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Monday, February 21, 2011

Changes at the Homestead

"Waabaanakwad Sees The Light"
Copyright don wright 2009

Our friend Pete has been looking for a place to live. He has lived on the river now for 4 years and must move. We have a pretty cool little community happening and Pete is a part of it. Pete finally found work and has been working hard now for a month, saving for his move. He has been looking at rental places and he has been getting depressed about leaving his spot on the river.

In the meantime, my income has been decreasing. I am at the point where I cant realisitcally afford what I have. I have no intention of leaving my spot on the river, and so part of me is saying "Do what it takes". The reality is our house is bigger than our needs. The basement is big eneough to rent. The income we bring in from the rental will offset my shortfall and we all get to keep our spots in paradise.

With any kind of luck, my wife may decide to go and get a job soon. We are still on honeymoon here and I love having her here, but really, we also need the income. I have put as much pressure on her as I care to, and I refuse feel financial stress....so for now, I will share our beautiful resort with someone in need, and he will help me pay for it.

Pete and I share the same interests. We have the same toys. Pete is responsible and caring and though he has a wild side, Sue trusts him and feels comfort with his presence. He is handy and has his own wisdom. With one more person in the house, I will take a vehicle off the road, and save on insurance. I shall begin to pinch the penny some more so that I can live in this paradise resort without financial stress or concern.

So I say Cheers to sharing. May this be a good thing for all of us.

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