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Friday, July 31, 2009

Proud of My Nephew Ben

I am so proud of my nephew Ben. I have been wanting to post about what Ben means to me for quite some time, but words always escaped me. They escape me still, yet I am bursting to say.

Ben adopted my brother as dad, though I guess legally it was the other way around. Well, actually Ben was the bonus to the girl John fell in love with. John and Julie married and Ben became a Wright. Bens biological father is Ojibway. To us all, none of that matters because he is a love bond.

I had been reading about the Red road, whereby we become one, regardless of where we came from. The adopting spirit, allows for the overall strengthening of our families. We take on the best of each other as we forge ahead in love and grace.


So while there are a ton of reasons why I am proud of my nephew Ben, this was one thing I had a yearning to say. Ben has enriched my family tree with the blood of a people I admire. He he brings to me, honour and unity.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Name and a Story

A couple of nights ago, we saw some emergency response vehicles stop just down the hill from our place. There were fire engines, policemen and an ambulance. They had the road blocked off and were scouring the ditches. We watched from our property and were able to find out that a pedestrian had been struck by a minivan.


My daughter returned from driving friends home and when I told her what happened, she was shocked, as they had seen the pedestrian on the road about a kilometer from the accident site just 20 minutes earlier.


I brought my daughter and 2 of her friends down to the scene to speak to the officer and give testimony. The police were very interested and we ended up with a couple of constables in our home until around 3:30am. The kids gave the police testimonies. They also gave them valuable information to the investigation.


I received a phone call today from a friend with some very bad news. He went on to say that a good friend of ours just lost her brother very close to my house and he was wondering if I knew anything. I told him all I know. In fact, the deceased man was the brother of our dear friend.


His name was Henry and he had come home from England. He was re-establishing himself here when the accident occurred. That “unknown” victim of circumstance indeed had a name and a story. His name is Henry and he has sisters and brothers and a mother and father who love him dearly.


Why do I feel different now that I have a name and a story? It’s a good thing to remember that all of us have names and all of us have stories. Most people begin life with a name and are loved by someone. Henry had a name and he was indeed loved. Henry had a story.


I am sorry Henry. I am sorry my friend.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lunch and Prayer at the Gardwara

Its been a couple of weeks since I was able to attend my home church and I have been missing it. Today I couldnt take it any longer and called up my friend Harjeep and asked him if he wanted to meet me at his Gardwara. We met for prayer and dinner.

I love the Sikh people. Those that I have met are kind and gentle people. I have been learnng temple ettiquette in order that I might not offend anyone. I have learned that we are all beggers. My life has been blessed by the knowledge and friendship of the Sekh people. I am proud that we both call ourselves Canadian and that we live close as friends and brothers.

My heart aches for my perceptions of the past, yet leaps for joy with new understanding.

peace and brotherhood

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Friends

I've always tried to live by the motto, to have a friend, you must be a friend. Jesus said "what greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends." So I've often wondered how far I would be willing to go for a friend.
I found myself in a crisis over the last few weeks and I came to beleive the only way out was to call upon my friends. I was amazed that I didnt even have to ask. All I had to do was to explain my anguish and my trouble and my friends were willing to come to the rescue. My friends offerred me help beyond my expectation. My friends were not interested in money, or trading, or paying back of favours or any other conditions. My friends offerred me unconditional friendship and uncnditional help.
When I recounted my story to a distant friend he said "Don, you have some amazing friends. In your time of need, your friends were there. I hope you appreciate the lengths they would go for you"
Well I do know and appreciate. Good friendship doesnt count the costs or keep track of the debts. Good friends simply do. Good friends help to bear the burdons. Good friends take on the pain and translate that into action. This life would be a colder and darker place without friends.
So today, as I look back at my crisis, it has been bearable because of the empathy and call to action by my friends. I salute you. You make life worth living. Though friends dont keep track of debt, I feel a certain indebtedness. Not so much to you as individuals, but to friendships on a whole. I want you to know that you are better than friends. You are brothers and sisters.
Thank you.
I love You.
Bless You All

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Art T's and Bucket List

I wanted to buy another native art painting or print but I am really strapped for cash. I had just spent a few days in the bush and frankly my remaining shirt was both stinky and dirty SO....I purchased this Art T at the Nippissing Reserve. It is a Richard Bedwash T. I love this shirt because I can display my love for Woodland art to everyone.

