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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Too Much Time on our Hands - Now I've Heard it All!

Stardreamer and I got together for fun and fellowship and to discuss a very important matter.

Stardreamer rescued a budgie. This budgie has fallen in love with Niijii on my blog. Whenever they play Niijii videos, Stella gets all excited. I have noticed Niijii being stimulated by other budgies as well. In fact...they go nuts!

Ritchie showed me videos of the lovely Stella and I immediately fell in love with her.....and I'm not even a budgie. I can only imagine how Niijii will react. Anyway, Ritchie came up with a mind blowing idea. We would run a little internet dating service for our little feathered friends. Ritchie has established a live web cam exchange on one of his sites. I am going to set up my cam here and we are going to give it a whirl.

I was recounting the story to a friend who proceeded to blow a gasket. He thought this was the most trivial idea in the world. He thought the concept of me even sharing my Niijii videos was self indulgent, stupid and quite obviously and example of too much time on ones hands.

Me? I think this is the spice of life! Live! Love! Share!

This is a video of Niijii being stimulated by another budgie on youtube. This is step one. He is interacting. Step Two??????? We go live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note to Stella from Niijii...."Niijii birdie birdie kittykittykitty cat what r u doin" I have to help him with a better pickup line!

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  1. To quote David Letterman, "maybe this why the rest of the world hates us"...hahaha That said , I think that's great..you could set him up a skype account.. you can even do skype groups, you could get a virtual flock...


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