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Monday, August 27, 2012

My Limit - Goodbye

It appears as though I have reached my blogger storage limit. I am no longer able to upload any more photos to my blogspot unless I want to pay. I went online and deleted an unused photo album so that I could post this.

This is a dilemma. I have been blogging since June of 2005. I am not willing to pay and I am not willing to remove blog posts or the photos therein. I suspect this means goodbye.

For the heck of it, I will send my sorrow and displeasure to the blogger team because they may be interested in my situation.

I will leave you with one last photo.........

This is me smiling because I am happy and blessed. I wanted to share my happiness with you all. I wanted to thank my readership over the years and to pass the peace. May you have a blessed journey full of love, life and laughter.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Assembly of First Nations Declaration

Assembly of First Nations Declaration
The Creator gave us laws that govern all our relationships to live in harmony with nature and mankind.We the Original Peoples of this land know the Creator put us here.
The Laws of the Creator defined our rights and responsibilities.
The Creator gave us our spiritual beliefs, our languages, our culture, and a place on Mother Earth which provided us with all our needs.
We have maintained our Freedom, our Languages, and our Traditions from time immemorial.
We continue to exercise the rights and fulfill the responsibilities and obligations given to us by the Creator for the land upon which we were placed.
The Creator has given us the right to govern ourselves and the right to self-determination.
The rights and responsibilities given to us by the creator cannot be altered or taken away by any other Nation.
In many ways I have always felt the same about my existence here on earth. I have always lived my life under the sole kingship of my creator. My mother told me at a young age that only God Almighty could judge me and that the opinions of mankind are of no consequence. While I am to live in peace in my community, I have never handed over moral authority to a govt. The govt has no jurisdiction in my own rights as a child of God. I am a man of the land, created in the image of God and ultimately I answer to no one except the one who gave me breath. Not only do I support the Assembly of First Nations, I also claim the same. I am a man of the land and spirit is in me and I will forever be free.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Let Me Touch You For A While - Robert Lee Castleman

A song written by Robert Lee Castleman

hahaha..when I stood up to turn off the video, my pants fell off...hahaa

Friday, August 03, 2012


This is such bullshit. "If you believe in God send this message on????? I love the Lord with all my heart soul and being and it will be a cold day in hell before I "repost" to prove anything. Such gobldygook. Put another dollar in the cosmic candy machine you lost soul. Even the holes in his hand wouldnt prove to you.... No you need to take matters in your own hands. Does it say in the book of hesitations "though shall only receive God's grace if you press like or share on your facebook page?" Get thee away Satan, my God blesses me day in and day out with the breathe of life and love and does not require me to do anything to prove anything because I AM, He is, He did...its done....fait accomplis...cest toute.

Under His Mighty Wing - Trusting Spirit

"Trusting Spirit" copyright don wright 2012

I have been on a magnificent journey meeting all kinds of interesting and wonderful people. The journey is a joy and I have been blessed in so many ways. May I walk gently on this earth, engaged and fueled by the power of the spirit. I pray the same for you.