I also had decided to grow my hair to my ass and put it in a pony tail. Its something I always wanted to do, but never did because of my fear of looking "Hippi". I decided tough..I'm gonna do it. WELL..the reality sunk in. I started to look like a nutty professor and frankly, didnt like long hair. It was a drag. SO...I removed that from my bucket list and promptly got a number three buzz cut.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Eat Healthy? Avoid Baby Carrots

I received this email from my rainbow watchdog Dawn. We had been discussing some of the health risks of this preserved, precooked, prefab world we live in. Its easy to point the finger at McDeath and Fried Rat, but who would have thought that baby carrots were also basterdized in such a way.

We had been discussing the fact that much of our food comes from Southern US and then is shipped to our stores. We were counting the stupidity of such a move. Lets see, drain the Colorado river of all its water to irrigate the land. Then use pesticide, herbicides and illegal Mexican labour. Put the veggies on a truck burning fossil fuel a week before they are ready. Spray them with "stuff" to make them ripen and give them wonderful un natural colour and then still get them to us cheaper than our local farmer.....but at what cost? As we can see, cancer is getting cheaper and cheaper to obtain. I respectfully dedicate this post to Garrett Doyle, who just died young of cancer. He was one of the nicest, kindest and consciencious people you would ever meet.

The following is information from a farmer who grows and packages carrots for IGA, METRO, LOBLAWS, etc

The small cocktail (baby) carrots you buy in small plastic bags are made using the larger crooked or deformed carrots which are put through a machine which cuts and shapes them into cocktail carrots

- most people probably know this already.

What you may not know and should know is the following:
Once the carrots are cut and shaped into cocktail carrots they are dipped in a solution of water and chlorine in order to preserve them. (this is the same chlorine used in your pool). Since they do not have their skin or natural protective covering, they give them a higher dose of chlorine.

You will notice that once you keep these carrots in your refrigerator for a few days, a white covering will form on the carrots. This is the chlorine which resurfaces. At what cost do we put our health at risk to have esthetically pleasing vegetables?

Chlorine is a very well-known carcinogen, which causes Cancer.. I thought this was worth passing on. Pass it on to as many people as possible in hopes of informing them where these carrots come from and how they are processed. I used to buy those baby carrots for vegetable dips. Not any

Confirmed by Snopes

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kinder Gentler My Butt!

I thought bicycling would be a kind and gentle exercise. Holy Cow was I wrong! We went on our maiden biking voyage to The GORBA trail at Guelph Lake. GORBA stands for Guelph Off Road Biking Association. Good thing we had mountain bikes with good brakes! I fell off a number of times! We drove over rocks and through mud holes. I thought I was going to kill myself a few times. At one point, going down a treacherous hill, my sunglasses flew off and l promptly ran over them and shattered them in pieces. I cut my leg. My muscles ache.....and I feel great! I had a heck of a time keeping up with my slim and trim 20 yearold. There were even a few trails that we had to leave for another time due to our in experience and my physical condition. I am convinced however that I can do it.

