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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Heart of the City

My daughter and her friends wanted to experience life in the big city. They were all country kids, having grown up together in small town Ontario. I am so proud of these kids. They have done wonderful things. Here is a clip about Kensington and Deb and Noelle, busking at Kensington Market.

Here is the link to the site http://jarvisemerald.com/2011/03/yay-kensington-market-ukulele-girls/

cheers to Ukelele Chicks!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shed So Many Tears

Ghetto Gospel

Only God Can Judge Me - 2pac

Our World - Why Love

Someone said to me, "I cant beleive you listen to this". Interesting. I grew up, sheltered by love, and was never really exposed to the harsh realities. I listen to this music with empathy, as it points to world in need of love and redemption. Many of my friends say that bad music breeds bad thoughts and that I should not support or glamourize. On the other hand, this is reality. This is actually happening. Things things have actually happened. This music merely shines a spotlight on this ugliness. It is easy for me to dis the T, but it was the T that showed me people, caught in struggle. The only answer is love. It sounds like hate. The words and the language and the topics and content smell like hate. Yet, how is it that when I listen to it, my heart yearns for love and peace. The great Ying and Yang, the conflict of good and evil, the trickster rabbit, the 2 sides of the coin, the great mystery. Its not what enters a man that makes him unholy....its what comes out. Welcome to the real world don. Its a place that cries out for justice. Its a place full of pain and misfortune. Like crabs in a bucket, each is pulled down to the lowest common denominator. Do we sing about it? How the heck would I have ever known about it...I have been sheltered by love. Thank you Tupac. My heart goes out to you. Thank you Lord Jesus, for the day you wipe every tear from our eyes.

I Can Only Imagine

go for the 7th...no..no..it wont work....shuterdown..haha
"I Can Only Imagine" is a song recorded by contemporary Christian music group MercyMe. Released on MercyMe's 2001 debut album Almost There, the song received major airplay on both Christian and mainstream radio.[3] It earned three Dove Awards in 2002 for "Pop Song", "Song of the Year", and "Songwriter of the Year" for its author and MercyMe lead singer Bart Millard.[3] The song is also their only single to date to receive significant airplay on Country radio, peaking at #52. The single was certified Platinum by the RIAA in April 2010, the first Christian song to ever have been digitally downloaded 1 million times.

Niijii - Friend

Hey..Thanks anon! What a great name!
We shall call him Niijii.
Niijii is only 6 or 8 weeks old.
Niijii is learning to fly
and is taking great delight in finding perch and sleep sites.
Niijii like to cuddle with my son.
Niijii knows we are friends and family
The cats are respecting and almost afraid on contact.
Niijii fell asleep in a flower pot, on a chair,
and on the cat castle.
Niijii loves his food and water
and is learning to bathe and get wet.
Niijii is very well adjusted
and does not fear us.
He will step up to a finger
and allow himself to be held and cuddled.
What a beautiful bird!


If I speak in the tongues of men
or of angels,
but do not have love,
I am only a resounding gong
or a clanging cymbal.

If I have the gift of prophecy
and can fathom all mysteries
and all knowledge,
and if I have a faith that can move mountains,
but do not have love,
I am nothing.

If I give all I possess to the poor
and give over my body to hardship
that I may boast,
but do not have love,
I gain nothing.

Love is patient,
love is kind.
It does not envy,
it does not boast,
it is not proud. 
It does not dishonor others,
it is not self-seeking,
it is not easily angered,
it keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil
but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects,
always trusts,
always hopes,
always perseveres.

(1 Corinthians 13)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Talking Budgies-The Good the Bad and the Ugly

My Baby Budgie

I saw this little budgie the day it was born. His mom and dad were the most beautiful english budgies I had ever seen. I watched as this little guy got his feathers and grew so quickly. The Pet store owner held him several times a day and he is quite calm with humans. I bought all the little nicknacks and happy treats for him.  
He sits in my office with me. Her spends a lot of time in my son's hand. He is being held and manipulated and kissed and talked to. Soon he will think he is human.

What shall we name him?
I'm thinking BoBo or Bo for short..haha
Help me out here....

Unexpected Visitor

While I was in the pet shop picking up my baby budgie, My wife and son conspired and bought this little kitty. We didnt go to get a kitty, we went to get a bird! This little fellow latched on my son while we were in the store and there was no seperating or denying....hahahha...he bought the kitty for $10.00.

He moved right in and began playing with everything!

Caroline the Lion is a little upset right now. He is cautiously watching and any time kitty gets to close, he smacks him. Caroline is staring out the windows again...I think we upset him a bit.....,.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dealing With Stress

Lost and Found

After a week and a half of imprinting, many purrs, and playing with toys, I figured it would be safe to let kitty outside. He was tentative at first, always coming back to the door to make sure he was safe. Then, he jumped the fence and bolted. Bye Bye Kitty. 2 days passed and no sign of the cat. One evening as I was returning from ice fishing, kitty had come back, but saw us and ran. We had a big snow and I went cat tracking. I walked the neighbourhood and saw no signs. I went over to Richards place and borrowed his racoon trap. Dylan loaded the trap using catnip(Kitty weed) and food. At 1am this morning, the trap went off, and voila, Kitty returned home. He was freaked at first, but within a few minutes he was purring, oh and eating....and eating. He spent last night on the foot of our bed, and he is still there now.

