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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Strange Thankyou

Part 1 overview
I have one of the greatest offices in my building. Its so big its almost cavernous. I have huge windows. I feel like a real executive. People are amazed when I bring them in.
Part 2 background
I have had a re occurring nightmare that has plagued me for the last 7 years. Its like this....
I go to the office to find that my office has been relocated without my knowledge. I search high and low for my office and belongings. Often I find then tucked away in little windowless cubby holes. This nightmare has happened about 10 times and ends up as a burdon that I carry around for the rest of the day.
Part3 a strange thankyou
My boss came to me yesterday and said that he has hired 2 more people but doesn't have anywhere to put them. He asked me if I would be kind and gracious enough to allow him to relocate me to a slightly smaller office, so they can share mine. He was so geniune.... a stark contrast to my nightmares of relocation. I said "Jimmy, thankyou for asking! I would be delighted to change offices". He thought my reaction was a little strange as this was clearly a down grade for me. I explained the nightmares I have been having. I was so releived to be asked and not just told. Even though I am down grading, I feel like a million bucks!
Part 4 Application
If my nightmare ever returns, I can just roll over and fall asleep because I know that my boss would never do that to me without asking..... He proved it to me yesterday

Friday, August 26, 2005

Holy Cow! I better watch what I say!

I made the big times with a recommendation by the great Jacob2-2 on his birchbarq blogspot. I better watch what I say now. If fact, I better go re- read my blogs and clean up some of the spelling and grammer. I've kinda just been spilling beans on the blog. I wonder if maybe I might have been a little passionate here and there. I wonder if I've said anything that I might regret? I've tried to change some names to protect the innocent, but lets face it.....it probably wont take to much to figure who I've been talking about. Got to go

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Alpha Thoughts

I love this Alpha course. Of course it is a joy to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a pleasure for me to talk about the questions people have about God. I am thankful for the opportunity and the program. But it goes even deeper than that. I just love the fellowship and sharing aspect.
The latest Alpha course we are doing right now should have been finished months ago. We are not. You see Nicky talking in front of 100's of people. We have dwindled down to 3 of us. While we began Alpha with grand catered dinners in a rented halls, we are now in our homes, eating humble home cooked meals and sharing with each other.
I have so enjoyed the time with our 2 participants. In a rural sense they are neighbours. In a Godly sense, they have become brothers and sisters. In a heritage sense they are kin. I thank and praise God that I have been able to fellowship with these 2 wonderful people.
Mr X is an amazing cook with a great sense of hunour. Mrs. X has a gift for hospitality and caring and helping others. But best of all, they are Scottish....haha. My Granny was Scottish. Listening to them talk reminds me of my Grannie. Listening to their storied lives takes me back to stories my Grannie told.
My Grannie passed away a number of years ago. I think of her often. I miss her. She was a wonderful christian woman. I am proud of her and I am proud of my heritage.
I am so grateful that these two wise people, Mr X and Mrs X, have had a calling in their hearts to better understand God and His Word for us. I am even more grateful that I was the one chosen to explore these questions with them.
I wish I could say I had all the answers to their questions. I wish I had responses to some of their objections or beleifs that might differ from my own. I just dont. What I do have is a love for them as seeking people. I now have a love for them as brothers and sisters.
As we are nearing the end of this course I am asking myself. Was this a success? What did we do that we could have done better? Should we insist on Holy Spirit weekend? Do we have minimum numbers? While I am busy pondering these questions, God is moving on their hearts.
I guess I should just sum it up through cyber prayer...........

God, thank You. Thank You for being present with us. Thank You for Your Word and Your eternal faithfulness. Thank You that it is not about fancy convincing words that I may have. Thank You that its not about using apologetics to grant people to Your kingdom. Thank you that even in the awkward moments of silence that You were there. Father I pray that You will continue to work in the hearts of Mr and Mrs X. Lord would You fill the holes, cover the wounds, answer the questions, and comfort their minds. Mr X is a very wise and learned man. You know that cause You created him. Lord would You help him take his head knowledge and move it to his heart. Would You grant him the simple faith that he is seeking. Lord, when these two dear people wake up in the morning, would You be there to great them with open arms and a trusting spirit. Would You make it OK for them not to have all the answers. Lord, You have time and again proven Your love and faithfulness to Your people. Would You make these two poeple know exactly who You are and would You remind them daily fo Your sacrifice for them. This is a tough world with lots of competition. Would You drown out all the distraction that might be keeping them from a greater relationship with You. Thankyou Lord for using me, a broken vessel, to share Your love with them. Would You continue to use me as You see fit. Guide me and strengthen me, that Your power and glory might be revealed to this dark world. I pray this in and through the name of the one who died for me, Jesus Christ. All Praise and Glory to Your name. amen


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Praise the Lord Event Part Trois

"The Lord laid it on my heart to forgive your debt"
Thats what Mr Wood said. I got to thinking about that statement.
I got to thinking about Obedience, Forgiveness and Love.

Mr Wood felt he was being asked by God to forgive my debt.He responded in obedience and did just that.

A man came up to Jesus and asked him how he could get to the kingdom of God. Jesus told him to sell everything he owned, pick up his cross and follow God. Sounds like a tall order. I think what he was saying is that a person had to be prepared to give up everything temporal and focus on the kingdom. If the man had done what Jesus asked, then he would have showed obedience to God and would have been rewarded. No, the man couldnt get his head aroung giving up something that was rightfully his. This was a tall order.

In contrast, Mr Wood was quite prepared to give up something that was rightfully his, for the sake of another. Mr Wood was obedient to Gods desire.
This act of debt forgiveness is an awesome example to me. It reminds me of the great love that God has for us. It reminds me of the love that we need to have for each other.