Getting Healthy

I have reached the age of 47 and realized that if I am to be healthy, live longer and have better quality of life,I must begin with my own health. I have realized that my warranty is up. There are not many more get out of jail free cards for me. I have begun, however late, to take my health more serious.
I gave up smoking and so far, praise God, I have had no strong desire to return. I am avoiding those fast food places. I am watching what I eat more and I am trying to get more exercise. I am trying to fill my mind and thoughts with good medicine as I have learned that attitude plays an important role in my overall health and well being. I am learning to relax and take life a little slower. Gone are the days of mass consumption of beer and I dont miss it.
I dont regret where I have been or the things I have done. They are part of who I am. I dont pass judgement on those people who still enjoy these things. They just arnt for me anymore. I have lived an amazing life, vices and all. I have been blessed beyond my own imagination and frankly look forward to the next stage of my life.
My son and I have decided to take up biking. Because of my many physical ailments, I need something that would be less impact.....a kinder, gentler exercise. I beleive I have found it in cycling. You are probably glad to hear this Bob. You have been a positive influence on me and have demonstrated joy and passion for living to me.
Today, my son and I will bike the Guelph Lake trails. We will set aside time every week where we can bike together. My son is rather high performance and I am an aging fat guy, but I will use this to my benefit. Not only will it help me physically, but also mentally and, emotionally. It will strengthen our relationship.
I hope and pray that I have the strength and fortitude to continue on this path, as I know it is vital for my own well being. I hope that in a month, a year, 10 years, I can look back at this as a defining moment in my life.
So here's to me and heres to all those people who have helped me reach this point.
joy and smiles

Friday, July 17, 2009

Where Are You My Beautiful Butterfly?

Where are the Monarch Butterflies?
Where are you my beautiful butterfly?
I didnt believe it when you said it.
Where are you my beautiful butterfly?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dear God

Dear God
Please speak to my heart.
Please give me strength and wisdom to do the right thing.

Your boy,

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Valerian Root - Search for Relief

I am researching Valerian Root as it seems too good to be true. I am on day 3 and I feel great. I have had no urge to smoke. I am a little worried now though because one of the books I am reading says " Valerium should not be taken in strong doses for a long period of time because it can become addictive and may cause other side effects.

When I take the root, it makes me feel warm and pleasant but not in a mind euphoric way. Its more like a body contentment feeling. I was lying in bed thinking...My body feels good. I have had such pain for such a long time. The doc knows about my self medication and has offerred pharmacuticals. I have tried them and they make my skin crawl. I have tried pain meds, relaxation meds, anti inflammitorys. In times of crisis I have had Valium and Codine. A freind gave me some super dupper relaxants. Nothing has worked for me and I dont trust any of it.

I confessed to my previous pastor and my pastor before that about my choice of pain releif and they both suggested I try legal alternatives. I also dont want to be addicted to my pain releif as that is like another form of bondage. My mom has been asking me to stop the self medicating, yet understands why as she too lives throiugh pain. I do beleive in the medicinal power of MJ yet there is the nagging fear that I am addicted and I dont want the stigma associated with it. I can feel though that smoking is taking its toll on me. I am a singer and I want to be physically active, but I fear that my lung capacity is being diminished. Its time to find a new medicine. I want organic.

You are welcome to comment on my secret and my search. Hopefully the truth will set me free.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Valerian Root

I have had a number of stressful days which have left me short on sleep. I wanted something to help me sleep, but I did not want sleeping pills or Pharmacuticals. I went to the pharmacy and asked for a natural herb that could help and I was offerred Valerian Root. Well it did not help me sleep. BUT, it took away a lot of the chronic physical pain that I have. I was completely and pleasantly surprised. I went to another pharmacy and asked them about this herb. I wanted to see if I could take this daily, not for my sleep, but for my pain. The pharmacist said it shouldnt be a problem, but to monitor my body and be cognicent of my liver. So last night I took another dose and I cant beleive it. Yet another day without pain.
My deep dark secret is that I have been controlling my pain with MJ. I have always been told that I should be using pharmicudicals, but I dont trust the man. I always said, that if I could find something legal, effective and organic, that I would switch. So for two days running, I have felt no need for using my previos self medication. So mom, if you are reading this, I think I may have found the solution.
If anyone knows anything about Valerian Root please share with me. I dont want to trade one "problem" for another. To be honest, I am quite happy with MJ and believe it is Gods gift to me. Its just that it is illegal and many would say a societal problem. I do not share these beleifs, however, I do want to be a law abiding citizen. Perhaps its time to "grow up" as many would say.

