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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Niijii Painters Apprentice to the Apprentice

Niijii and I share a room. I have my office/painting room and Niijii has his home. We have been having a little trouble with ground rules, however for the most part he has been good.....until this morning. He landed in the red paint then went directly to my art...jeesh..I had budgie prints all over everything and Niijii got bathed in red. He started flying around and wouldnt let me catch him until he had landed on far too many things. Even the cat ended up with red paint and I cant figure out how that happened! None the less, I grabbed him and put him under the water and gave him a washing. I got most off but I'm afraid he may be red for a while. Meanwhile, since I gave my attentions to Niijii, the red paint stained my painting. We have talked about what just happened and as an apprentice, he has agreed not to get so excited and to try to stay within the lines.

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