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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

26 years!

This is the lady who has put up with me for 26 years! 26 years today! I can hardly beleive it. I love her more and more every day, as if thats even possible!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Internal Debate Externalized Part Two

I want chocolate covered almonds right now.
I will hop in my car and drive up to the corner store, and I will fetch me some of these beauties. I deserve these. I worked my butt off today. I dont really need these when it comes to my over weight, yet if I dont, then I will feel ripped off...espescially after going all the way to the net to find a picture of these beauties. Ya thats it, and when I'm at the store I may as well get some chocolate ice cream. Ya thats it. see ya...I'll let you know how I made out.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Agony of Defeat

Well I've been working on a painting that was supposed to be a reflection of a vision I had. I still have the vision, but what I dont have is the skill yet to put it on canvas. I have to declare this painting dead, so what do I do with the carcass? My first thought is to simply paint over it. My other thought is to try to fix it, but really, I dont think I can express it yet. My wife suggests I put it away for a later date. She says, put it away and start fresh. What if I was to die tomorrow? Would I want that painting hanging around? Jeesh. Yet, I did make it, however disappointing it is. I know...I could give it to my mother! She sees everything through the eyes of love. Heck, I could paint an X on a piece of paper, and she would love it because I made it. No thats not fair. She is deservant of a much nicer work! Maybe I should keep it as an example of how not to execute my vision in the future. I know I have to make mistakes so I can learn...jeesh, and now I feel bad about wanting to destroy this darn thing. As I look at it, I kinda feel sorry for it. Maybe if I spend a bit more time on it, I could then put it away...ya thats it

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Could I Still Know God?

"Gitchie Manido Great Spirit Praises" Copyright 2009 don wright

Ok, so I posed this question. If all the religious books and all the religious teachers were wiped from existance, could we still know God? I thought I might just ramble a bit and play with that thought. I realize its an impossible question but what the heck.

So here I am. No Knowledge of God. No one to teach me or show me. Nothing for me to read. Everyone around me is in the same boat. Lets say everything is great, I have food, shelter, companionship and of course..."stuff". Do I know God? Do I consider that these great things I have, to be provided by someone or something much greater or more powerful than myself?....not likely. I dont think I would know God or seek to know God, unless of course He chose me, called me or introduced Himself to me. I rekon, outside of God revealing himself to me, I would have no cause to seek him as long as all was well. I guess I'm a bit ashamed at that, but, hey..I just think thats what would happen.

Ok so lets say that things are NOT very good. Lets say I cant find food or shelter. Lets say I face hardship of every kind, that cause me great stress, discomfort and fear. Now, am I likely to seek a God, or a higher power, to help me in my time of need? Would I cry out to someone or somethiong unseen in my anguish and search? Would I begin to question my existance and the why's, and hows of it all? I think I would. I think that through my brokeness I would seek. My sense is that as I seeked, God would be found. If I didnt seek, then I am sure those around me would. As answers were found, no doubt they would be shared. People would begin to share their experience, their stories, their ideas and of course their questions.

Amongst the people, there would be those who were more passionate about the search and sharing the knowledge. There would perhaps be those who God Himself guided or put his spirit of knowledge and teaching in. There would be those who understood the importance of these teachings and seek to pass down this knowledge. These would be the Shamans, the Elders, The Prophets, The Rabbi's, The Pastors etc. There would be seeds for stories, legends, teachings, wisdom collections and art.

Lets say that each of these groups of poeple lived in differant places in the world, and lived in conflict with each other. If we shared what we learned, would it be heard? Would it be accepted? Could each of us have come to a knowledge and acceptance of "God" in our own way?

Heres a ramble. I am standing there and lightning strikes my house and it blows up in flames. Hhhhmm. I have had this suspision of a higher power and suddenly I see proof. Only a God could have power like that! So I begin to worship this "God" whos face is lightning. I create an art that looks like a lightning bolt and I begin to use it in my prayers. I put it around my neck to remind me and others of my devotion to the lightning God. I begin to see and understand the importance of this new found lightning God.

Or lets say I'm standing there and a snake lurches forward and bites the person beside me. They immediately fall down dead, foaming at the mouth. OK, so who and what has the power to create or destroy life like this? Only a God. So then I wonder, why did the snake bite him and not me. I begin to seek Gods answer. Who is God? Dont know yet, but I think He might be in the snake. So I share my snake story and make a piece of art to remind me. I use this art as I recall the tale and possible xplanation of the all powerful snake God.

All around me people are beginning to find answers in differant ways. All were seeking, and to all, came answers.

So where is God in all this? Well I rekon either he would sit silent, or he would interject. He would either hide himself or make himself known.

If he stayed up there in heaven silently watching as we fought with each other about His existance, then although He would find it pathetic, I think He would also grant grace as He Himself did nothing to clear the air or make the truth known. I guess we as people would just cling to the cllective thought of our culture, as we attempted to support one another and find common ground to the questions we had.

