we had hoped. We learned about the old growth forest and about Ojibway customs and practice. I received some personal tutorage from one of the elders. I had the priveledge of hugging these beautiful trees. The old growth forest is a living perpetual garden that was given to us by God and has been cared for and loved by the first nations people for thousands of years. These trees grow slow. Some of the trees we hugged were over 250 years old! There are many sacred indian sites here. We want to return to explore and learn more.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Changing of the Seasons Ceremony

While at camp we were fortunate enough to meet a young man who told us about the Ojibway elder Alex Mathias who still lives on his family land at upper Obabika. This is where one of the old growth forest stands is. It has been a wish and desire to go there and hug a tree. I wanted to canoe there and spend some time in their beauty. I became very interested in how I might go to this special place. Much to our great blessing, we were invited to this ceremony and for a toured walk by an amazing caretaker of this land.

Though I support and understand the importance of logging, I also beleive that we must set aside land that can remain untouched. I dont think it is too much to ask for us to save something.

We will consider it a great honor and priveledge to meet this Ojibway Indian elder and caretaker of a this beautiful land. At that place, I will pray to God and thank Him and plead that He might move the hearts of all people to save, cherish and respect this land. I would like my grandchildren and their grandchildren to have the same experience and to have at least one place thats we havnt ruined because of our greed and shortsightedness.

Water Crossings

Well we had an incredible journey through some really rugged and beautiful land. With all the rain, lake levels were high and many trails were water logged. Also, beavers had een in and there were many creeks that were flooded. We drove 125km. We had intended to go until we ran out of gas (we brought gas with us for the return journey. The reality is trail after trail eventually proved to much for this novice. Its a little daunting knowing that you are 60km from the nearest help. Its a long walk I imagine. Thankfully we made safe decisions and saved our walking legs for another day.
The above picture was as far as we made it into upper Yorkston. I was tright behind Mike and as soon as the water hit the exhaust we determined it was deaper yet. We debated and if we were crazy enough we could have done it. We played it safe though and returned home for another day. The second picture is me crossin at a blown out bridge. We had high hopes but got turned around by a very nasty river crossing.
We went as far as we could with the trails that we used. We decided rather than spend the evening there, that we could still catch sunset at lower goose falls so we made quick tracks back to familiar territory. I ran out of gas almost at lower goose and reserves got me home. Mike also went into reserve. We know our bikes can take us about 125km on a tank.
We returned to camp and had a campfire feast and a blazing fire.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

View From The Emerald Lake Camp

Here is the beech front at Emerald Lake Camp. I cant see it from my trailer spot, but its only a couple minute walk. There are a pile of Muskoka Chairs lined up around the fire pit, which is right beside the wood fired sauna. Oh and you cant see the floating swimming raft in this pic. You can watch the sun set from here. It is soooooo beautiful...and the people are nice.

We made it!

We left home in convoy at 7:30 on Friday evening. The bus ran well but we had to make several stops. There was a lot of banging and knocking. I became convinced that if this old bus made it Emerald Lake it may have to stay at Emerald Lake. At one point I pulled over and got under the bus looking for the source of all the banging. It was there that I lost my cell phone. (Sue and Ron found it on their route home a few days later) At around 12:30 AM we got spot checked by RIDE (police looking for alcohol and drunk drivers) I was concerned as I was not really travelling legit. The bus made a heck of a racket as the policeman asked me questions. We all sailed through as we had not been drining. We made it to Mikes place around 1 - 1:30am.

On Saturday morning we ran into town and stocked up on supplies and by 3pm we were set up in the most awesome crown land spot on Emerald. Absolutely 100% free. I drove to the Emerald Lake Trailer Camp and introduced myself. They took me around the park and I chose the most amazing lot. Mike and I split the cost and have leased the lot for one year. After our vacation in the bush, we shall driver her to her final resting spot at the Park.

The facilities are great. There is a common beach front with docks, a beach, sauna, big fire pit and a view that is sure to sooth your soul. There is a common heated washroom with running water and hydro in the morning and night. There is a nice little outhouse really close to our camp. There is an office/restaurant/tuck shop. The park has around forty sites. We share a secluded area in the corner with someone who only comes up in the winter for ice fishing. Our area is about 50 feet by fifity feet. We back onto bush and there is a really neat potential rock garden.

We took a four hour tour with our ATV's. We went to Lake Wawiagama, Obabika River, Goose Falls and Iron Lake. I drove my ATV into the Lake and got stuck because it was there that I learned my 4 wheel drive was not functioning. Mike winched me out and I was a little more cautious moving forward.

Sue and Ron left and Mike and I hauled the ATV's to his place. Mine is in pieces in his shop. We will go to the dealership in an hour and pick up the part and hopefully get reassembled and back to camp by this evening.

Tommorrow we plan on an overnight excursion where we will have to bring extra fuel. We are going to camp out at the far reaches of drivable territory. We will find ourselves an aesome place to hang out for a while. Eat, sleep, drink, fish are all on the menu.

By for now......