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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Rainbow Spirit - Could You Draw GOD?

"Rainbow Spirit" Copyright don wright 2011

I was just thinking about youngsters being asked to draw God. What a daunting challenge! ..perhaps an impossible mission. I think that if we gathered up all the pictures and likeness' that have been drawn of God, we wouldnt even come close! Well let me rephrase that. I'm not saying our pictures would be wrong, just incomplete. God may very well be the accumulation of every creative vision experience by every living creature from the beginning of time....and then some. A picture of God is also a personal thing. I think each person has a little image or likeness in their mind. Some are more elaborate than others. While we were told not to worship graven images, I think that we all have a need and right to define in our minds a picture of God. Attempting to translate our vision to paper is a creative thing. I dont beleive that Muslims are allowed to draw God. In a way I can see why. Perhaps each image alone does not come close to the glory of God. Yet in my heart and mind, I see a personal God. A God wanting me to explore, enjoy life, share with others and to love Him with all my heart. It is from this love that I paint.

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