Here is a bit about Valerain Root...
Wikipedia Description of Valerian Root.

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis, Valerianaceae) is a hardy perennial flowering plant, with heads of sweetly scented pink or white flowers. The flowers are in bloom in the northern hemisphere from June to September. Valerian was used as a perfume in the sixteenth century.
Native to Europe and parts of Asia, Valerian has been introduced into North America. It is consumed as food by the larvae of some Lepidoptera (butterfly and moth) species including Grey Pug.
Other names used for this plant include garden valerian (to distinguish it from other Valeriana species), garden heliotrope (although not related to Heliotropium) and all-heal. The garden flower red valerian is also sometimes referred to as "valerian" but is a different species, from the same family but not particularly closely related.
Valerian, in pharmacology and phytotherapic medicine, is the name of a herb or dietary supplement prepared from roots of the plant, which, after maceration, trituration, dehydration processes, are conveniently packaged, usually into capsules, that may be used for certain effects including sedation and anxiolytic effect.
Valerian is used against sleeping disorders, restlessness and anxiety, and as a muscle relaxant. Valerian often seems only to work when taken over longer periods (several weeks), though many users find that it takes effect immediately[citation needed]. Some studies have demonstrated that valerian extracts interact with the GABA and benzodiazepine receptors. Valerian is also used traditionally to treat gastrointestinal pain and irritable bowel syndrome. However, long term safety studies are missing. Valerian is sometimes recommended as a first-line treatment when benefit-risk analysis dictates. Valerian is often indicated as transition medication when discontinuing benzodiazepines.
Valerian has uses in herbal medicine as a sedative. The main current use of valerian is as a remedy for insomnia, with a recent meta-analysis providing some evidence of effectiveness.[10] It has been recommended[citation needed] for epilepsy but that is not supported by research (although valproic acid, an analogue of one of Valerian's constituents (valeric acid), is used as an anticonvulsant and mood-stabilizing drug). Valerian root generally does not lose effectiveness over time.
While shown to be an effective remedy for the reduction of anxiety, it has also been reported to cause agitation, headaches and night terrors in some individuals.[11] This may be due to the fact that some people lack a digestive conversion property necessary to effectively break down Valerian. One study found that valerian tends to sedate the agitated person and stimulate the fatigued person, bringing about a balancing effect on the system.[12]

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Environmental Cancer

I was telling my rainbow sister Dawn that I thought that my fathers cancer was a product of our environment. He did not smoke. He did not drink. He lived a clean lifestyle with no historical incidence of cancer. Here is what Dawn replied.....

So sorry to read about your father. I understand the grief and the frustration. We have become products of society, in such a manner, that we believe in consumerism, and we have faith in what is put on the shelves for consumption. We believe that modern medicine is all what they say it is, and we breath humanities farts.


........here is a point to ponder, looking through Dawns eyes


We are the only species that does not go back to the earth. We, like every organism on the planet, are food and nutrient's. We come from her embrace, but we deny her ours. We die, get embalmed, and we are put in an a box that does not rot. Because we are drained of fluids we don't decompose in them boxes naturally. Then we are buried in a plot of many others, and sprinkled with chemicals, such as herbicides and pesticides and fertilizers so it looks good where our bodies lay, how ironic is that.



