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Friday, April 30, 2010

Seed of Creation

"Seed of Creation" Copyright don wright 2009

I had a good chuckle, because I have an opportunity to possibly put my paintings in a gallery. I have to have six pieces for the gallery and six pieces on reserve as stock or portfolio. I chuckle because I've pretty much given away most of my paintings. I had made the decision that I didnt want to sit and look at my own art. I felt it was best if I shared them with the people they were destined for.

I gave this one to my buddy Ron because he is my theological and philosophical sparring partner. We have helped each other in our search for understanding. I specifically shared this with Ron because he gets it. He understands what I am trying to say here. He received this gift with great gratitude which truly made me feel uplifted.

This painting is a culmination of my own understanding of creation and re-creation after the flood. My Anishinaabe brothers share the deeper understanding and appreciation of flood epic, and re-birth. I had read that while Noah had an ark, the Son of the creator had a turtle. This turtle, is a picture of salvation and the creators magnificent grace. In the turtle, I put the seed of creation. For me, this is Jesus. This is source. The circle of duality is the tension of being fully God, yet fully man. The pink ray that divides the sky from the water and acts as womb for the seed, is the very spirit of God.

All my painting stuff is "put away" until I am relocated. I have a few more paintings to give away and then I will have nothing, except a really really big desire TO PAINT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Joy Beyond Curcumstance

I led the worship music last sunday. We were beginning a new series on Philipians. So I gave it a read and a ponder. I felt that joy beyond affliction or curcumstance. As Paul drives home the point to REJOICE...again I say REJOICE, its hard to imagine that he is in jail. I got a chuckle because he was pleased about the fact that he had the opportunity to witness to a jail keeper.........and so it is, this life in the spirit.

We must find joy in our curcumstance.......well no thats not really what I mean. What I mean to say is life in the spirit is joy, regardless of curcumstance.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Canadian Mint Promotes Fraud

In my opinion, The Canadian Mint is promoting fraud and therefore counterfiting Candadian currency, when they create "medallions" that are exact size, shape and composition of a true Canadian Quarter.

I received a wierd "quarter" as change from a vending machine. I had never seen one before. It felt real. It looked official. So I started surfing the net looking for it. I could not find pictures. I realized there was no amount on the coin and that the coin did not have the CANADA on it. I was afraid that it was not legal tender and that I had just been the victim of a crime. I was concerned that I now was therefor in possession of a counterfit quarter, so I contacted the Canadian Mint. 

I received an email from a representative confirming that I was in possession of a medallion, not a coin. Also, much to my shock, they confirmed that they themselves produced the counterfit quarter. When I asked him how I could redeam that, he said "go to a coin collector". In other words, it appears as though the Canadian Mint therefor, doesnt stand behind the value of the counterfit quarter which they prefer to call "medallion".

I told the rep that I was going to put it in the vending machine downstairs and when I did, I would be committing fraud for passing counterfit currency. I asked the rep how many times Canadians have knowingly or unknowingly committed fraud because of even this one coin.

The rep told me that everyone knows that if there is no picture of the Queen on the coin, then it is not worth a quarter. It must have the Queens picture on it. I dont consider myself an unlearned person, BUT I never knew that! Without the Queens picture it is NOT Canadian currency. OOOPs wait a minute, I dont see the Queens picture on this $5.00 bill. Dont tell me I have another counterfit!

Dont feel too sorry for me. I found it on Ebay and they want $9.99 for it. So I guess I shouldnt complain, but darnit. Oh I asked him how he felt about purposley confusing blind people by creating a fake and a real Canadian Quarter. His answer? At least one person in the transaction would have eyesight, therefor the mistake would not be made. I told him, actually what he just did was to incriminate the blind man, when he unnowing put it in the vending machine where I first came in contact with this darn counterfit quarter.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I was always taught...dont use the word "stuff"! The only problem is, I enjoy using the word "stuff"! I enjoy how low class and non descript the word is. I enjoy labelling things of huge importance "stuff". I enjoy labelling file folders "stuff". I am sure I have named more than one post..."stuff". Well anyways, heres some more "stuff".

I challenged myself when I made a bold statement that even if we threw away all the holy books and disposed of all the teachers.......we could still know God. I've been running that one through my head and now I have a headache!

I also got to thinking about how I pontificate and sermonize. I recon, (another word I enjoy but really should never be used) since its my sandbox, I get to say whatever I want, yet when I beak-off (oops..another one) about truth and spirit and life..........who do I represent? I want to beleive that I represent these things, but do I?

So lets just say I appear to go off the deep end and climb a really really big tree. Lets say I start talking all sorts of "religious" nonsense or crazy ideas. Or lets say that I convince many people to see "my" point of view. Lets say I am a brilliant orator and a great apologist (which I most certainly am not!) or even a brilliant Sophist and I convince people, which evolkes change in their lives. So then after gathering a mass of changed people around my thought, what if I changed my mind? What if I realized that the path I went down was actually wrong, or what if I then had a "New Revelation" that was differant from the older New Revelation. Sometimes I feel like a prophet and sometimes a fool.