When we look back to the Old Testament, God was quite angry with how we treated each other. Debt forgiveness was made into law called Jubilee. God knew that the people at that time were preying on each other. People were brought into slavery and bondage because of their debts to each other. Love and forgiveness were very difficult concepts and had to be made law, because they were not second nature. God did say there would come a time when this law would be written on our hearts.

Ultimately God fixed this issue by dying on the cross as an ultimate sign of love and forgiveness. I think about terms like self giving love, forsaking oneself for a brother, loving a neighbour as thyself, love the Lord thy God and thy neighbour as thyself etc.

So if Mr Wood was obedient to Gods desire for my debt to be forgiven, where does that leave me? I could chose to accept the debt forgiveness or insist on paying the debt.

If I chose to accept the debt forgiveness, then I am substantiating Mr Woods desire to be obedient to God and forgive me. I also now think about God. He obviously therefor wanted Mr Wood to forgive me. Who is the most blessed? Mr Wood is blessed because of his obedience and I am blessed by being forgiven.

What If I let my pride speak and say no. What if I reject the offer? Am I rejecting Gods desire that mt debt might be forgiven? Am I rejecting Mr Woods claim and obedience?

I dont want to read too much into this, but it is beginning to remind me of my saviour. This scenario is almost a "type" of Christ.

Forgiveness is available to us. Accept Gods free gift of Jesus Christ and you will be saved. Jesus came to teach us how God wanted us to relate to Himself and to our own brothers and sisters. We accumulated a very large debt and he offerred us forgiveness. Do we accept this gift or do we reject this gift?

Ask yourself 2 things.
One......Do I accept the free gift of God's forgiveness?
Two......If God calls on me to forgive soemone else of their debt, will I be obedient and do so?

I am grateful to Mr Wood for reminding me about obedience, love and forgiveness.
Every time I look at those skillfully crafted beams, I will remember that they came to me at someone else's expense.

The love and gratitude build up momentum in my heart to the point where I cant wait for God to ask me to do the same. I hope I don't let him down.

Gracious Father. Thank you for this lesson about obedience, love and forgiveness. Thank you that you paid the ultimate price for me. Thank you that you continue to speak to us today. Lord grant me strength, wisdom and love that will make me like you in heavenly terms, and like Mr Wood in earthly terms. Thank you Lord for Mr Wood. I pray that you will bless and keep him. Father, sometimes I feel unworthy of your love and forgivness. Sometimes I feel like you are so far away. Thank you for reminding me that you are not. Lord I love you and pray that I may never forsake you.
I pray this in the wonderful forgiving name of Jesus Christ.


Praise the Lord Event Part Deux

So the wood arrived last night as planned. I was so pleased to have the money. I handed over the dough. Only one problem. I had miscalculated the amount I owed. As it turns out, I was still $180.00 shy....oops.

So there I was faced with the embarrassment and saddled with debt anyway. He was good about it. I could see he felt bad for me as he was quick to justify the bill to me. It took 2 men and extra 5 hours to prepare the wood the way I wanted. The extra bill was completely justified. So there I was....unable to pay. I was releived as he was understanding.Though I was indebted, I still had to say "Praise the Lord" for his understanding. We arranged that I would pay as soon as I got the dough.

The wood is beautiful and he and his guys did an awesome job!; a job worthy of much more than I owed.

Well this morning at 7:00 a.m. I took a call from Mr Wood (thats what I will call him) He told me this...."the Lord laid it on my heart last night to forgive your debt. If its OK with you, I'd like to call us even" If its OK with me.......are you kidding!I would love for my debt to be forgiven. I said Praise the Lord!

I feel like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders. All the way in to work, I was pondering the concept of Love, Obedience and Forgiveness. I will try to explore that later in part trois of this Praise the Lord Trilogy.

By the way.....did I say "Praise the Lord"?


Praise the Lord Event Part 1

I ordered some custom timber for my house months ago. I will be using the pine beams to create a study den library for my wife and myself. Well the beams have been ready for quite some time, but I haven't been able to come up with the dough to pay. I recently received a commission cheque and quickly set the money aside. I called and told him everything was a go. I was to take delivery of the wood yesterday. One problem.... my car broke down last week and I had some extra expense arrive due to my car accident. This left me $250.00 shy of the amount owing. I had already arranged delivery and dreaded having to tell him that I didn't have all the money.
This really worried me. I know he would have been OK and would have understood, but my pride was hurting.
I arrived at the office yesterday and was handed an unexpected bonus cheque of $270.00. Praise the Lord! I went to the bank, collected the dough and went home happy as a lark that I would be spared the embarrassment of not being able to pay.

Did I say Praise the Lord already? Well I'll say it again.....Praise the Lord!


Thursday, August 11, 2005


My previous blog showed all the frogs in my little gardedn pond.
I had so much fun. I almost gave them all names.
A couple of days later, there was a dead goldfish and 3 half frogs.
The Lilly pads were torn up and the frogs were no where to be found.
Darn Coons!
Its typical isn't it? Just when you got a good thing going,
someone comes along and messes it up.
The frogs have started to show there faces again.
They aren't as tame as they were before,
and not as plentiful.....
....and they still find me a nuisance!

Monday, August 01, 2005

The Day Off

Just reveling in the fact that I have a day off
with no agenda or obligations.
I have been spending the day doing useful things
like playing with my garden frogs.
I'm trying to see how many I can get into a picture,
and how close I can get.
How many can you count?
They are no longer afraid of me,
but they do find me to be a bit of a nuisance.