Lets say that God did not sit silent, but willfully made himself known to man. Of course, this would be good, as we searchers would be given the answers from the creator itself.......interesting....creator itself. Jeesh, so all along in my fantasy I have been referring to this mighty God as He, yet since in my fantasy, all knowledge had been wiped clean, it does not make sense for me to consider God to be He.

I suppose in a world where man is lording over woman with strength, it is probable for me to project God to therfor be a man. No wait. The most beautiful thing on earth is a woman's body, therefor I imagine God would be 36, 24, 36..no wait a minute, 38, 24, 36...She is after all God!

Yet as I consider fresh, God become more universal....neither male nor female. It does not make logical sense to give God a gender. Yet if I call God "IT" then suddenly my past life as an israellite gets all offended. My goodness, imagine if during my time as a musician in King Davids court, I referred to the Lord God as IT or She! I would have been thrown on the ark of the covenant!

Where was I? Oh yes, so God chooses to reveal itself to mankind. What does that look like? How is that done? Does it happen to everyone? Does it reveal itself to only select few? Who? How? Would God do it the same for all people or is God seen in their experiences?

hhhmmm..lots of questions. I rekon that everyone would be asking questions like this as we all searched to understand life.

I wonder if I made it all too complicated. I wonder if there is a simple God Spirit that simply dwells in us. We could search high and low for something we simply have.

My wise sister Brenda planted this seed. Here is how she put it...."Even our thoughts and ideas are not who we are, but who we are is the person underneath those thoughts and ideas. Because i can have thoughts, so there must be a me to have those thoughts, so that me is spirit and...then i start thinking.....I read in a book recently that ego (flesh, thoughts, ideas, self) is selfish and that our spirit isn't, it's just us. Like we're draggin around our sorry-ass mind and body that gets in the way of us being spirit led."

Well I'm going to stop my little fantasy now and ponder. I guess one thing I would like to say is that I sure am glad to have the very spirit of God dwell in me. I am glad I am not seeking God for the first time, with no knowledge of him. I have seen what that kind of life is like. I am glad God chose to reveal Himself to me through Jesus Christ.......the Ultimate Shaman......God with us...God in me.

Smile...God loves you

Monday, May 17, 2010

What a Differance a Year Makes!

Temagami River 2009

Temagami River 2010

Wow!! What a differance a year makes. I am told the waters havnt been this low since 1920's. Not much snow this winter and not mcu rain this spring. I think we can expect a fire ban for this coming long weekend.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Old Soul?

I went to a party last night and someone came up to me and we struck up conversation. She suddenly said, “let me see your eyes…oh my goodness….you are an “Old Soul” aren’t you?” Not knowing how to reply I said “Yes I am”. She said, “tell me where you have been” I surprised myself by saying “ I was a musician in Jerusalem in King David’s Court of praise…I lived on the banks of the Oban in Western Scotland and I lived close to what is now the Old Growth in Temagami. I beleive my spirit name is Waabaanakwad.” She was floored and so was I. When she asked if I have had an out of body experience, I said “Yes….that is why I have to wear glasses…haha “

This crazy little exchange got me thinking…..While I don’t believe in re-incarnation, I believe that there is a cosmic consciousness or connectedness in which we all share. Its kinda like an instinct thing or an innate access to source. I have been trying to understand why I believe I have had multiple existences here on earth. The best I can tell is that somehow, someway, I have access to the ancients knowledge or have access to the Spirit which reveals these things. Perhaps there is some DNA strand that passes ancient knowledge kinda like instinct does. Perhaps I and many others just like me, just have very active imaginations. Perhaps all this talk makes for a self fulfilling prophesy. Whatever it is, I can not shake these distant “memories” or thoughts of memories.

Why do I believe I was a musician in King Davids Court of Praise? Why do I smell the ocean and feel ancient bonnie Scotland in my being? Why, when I went on vision quest to Temagami, did I have the sense that I was coming home, or that I had been at that very spot before. I cried at the foot of the ancient three sisters (trees) and my wife thought I was a weirdo. When I crouch down to take water from a lake, I feel like I have been doing this for centuries. Why do I feel comfort to sleep in the wilderness with no fear. Why do I feel like the trees and animals talk to me? Why do I hear God’s voice talking to me? Why Why Why?

I went for mental health counseling and was told that if I hear or feel things like this, that I am perhaps suffering from a number of different mental issues…..haha..tell me something I don’t know.

In the meantime, if you have any thoughts, questions or ideas regarding past life memories or experience, please chime in. There is no way you could sound crazier than me!

Thunderbird Guide

"Thunderbird Guide" Copyright 2010 don wright

I painted this last night.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

"In Loving Memory of Oliver"

"In Loving Memory of Oliver" copyright 2010 don wright

 Our friend Oliver died the other day. He died too young. He died of a broken heart. We are going to mourn the loss with his family today, mothers day. I painted this for Olivers mom yesterday. It is a picture of the transition and translation of Oliver Bodemann. I tried to provide the medicines of love and peace and unity. Everyone talks about the great light and so I wanted Oliver to bask in it. I built the painting based on fours and circles, which are symbols of the creators perfection and provide a framework of balance. I tried to use a soul pleasing blue in Oliver and around the great light to signify how he is now one with the great spirit. I put Christ's cross in his body for it is Christ who prepared Olivers way back to the creator.


