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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Loon Lit

"Loon Lit" Copyright don wright 2011

I sat down weeks ago and made a whole pile of rainbow, acrylic on paper, to practice my lines. I figured by the time I did 10 rainbows, then I'd gain some dexterity and build up my line painting. Then over the course of another few weeks, I began to fill the rainbows with various objects and subjects. Then over the next few weeks I began to paint them.

For this painting, I reached back to my roots in the garden, to embellish and connect the art to a greater sense of the creators provisions. I tried to show the power of the sun, which is itself an analogy of the creator, which also reflects in the loons eye. I tried hard in some places for perfection, but also I allowed myself to dance with texture.

The loon is an important bird to me as it is a key indicator of the health of our environment. Its call is both haunting but also inviting and soothing. Its call is like medicine. In the summer, I go to the bush at least once a week to share an evening beer with a friend and the loons. We are both drawn to the loon and what it represents to us. These are the moments we live for. Peaceful coexistance in this chaotic world.

Anyway, I dont think the colours work. I think the rainbow is too powerful for the almost pastel blue of the water and sky. The loon and the bullrushes remind me of a grade three attempt, which is OK I guess since I'm only in grade 2!...hahaha.such as it is, its practice in technique and exploration. Maybe someday someone will say "oh don, I love it" ,and they can leave with it. If not...archives. I decided to paint on paper for a while. Partly because then I wouldnt be tempted to paint over it. I have a few ugly paintings on canvass that are going to get repainted the minute I get hard up for materials, which now shouldnt be too much longer.

Do you have a hobby? Do you have a desire to do something, but lacked the spark to make it happen? Do you short change your talents? Norval said..if you want to be a painter just paint.....How simple is that? If you want do do something, then do it. No nonsense...stright to the point. I rememebr saying to Stardreamer, "I'm afraid". He said "afraid of what". My fear was that wouldnt be able to do it. FEAR...what a dark beast.


  1. Lovely work - I wouldn't change a colour (or a line).

  2. hahha..I posted it on face book and right away a friend said " I love this one!" go figure.


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