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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shopping Local - Adventures in Art and Reproduction

"Young Thunderbird is Encouraged by His Community and by The Great Spirit's Provision"
Copyright don wright 2009

I was all excited by the digital images that my neighbour made for me. I couldnt wait to see how they looked reproduced. I know there is often colour correction required and I was curious. Since I want to shop in my own town, I got on the internet and googled "Sturgeon Falls Printing" and up came "ProsPrinting" right on King street. I phoned over and they were very accomodating. I emailed my digitals over because I couldnt find my USB stick. I then jumped in my car and headed over. I wanted a few samples on a few differant papers. They were able to accomodate a few quick legal size on cardstock, but I was more interested in their big plotter. As crap luck would have it, the printer had an issue, and I couldnt make a poster. They can do sizes up to 36 inches wide. They have been printing posters and I spoke to them about specialty papers and canvas. They ordered me in a 24" by fifteen foot sample canvas to run a bunch of tests on for me. I couldnt beleive how inexpensive it was. After spending an hour in the print house, I zoomed home and did some photoshop work on the image. I was able to brighten it up, get better definition of colour and get a better colour match on the center panel. Tomorrow I shall return for a couple more proofs. I want this reproduction to be the best I can make it, so I rekon a few trips to the printer are in order. This is fun.

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