Friday, May 07, 2010

Ezekiel 37:21-24 (Today's New International Version)

'This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I will take the Israelites out of the nations where they have gone. I will gather them from all around and bring them back into their own land. 22 I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel. There will be one king over all of them and they will never again be two nations or be divided into two kingdoms. 23 They will no longer defile themselves with their idols and vile images or with any of their offenses, for I will save them from all their sinful backsliding, [a] and I will cleanse them. They will be my people, and I will be their God. 24 " 'My servant David will be king over them, and they will all have one shepherd. They will follow my laws and be careful to keep my decrees.

This is certainly good news for an "Israelite" as this,Gods plan, seems to be a promise that does not require any action by the people except to defile themselves and backslide. This is magnificent grace. This is God's plan for these "backsliding" people. God will forgive and cleanse. I dont see any rules whatsoever that they need to follow, for if they did, they would surely break them and then God would forgive their sins anyway. Its what He plans to do. I beleive this is symbolic of Heaven.
So who are the Israelites?
I read a very interesting book sent by a scholar friend which projected just where the Irealites could have settled. The book helps to explain why we have such an affinity and brotherly attraction to the Israelite people. God scattered the Iraelites over all the world, and this prophesy speaks of the re-unification and re-patriotization of Gods people. 
It is very important to understand that original Israel was 12 tribes. The Jews or Jewish people are but two of these 12. I was always told that the Jews were Gods chosen people. Actually, the bible says house of Judah and house of Israel. Clearly, the House of Judah is the Jewish people, but who are the current day Israelites?
This re-unification of the 12 tribes will have to wait until the coming of the Lord and when this prophesy is fulfilled. 

Thursday, May 06, 2010

My New Freind Aral

There is a small take out, 3 table eatin noodle house in an industrial/commercial business area near my office. It is under new management so I decided to stop in. It is a family run business, but primarily the dream of Aral to have a restaurant again. Before coming to Canada, He and his family were in Kuwait. They were there during the Iraq invasion. Previous to that, their homeland was in India. Aral has a wife and 2 beautiful daughters. I fell in love with them immediatly....the family I mean.

Aral is a stickler for homemade fresh. I asked if he would make me soup and his wife piped up..Aral makes the best soup. He said, what kind would you like. I said..surprise me, but vegetable only please. So he made me a Manchou Soup. Handcut veggies, ginger, onions. Very Very nice. So we struck up a deal. I pay $5 even and I call him 10 minutes before and when I arrive I have the most amazing lunch.

So I go daily and have the same thing. He went out and bought the perfect size soup bowl for me. So anyway, Aral said to me today, you know Don, whenever you are our first customer, we are always busy that day. Its happened a few times now. I said and today? Aral said...your the first and with that in came a rush of people. When he had served them, as they left he said...SEE! We laughed.

He told me that a christian lady came in and offered to pray for his new business. Aral said SURE. I can take all the prayer I can get. He told the lady he was catholic. She said, I used to be catholic, but now was free of the bondage. She arrive the next day with bondage of her own, as she handed over pages and pages of evangelical christian doctrine. Aral and I laughed at the obsurdity. Aral said, heres the thing Don. I know Jesus as Saviour. She knows Jesus as Saviour. Why is she here to convert me?

I find it astounding how, once we are given freedom in and through God that we ran back to bondage. Can we not just live in the spirit. Those people I know who do, enjoy a Godly freedom, and that freedom, I dare say, is also freedom from organized faith bondage.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I beleive that I should pray. In this way I am able to exercise my relationship with God. I have direct access to the creator through prayer. While its natural to pray when times are tough, I really like to pray when things are great.

I have a friend who beleives that God does not answer prayer. I understand why he beleives this and have come to believe the mathematics of his argument. I asked him if he prays and he said yes of course. Does prayer matter? Yes of course. Is God going to unravel or effect change in the entire world because of my desire? No! Will God break the very laws he put in place for the sake of my wish? Not! Is God a cosmic candy machine? He says Its easy to beleive in a God that answers all your prayers. I have to agree. Read Job.

I continue to talk to God anyway. Ya, I continue to ask him for stuff..shame on me. I ask forgiveness which I feel is accepted. I ask for guidance which feels answered. I give thanksgiving which I beleive makes me one with the creator and helps me revel in the joy of being one with spirit.

Anyway, I didnt really plan to talk about prayer, I really just wanted to do it here in the cyberworld because my friend Kim sang for the first time in months of darkenss......

Lord God I praise You
I praise You with voice
I praise You with mind
I praise You with soul
I praise You with all I have
All I am and all I am meant to be

I praise You Lord God.
You are restoring my soulsister and Lord God I know You heard when she sang out to you. 
Please continue to restore her health and give her back her joy, give her back her song.

Spirit reside in me,
that I may be Your reflection
and give You form
for those who can not see


Rainbow Child

Rainbows come in all shapes and sizes and God knows the number of hairs on her head....each one...each color........feel challenged?