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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Joy of Cell Phones--whodathunk?

My wife and I went for a beautiful snowmobile ride last night. We went up to Sandy Falls to listen to the water and enjoy the evening solitude. We decided we would travel North to the railway tracks and then west to the railway tressel. The view and the serenity of that place is amazing. The snowmobile started acting up and suddenly stopped. We learned that 1/8 on the tank is actually E in reality. We ran out of gas!!! How embarrassing! So we were about 6 km from home....quite a walk at 9pm on a sunday. I reached into my pocket, pulled out my cell phone and holy &^%*, we had service! Not only that, I noticed I missed a call from my buddy across the river. All I had to do is press send......and grovel....hahaha. He hoped on his sled, dropped by my place for some gas and then came and rescued us. It was fun being stranded when we knew that we werent really stranded. I couldnt beleive that I had cell signal!!!

Oh and meet Rockett. Rockett is Richards hound. Rockett spent the day snowmobiling on my lap. Rockett is a beautiful dog and we love her. Richard said...you love her...$50.00 and shes yours....and he chuckled, knowing full well that she would be back home by dinner time. I told him I wasnt going to throw my money away like that, I would spend the $50.00 on royal supreme treats and top of the line kibble. We would offer her a rug in front of the fireplace.....hahha then we will see. When Rockett gets excited she burst out with Hound yelps...its hillarious...she is such a duffus. Richard said...she has cost me a lot of friends and Sue said, yes, but look at the friends she's gained! Bon chien.....bon chien...oui, oui, ici, donnez mois la balle....Rockett is teaching me how to speak french!

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