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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why.......Why not! Eccentric Behaviors...

                                                    I Looked out my window and there was Richard driving his tractor on the river. He was heading to my neighbours place.

I hopped on my snowmobile and headed out to see what was going on. There was Andre cutting blockes of ice out of the bay. He is building a bridge, and winter is the best time to do the footings.

Andre used his tractor to extract the ice from the water. Richard wanted these ice blocks for tables out at the ice fishing huts. He envisioned these big blocks as furniture. hahaha. Why...Why not!

Andre dropped the big ice blocks onto Richards skid, behind his tractor. We had a heck of a time because they are slippery and they kept falling off. We had to chain them down.

 Richard then dragged each block out, one by one to the ice shacks. The ice shacks are a couple kilometers from where we got the ice.

Here is the final resting place for one of the blocks. We are planning a large ice fishing party complete with roaring fire and chili. These tables will be perfect for entertaining.
  This was the last of three tables. We went back over to help Andre complete the cribbing for the bridge and then we went back to my place for Lasagna. So there you have it...Lazing on a sunday afternoon.

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