Irony abounds! There are so many examples of this irony in our society. Quite a Tower of Babel we have here.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Lower Goose Falls - Sturgeon River

My buddy Mike just got back from a few days at the camp. He was pretty disgusted as there had been a massive party at Lower Goose Falls and they left garbage everywhere. He says there was far too much garbage to be hauled out by our ATV's and that we would need to get a truck back there. Why do people do stuff like that?
As you can see by our gear, we like to use this spot. Its pristine and beautiful. The falls are soothing. This is restricted land as it lies in the Sturgeon River Provincial Park. Not even our ATV's are allowed here. We never leave any garbage. We respect this land. It is really unfortunate that some people simply dont care. I'd love to pick up all the trash they left and deliver it to their front door or leave it as a souvineer on their front lawn.
I was at this spot a few weeks ago and I didnt see a speck of garbage and now it looks like the midway at an amusement park. Hey fella's.....trust me on this...its OK to have a good time, BUT its not OK to leave your trash behind. That is just rude, ignorant, inconsiderate and just plain dumb. You are not Cool...You are a fool..now get your asses back there and clean up your mess.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


Sorry Dawn and Bob for not making it out to Mellow Manor. Big Bear couldnt make it and while we still intended to come, we had a bit of a crisis which we attended to. We really want to come for a visit or party, so please invite us back.

Sorry Brian....we were going to drop by on our way out and at least say hello. Your Canada Day BBQ is legendary. Maybe next year.

Sorry Pete...I couldnt even begin to think about going to the surprise party as we were already triple booked. I'm sure you had a good time and I doubt very much if you were able to pull the wool over your wise wifes eyes. She will have still looked surprised!

I wandered over to my neighbours Pig Roast and Fireworks party. The pig was delicious and the fireworks were spectacular. Sorry for coming late and leaving early.

We dont say we are eating PIG. We say we are eating pork.
We dont say we are eating COW. We say we are eating beef.
We dont say we are eating DEER. We say we are eating venison.
Why is that?

Friday, July 03, 2009

Inner Sense

I have been discussing nature and environment with my wise friend Dawn. She has some very interesting perspectives. Dawn has lived directly and even solely from the land. She has foraged and gathered, hunted and fished, and relyed on the wonderful creation for sustinence and survival. She is wonderfully in tune with nature and cause and effect. She is a Rainbow Warrior.

"I normally open my conversation by explaining, how us humans in this modern age, have put our most important sense of our many senses, in the back of our subconscious. We have every sense that all creatures on this earth have, but we live in a four walled environment which protects us from natural elements. The sense that keeps all creatures alive is intuitive, and we no longer have to listen to this inner voice to keep us from dangers, thus making ourselves vulnerable to the elements.This can only be felt. This is our natural alarm." Dawn

Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Canada Day Hero

We were gathered around talking about the beauty and the complexity of Mother Earth and Turtle Island. Sister Dawn related a story of an un named hero.........

There was a lady collecting seeds from the ditch out front of Dawn and Bob's place. Bob jokingly said....hey Dawn....there is a flower person just like you, in the ditch. So Dawn went to see her. The unknown lady was collecting seeds of flowers and wild flowers. Dawn is a person of great botanical knowledge and was intrigued by this lady and her simple motivation.

This lady liked to take the seeds home, and look at the beauty of the seeds through her microscope. Evidently, she has been collecting seeds for many years, from destinations all over this amazing island. Her collection is so big, that she herself has little room in her house. Her collection consists of thousands of varieties.

This lady, to me, has a richness greater than Fort Knox. While some would call this lady eccentric and perhaps an old fool, I nominate her as my Canada Day Hero! Madame, you are a visionary. You may very well be a rainbow.

How We Celebrated Canada Day

Happy Canada Day everyone! Sue and I made a sunken "living room" where the pool used to be. We had gathered all the rocks from the rock garden that had to be dismantled when the new septic went in. We used the rocks to make walls and a new garden. We re-used the old lumber from the pool and all the sand. My buddy Todd had given us a few lengths of 6by6 beams. We moved the patio furniture and the old wood stove to the new outdoor living room. And then it rained. The answer is yes....It still holds water...doh. We had an evening downpour that left 3 inches of water in the "living room". It took 4 hours to drain. I knew that would happen. We will have to work out the drainage problem, but in the meantime.......nice place to hang out. We will pickup a few annuals today and plant scarlet runner beans.