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Friday, February 04, 2011

Luxury Ice Hut!

Notice the satellite dish and the power trickle charger

2 Muskoka chairs and a bench, wonderfully finished in pine

ample hole to fish and jig in

oh look..even a back obus form for additional comfort

oh yes and fish tv, satellite tv, microwave and toaster oven.

This is the new gold standard. Richard was convinced that we needed to build a palace after seeing our neighbours ez chair and stocked bar. Wait till I show them this!!! now this is a man cave!!!!


  1. except skip the electronics. I dont really want any of that stuff....well maybe a fish finder. Thats always fun to hear it go beep beep beep and then everyone gets all excited for nothing...haha

  2. That is a true thing of beauty!! I'd have to have the electronics tho. This weekend is the Super Bowl after all, not that I'm much of a football fan. But I could easily picture watching my struggling Leafs on Hockey Night in Canada while fishing after playing some pond hockey on the ice outside the hut. I'm pretty sure this is what is meant by heaven on earth?!!


  3. My goodness... Why bother fishing?

  4. why bother fishing??????? Is that a hypothetical question?


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