Last Days of Ice Fishing

We fished pretty much all aftyer noon and into the evening with no luck. Dead. Not even a sniff. With one more day left in the season, I decided I would relocate to my house.
I loaded up my hut on the sleigh using my winch.
I cleaned up all my mess and headed on home for the last evening fish 
I set up my hut in front of my house, right beside an inbound stream.
We were 15 feet from open water, yet the ice was still over 2 feet thick. I had a hunch about this spot.

On the final evening we caught a pike, a ling, and a pickerel.
We had a massive fish fry up at the house, and ended the season on a high note.
Yesterday after work, I went and retreived my hut. They are lined up, waiting for another season.

This was a great season! I learned how to eat and like fish. We had fish dinners twice a week. All in all we (the team) caught about 60 pickerel. We learned that the prime time is at sundown, so we were able to devote a couple hours a night as part of our routine. Many nights we got skunked and many nights we were succesful. All in all it was a great season. Now we shall watch the ice melt on the river.

I cant wait to put my boat back in the water!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Its Like Berry Picking

I was just sitting here marvelling at the wonders of todays technology. I worked in the city for years. I put countless miles on my cars and myself. I spent literally hours a day in traffic. The whole thing became unbearable for this country boy. After doing this for years and years it was time for a radical change.

We wanted to return to the land. We wanted to define a tighter spending circle. We wanted to become more integrated with community and less globally. We wanted to eat food and buy goods as close to home as possible. We stood prepared to leave everything behind to accomplish this. We sold our house and we moved.

I made a last minute arrangement with my boss for a straight commission pay schedule. If I dont sell I dont eat. If the farmer doesnt tend his crop, he doesnt eat. If the hunter fails to capture prey, he doesnt eat. This job is like picking berries! This is the virtual reality of returning to the land. The way I have returned is by eliminating my fuel consumption and wasted time, coupled with now relying on all the tools I have, to feed my family. I use the land and the water to provide much food, and I spend with more of an environmental conscience.

I spend 9 hours a day in front of my computer and my telephone. North America is my berry patch. I get to keep a certain percentage of all the berries I pick. If i dont pick a berry, I dont eat, and if I pick more berries than I need, then I am in a position to share. I lift my heart in gratitude to the creator for every berry I find.

Things are much simpler now. I have less stress. I feel good about myself and my decision. I am faithful that just as the sparrow is provided for, ...so am I. All I have to do is keep picking those berries with resolve and gratitude, while sharing the blessings and bounties with my community......and there you have it. My recipe for success.

Peace be your journey

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adventures of Caroline - King of the Tom Cats

My friend Pete made this for his cat. Since his cat passed on, he donated it to Caroline. Much to my surprise Caroline even plays on it. Our previous red tabby "Big Red" would never have stood for such childish displays. Caroline knew immediately what to do!
Caroline just got back from the beaty parlour. I had removed a ton of hair knots and it was evident, the only way to help Caroll was to get him shaved. They gave him the dignified "Lion Cut". Sue got him a nice big bag of cat weed for his troubles and when he got home, he had some weed, played with some toys and exercised his dominion over Cat Castle.

Monday, March 14, 2011

"Grandfather Rock - Lake Obabika" copyright don wright 2011

"Hand of Reason" - copyright don wright 2011

I have been taught that there is a purpose for everything. My Christian upbringing taught me this. My journey on the Red Road has taught me this. Norval taught me this through his thunderbirds. Every painting has a home. Sometimes the painting must pass through many hands before reaching the rightful owner. Sometimes we know right away, and sometimes it takes time.

These paintings are "medicine" paintings and they represent spritual connectedness. These medicine paintings are meant to help people cast vision and gain understanding of our connectedness to a loving creator and gifts of the creator. These paintings are to help people set their minds free to dream and explore our place in creation. These paintings were painted with love, using the rudimentary talents bestowed on me for this purpose.

Lord God, magnificent Creator,
You created heavens and earth
and You poured Your love into Your people.
I ask Lord God that these paint symbols reflect Your perfect love.
May these paint symbols bring joy and reflection.
May these paint symbols bring peace to the heart
and cause us to dream magnificent dreams.
All praise and glory to Your Spirit
and may it flourish in our hearts and minds.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Turtle Love - Patti Rainbow

"Turtle Love" Copyright Patti Rainbow 2011

I have been giving these little Patti Rainbow friendship turtles
to friends and people I respect.
Each one is hand made with love.
I know.
 I have seen the factory.
Patti sent me this on my facebook.
 It looks like my next batch is ready.
To all my friends, I bid you peace, love and goodwill.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Long Ride Home

No worries...he travels well. All we need to do is duct tape the box and we are good to go.....Famous last words. Within 30 minutes of our journey I could smell cat urine....and down went the window a bit. After another 30 minutes I could smell diahera and the window went down all the way. After another 30 minutes, the box was almost breached and a urine and crap soaked cat was about to set itself free in my van.

