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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last Days of Ice Fishing

We fished pretty much all aftyer noon and into the evening with no luck. Dead. Not even a sniff. With one more day left in the season, I decided I would relocate to my house.
I loaded up my hut on the sleigh using my winch.
I cleaned up all my mess and headed on home for the last evening fish 
I set up my hut in front of my house, right beside an inbound stream.
We were 15 feet from open water, yet the ice was still over 2 feet thick. I had a hunch about this spot.

On the final evening we caught a pike, a ling, and a pickerel.
We had a massive fish fry up at the house, and ended the season on a high note.
Yesterday after work, I went and retreived my hut. They are lined up, waiting for another season.

This was a great season! I learned how to eat and like fish. We had fish dinners twice a week. All in all we (the team) caught about 60 pickerel. We learned that the prime time is at sundown, so we were able to devote a couple hours a night as part of our routine. Many nights we got skunked and many nights we were succesful. All in all it was a great season. Now we shall watch the ice melt on the river.

I cant wait to put my boat back in the water!

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