I know this sounds like just a bunch of stuff , but its the kinda stuff that flows through my head.

peace be your journey,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Six Nations Eagle Feather

Love Rock and White Feather Copyright Okwaho 2009

I was told to leave my house on Sunday as there were many real estate people going through my abode. So I thought.....hhhmmm what shall I do? I decided to go to church and take it from there. Enroute, I got a call from a freind in Burlington. Suddenly I thought about Bald Eagles, the Grand River and the Six Nations Reserve. I said..."hey, wanna be a copilot? I think we should go and see an eagle." Buddy said right on, so off to Burlington I went to pickup my bombadier. We cleaned up my convertable a bit, put the top down and made our way to the reserve. The Six Nations Land is over by Brantford on the Grand River. I learned that the Six Nations Land is quite large and that the main town seemed to be Oshwegan.

I really wanted to see an eagle. I know that the Eagles are returning and I just had a gut sense that we would see one. We also wanted to stop at a number of smoke shops, gift shops and art shops. We found a great little art gallery. We stayed for a bit. When I mentioned about my love for native art and craft, Okwaho the artist and I found commonality. He preferred sculptures. He made some "LoveRock" necklaces and I decided that I would buy one. He said "Would you like to understand the meaning behind the art?"

He truned off the TV that had been blaring in the background. He turned on some soft chant music, cleared his throught and began to teach us. He taught us that the strongest and most powerful thing on this planet is Love. That is why he chose to create the heart out of soap stone. He told us that many years ago, his poeple faught. He said that The Peacemaker came and taught his people the way of love and peace. When The Peacemaker had brought about this peace, he then turned into an eagle and flew away. That is why Okwaho made the feather on the front of the love stone. It represents peace.

Okwaho etched his name on the stone for me and I now keep that stone in my medicine bag hanging from my rear view mirror. It reminds me of this wonderful peace story and of course it reminds me of the great peacemaker.

The Eagle Feather on the Love stone was as close as we got to eagles on this fine day yet neither of us were disaapointed....especially after smoking from the peace pipe!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Off up a Tree!

My sister from the Isles keeps tabs on me. I was wondering when this was coming. My sister speaks her mind in refeshing ways......

"I'm still thinking you're off up a tree somewhere HA!!! but i still know you can see further than me up that tree so, contrary to popular mainstream Christianity, i'm fearless enough and trust God enough to keep an open mind."

I wanted to latch on to what you said. My prayer for you my sister, is that you continue to fearlessly trust God. You have the spirit. My sense is that you are able to distinguish that which is of God, and that which is of man. Never let me or anyone else draw you to discomfort. Take the time to ponder and weigh against your personal relationship with God and allow the spirit that is in you, to lead you. If you sense in your heart it is wrong, then my dear, it is wrong. Of course distinguishing between the wants of self and wants of spirit can be tricky, but seriously sister....given time to ponder....you know that which is correct.

While studying, I have come across several instances where I just cant allow myself to proceed. For example, "contact of spirits through mediums". I beleive God wrote the law on my heart that I was not to do this. I am to be fully reliant on God. So I give that up, in the interest of his word on my heart. It therfor brings me joy to obey.

What if we threw away all the law books, all the bibles, holy books, writings, scriptures, articles. What if we silenced all the pastors, priests, holymen, shamans. What if suddenly all the collective knowledge we had about God dissappeared.

Sister, I beleive you would!

Blessings to you my sister. You are intelligent and wise and I value your opinions.


Friday, April 09, 2010

Rainbows Over Germany

Speaking of Rainbows, a rainbow sister from Germany sent these photos. These are fall and spring rainbows. My friend told me that she tries hard to be a rainbow at all times but its tough in the face of this world. Sometimes one thinks that their "rainbowism" is not having a positive effect on people. She was quick to point out that we just need to keep trying. Yes I agree. We just need to be rainbows in the face of everything. I can tell you one thing.....there are very beautiful rainbows in Germany.


Thursday, April 08, 2010

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Bride

Happy Birthday my beautiful bride
The sun rises and sets
and your beauty glows even stronger
you are gentle
yet poweful
meak yet strong
you are humble yet proud
you are rock solid and true
You are more refreshing than a mountain stream
more delightful than a feild of wild flowers
your beauty exceeds that of queens
you are more faithful than time itself
you are a special gift to me
and I surely am blessed
blessed beyond deserving
blessed beyond understanding
blessed beyond belief

You Are a Rainbow

You are a rainbow.

You bring light,
love, hope and creativity
to an otherwise dull and dark world.
Society needs rainbows to remind them
and to help guide them to this peace.
Darkness hates the light and darkness
surely will never understand the rainbow
….until they become one.

How does one become a rainbow?????

 are all colours of the rainbow.
Though some people have artistic talent,
they chose to use their talent
like a mathematician or chartered accountant.
They get caught in things of this world,
in day to day drudgery
and in constant envy,
and comparison
to others.

But You are a rainbow
and your light shines
and generates a different frequency.

It is the frequency of love

Many people just don’t recognize or understand,
or their psyche doesn’t allow them to see.
It’s a shame really.

This is why rainbows need to just keep shining.
They are a path.
They are an example.
Rainbows are a promise.
Rainbows are cooperative
and the cooperative human spirit
Can be found in the rainbow people.

You are rainbow,
so keep shining
because those in the dark
need your light.
This is wisdom I learned from my rainbow friends.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Glory, Resolution and Grace

It coulda been me
who rejected Him
now it is I
who lives in His grace

It coulda been me
who bruised and wounded Him
and it is I
who lives in His grace

It coulda been me
who spat at Him
yet it is I
who need Him
and it is I
who lives in His grace

Two sides to a coin,
perfect and complete
as good meets bad
light meets darkness
love meets hate
and in its completeness
brings glory
and grace.