I pulled of the highway in Barrie and went to the Petsmart shop. I picked up a nice new cat carrier, a bag of ktty litter, a litter box and some food. I did the transfer, trashed the soiled and destroyed box and hit the road. After that, kitty was good...all pooped out and now to tired to complain. When I got home, I ran him a bath and washed him down...hahaha cats sure look scrawny when they are wet. He is a tropper and just let me do what I had to do. He is getting settled in, but he is going to need a lot of grooming and personal attention.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

A Wonderful Day in the Neighbourhood

My brother in law and a freind escaped the rain in the south and kept driving until there was a enough snow to go for a good ride. They arrived last night and we watched the weather channel with eager expectation. Sure enough, it snowed all night and the riding was excellent! Here is Sue and I at Sandy Falls. Its a wonderful day in the neighbourhood!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Smelling the Musical Roses

"Smell the Roses" copyright donwright 2009

Sue has the Cable TV station set to an oldies music station and I just heard a song that I havnt heard in years. I love that song, and many others on this station. After hearing so many songs that I havnt heard in a long time, I am feeling all sentimental and peaceful. Wow...the power of music. Or is it the power of memories? I have been so blessed, that I cant think of a single song that I associate with bad feelings. Well, maybe thats not true.hhhhmmm I dont like "Stairway to Heaven". One night, alone in my basement apartment at university, I decided to put the "reverse" theory to the test. When I ran the song backwards, what I heard scared the shit out of me. I immediately destroyed the album. When I hear the song, other than when the wankers do it, I recall this dark memory....haha..heres Wankerdeluxe doing stairway to heaven...perhaps this will become your dark memory!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Kitty Cats, Budgies, Bald Eagles and Foxes

My daughter just emailled me this pic of our new house guest Caroline.
I will pick him up on Tuesday. Deb says he is a good traveller. 

(pic found on net to illustrate - wish I had my camera!)
I dropped into the pet store to see my baby budgie. The pet store owner
handles them, kisses them and cuddles them in her hand several times a day.
She says a couple more weeks and we should be prime.

(pic found on net to illustrate - wish I had my camera!)
I went snowmobiling tonight North of my place.
I came across a pair of Bald Eagles. They saw me and took flight. 

(pic found on net to illustrate - wish I had my camera!)
I stopped at Sandy Falls on the way home and watched a fox.
I cleared my throat so he knew I was there and he freaked,
running as fast as his little paws would take him.

Lord God, mighty creator,
thank You for all forms of life.
Thank You that I can enjoy the bounty of Your creation.
Thank You for the beauty that greets me each day,
I am grateful for Your creation

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Cat Rescue

Well our pet free time has now ended. Sue and I decided that when we moved, we would have no pets for a year. We didnt quite make it. We are called upon to take in this orange tabby. His daddy had to leave the country. His name is Caroline...hahaa. We will call him Carroll..its a nice french name. I rekon it doesnt matter what you call them...they wont listen. Except BigRed. You could call him and he would come. If you had food or loving attention he would even stay. I will pickup Carroll downtown Toronto and bring him to paradise next week. Carroll will have to spend some time inside getting his bearings and feeling some security. Perhaps in a few months we can let him out. He is going to have to learn to love the budgie I just ordered. You see, after 6 months, we were both dying to break our one year embargo. There is the most beautiful English Budgie in town that just hatched 3 eggs. Little bald gaffers should be ready in a month.....hhhhmm...expensive cat food for sure.

Rainbow Spirit - Could You Draw GOD?

"Rainbow Spirit" Copyright don wright 2011

I was just thinking about youngsters being asked to draw God. What a daunting challenge! ..perhaps an impossible mission. I think that if we gathered up all the pictures and likeness' that have been drawn of God, we wouldnt even come close! Well let me rephrase that. I'm not saying our pictures would be wrong, just incomplete. God may very well be the accumulation of every creative vision experience by every living creature from the beginning of time....and then some. A picture of God is also a personal thing. I think each person has a little image or likeness in their mind. Some are more elaborate than others. While we were told not to worship graven images, I think that we all have a need and right to define in our minds a picture of God. Attempting to translate our vision to paper is a creative thing. I dont beleive that Muslims are allowed to draw God. In a way I can see why. Perhaps each image alone does not come close to the glory of God. Yet in my heart and mind, I see a personal God. A God wanting me to explore, enjoy life, share with others and to love Him with all my heart. It is from this love that I paint.