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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fun in the Snow

1995 Skidoo Touring

Well it looks like I just bought a snowmobile. I have been looking for a while, but not wanting to spend the money. My ATV was starting to feel the wear of frigid winter driving. The snow is getting too deep and the ATV is becoming unruly in the snow. I mentioned to my neighbour that I was on the hunt for a machine and he said.Why dont you just buy mine? He sent it into the shop for a tuneup and once over and lent it to me yesterday. Sue likes it. I took it for a spin last night out in the bush. It runs well and the price is right. We are already planning an overnight up at the camp in Temagami. The Lake Trout ice fishing season opens next weekend and we are pumped. Cheers to the winter season!

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