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Monday, February 07, 2011

Life in the Rainbow

"Life in the Rainbow" Copyright don wright 2010
Original acrylics painting on paper
Approx. 56 cm x 76 cm (22" x 30")

I met up with my good friend Terry and he asked for a waabaanakwad painting. Terry and I go way back, and he has provided my wife and I places of refuge in Calgary, Germany and also Southern Ontario. I was delighted to oblige! He was thrilled to receive the gift and promised that my painting would hang in a place of honour. Terry's place is a house of honour to me so really, the thrill is mine. Terry even has a Patti Rainbow original from 1980's!. He is a meticulous collector of significant items, so for him to want one of my paintings was cool to say the least.

This piece is called Life in the Rainbow. It is significant because Terry is a rainbow brother and I am living in rainbow country. There are signs all over the place...you are entering rainbow country! "Life in the Rainbow" was my response to a rainbow I saw while fishing. It touched down on water both sides, creating a rainbow circle. As I stood in my boat, I could feel the rainbow envelope the water and sky, the trees and the wildlife. It was a golden moment that I decided would fuel a series of paintings.

Hey Terry...If you read this....thanks for asking and it was great to partake in boys night out!!!!!

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  1. It was lot's of laughs. The painting is on the way up on the wall this weekend.


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