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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

No Bones No Blood in the Temple

I have been ignoring my conscience when it comes to food and killing. I continually say that I am going to eat healthy but I never do it. I hit 238 pounds, I have bad bones and arthritis. My knee is bone on bone. Its completely senseless of me to be carrying so much weight. On top of this, I have a growing fear and awareness that our food system and ways have been severely compromised. Couple this with the fact that animal agriculture is one of the most destructive forces we have ever seen. The more I research the more I am convinced that I MUST downsize and eat with my conscience. I must base my meal around real live food of known origin. Its tough but not impossible.

I am craving and enjoying a "no death in the temple" approach to food. No Bones, no blood in my kitchen. As a hunter/fisher and gatherer, this approach to life seams diametrically opposed to my current lifestyle. Nonetheless, the command to my heart is no death in the temple and so by conscience I must follow where this leads. Mother Earth has been an extraordinary provider and the Lord has filled my cup to overflowing.

I want to be meek and humble and I want to give true thanksgiving. I have found that the last couple weeks have been difficult with me craving abundance and indulgence. The good thing, is I have found myself truly grateful for cabbage, and squash, and potatoes and carrots and apples and the glorious list goes on. Lentils, Beans, Rice...its all so good when you are hungry.

Heavenly Father thank you for your richest blessings and help me to be truly grateful and live like it.

Monday, December 28, 2015

time for change

"time for change" don wright 2015

Its time for a change for me. I carry too much weight and I have been carrying a growing burdon for my footprint on this earth. Who knows what the future holds and it comes a time to seek ones conscience. Images of death and destruction and slavery play heavy while my desire for truth and grace increases. I have decided there is no more death in the temple. There is only life love and gratitude, My conscience tells me to eat only nuts, fruits seeds and veggies. This is a personal choice and I pass no judgements on any one or anything other than myself and what I invite into my life

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Qi and Hu, Ruach and Jah

Qi and Hu, Ruach and Jah
don wright

2015 has been a year of hardships and blessings. I lost a good friend and that didnt feel so good. It makes one ponder and reflect. I try to seek the good in all things. I still love Jesus.